learn Pipchain strategy with ref wayne-

business business business

oh by the way to show that there's value

in something it must be able to be

utilized now if you cannot utilize it

that means it's just based on a firm

sock artistics so what we're looking to

do is that now I have been approached by

big shots and this picture of the quad

agents we've got Arabs and if also

Americans and we shall be visiting for

next week so this picture was basically

they've seen an opportunity in Bitcoin

and everyone to buy a wool shell51 to

understand exactly the business protocol

about it I've shared with them and then

I think that people who focus on time I

mean they can't just come in a pushpin

say there is time now so what I'm not

saying I'm saying that I'm doing this

because I want everyone to benefit now

what is so nice about them is that they

can be able to come and now from their

authoritative business structure from

their ways and their methods which are

already out there waiting for them and

their principles and also their

resources we can start thing people

claim accepted by most shops it's not

that pipcorn cannot be accepted by most

shops right now it's because of the

credibility the reputation all the kind

of things they want to scrutinize so I'm

saying now

Bitcoin let it be held by these big

shots for the benefit of

because why I am doing this and you know

businessmen are not that they don't have

emotions most of them and they can just

critical steps and which might not be

good for everyone but another day it's I

think a good position for you want to do

that so let's do it

let's see what we can do but I think a

bitcoin is leaving the right direction

it does not mean that I'm not going to

be that I am going to be there it's just

the now we can see and coming to South

Africa now one of the benefits of this

is the best thing anyone who is feeling

beyond at below market price they are

willing to buy your quest so dual inbox

me as well let me know about that but

everything is building limbo

whether you discussions let's see you

next week and I'll make them tell you