How To Make Money Selling Pink Zebra

all right we are good to go what is

going on guys welcome to the video it's

brand olynyk here and i'm actually

coming to you from my home office and i

have a very serious talk a topic i

should say that i want to cover in this

video which is how to actually make

money selling pink zebra now when it

comes to this the real reason why i

gonna want to pay attention is I'm gonna

cover critical information you just got

to know when it comes to this because

having gotten around a lot of people in

pink zebra who've made consistent

incomes of $1,000 a month $5,000 a month

and having gotten around people in the

network marketing industry who've made

$10,000 a month twenty five thousand

dollars a month and over you know eighty

five thousand dollars per month the one

key ingredient that really helped them

shape those results it really only came

down to one thing and people who don't

understand what I'm about to share with

you which is this one thing you know

they're always going out there and

they're like what I like to call them is

grinders they're grinding their gears

looking for secrets they're never really

getting traction and they're never

really getting up and off the ground and

if you don't want to fall into that

category of a grinder the best thing you

could do is master this one skill this

one concept because it's really the fuel

to the engine of that Lamborghini that

when you put the key in the ignition and

you press on the pedal it's going to

take you from zero to sixty and it will

determine how fast you go from zero to

sixty and what I'm talking about here

this secret is your list all right if

you want to fuel your business if you

want to make money with pink zebra in

the network marketing direct sales space

it comes down to your list of contacts

who like know and trust you now if

you're part of the NFL Club you have no

friends left alright or you only have

immediate spheres spheres of influence

meaning you only have friends and family

learn how to get out of that spot learn

how to expand your influence because if

you only have a group like a handful of

people or you you know make friends with

someone every six months or every two

months all right that's not consistent

enough you need consistent everyday

people coming to you asking about your

business what it is that you're offering

therefore you have the opportunity to

present what you have to offer every day

and some people think this is mystical

and magical and that it's so outlandish

and outrageous that you could build a

list every day what I'm telling you

ken and without going out there and

doing HOH meetings or three-way calls or

any of that stuff before you decide to

take on all that alright the best tip I

would give you when it comes to selling

pink zebra is learn how to leverage the

internet learn how to leverage

technology because if you don't I'm

telling you your competition will and

they'll blow you right out of the water

all right and with today's technology

it's so simple to use and so interactive

there's never been a better way and I'm

not gonna try and convince you I'm just

gonna share with you my story with this

because going back about 15 months ago I

ran out of people to talk to you for my

business and I came across a person who

is building their network marketing

business through the internet using

systems and they're making a high

multiple six almost seven figure income

traveling around the world building

their business in countries where they

didn't even speak the language just cuz

they wanted to live there and it was so

attracted to me I start to model and

copy them because they weren't chasing

people down all right they weren't doing

home meetings or three way calls with

their upline and I started modeling

copying them my first month created a

full-time income business working

part-time and in the last month and a

half here at the time of shooting this

video I've been able to personally

enroll a person per day my primary

business so this does work it can work

for you the internet is not the only way

to go all right but if you don't have a

list it's not growing every day learn

how to build through systems online

learn how to attract people to you

rather than repel them learn how to

build your business in a way where you

don't have to do the things that if

you're serious with yourself watching

this video you probably don't enjoy

anyway like home meetings three-way

calls all right prospecting friends and

family okay and I know some of you do

enjoy that and you're disagreeing with

me but for those you don't learn how to

leverage systems all right even for

those of you who do disagree with me all


learn how to expand your influence or

else you will get left behind okay and

there's so many systems out there which

is why it wasn't until I connected with

someone who's going to connect with me

who is doing it that I really had a

breakthrough so if you anything connect

with someone

all right so hope you enjoyed this video

regardless of if you decide to get

started with pink zebra and selling

their products and services or another

opportunity if you want to learn how to

attract an endless amount of people to

you if you want to learn how to produce

yourself and team build yourself alright

using the internet leveraging systems if

you're coachable open-minded willing to

some things connect with me on my site

check it out it's one two three

marketing tips com I'll put the link in

the description below and I'll

personally connect with you from there

but that said I look forward to seeing

your success story regardless of the

road you decide to go down connecting

with me or not and I'll see you on the

beaches of the world I'll take care