there are many videos on YouTube that

will show you how to make money on your

homestead today we're going to show you

one way that I hope you pay the mortgage





timber harvesting is just one way that

you can make money on your homestead

that will bring in a sizable amount of


if you have enough timber for them to

haul off now we have about 10 acres that

they were able to harvest and that

translated to a few thousand dollars so

if you have timber on your property and

you can get a hold of small tract or

even large tract loggers you can make a

sizable amount of money just for having

trees on your property


so far they've done one tree it's gone

in the direction that they wanted right

now they're putting some heavy-duty rope

around the tree so that they can pull it

with a skid steer which is parked about

200 yards away what they're going to do

is they're going to tie that rope to the

skid steer and pull it ever so slightly

as the loggers underneath the tree

cutting it with the chainsaw



so in addition to being able to harvest

your own timber on your property this is

uh there's a pretty good way to get rid

of trees that you don't want and not

have to pay anybody to do it

in fact you're getting paid to get rid

of your trees so if you have a lot of

big trees around your house we're in the

piney woods so we have a lot of huge old

pine trees that can bring in a good bit

amount of a good bit amount of money so

instead of having to pay somebody to

take down trees around your property you

can actually make some money to get

people to take down the trees around

your property



if I was to give you any more advice on

processing timber on your land it would

be to go through a forestry service and

have someone come out and just really

walk you through the process it's really

important that you know who you're

working with make sure that they're

insured bonded licensed all that good

stuff you don't want to just hire any

old Joe on Craigslist who says that

they're a logger you want to make sure

that they are credible they have a

reputation and a good way to do that is

to consult with your local forestry

services someone will come out generally

free I'm assuming I didn't do that but

they'll come out and walk you through

what you have on your property how much

it should be valued at and also call

around to the mills and see what they're

pricing out lumber for generally

speaking you get paid two ways when a

logger comes out or a timber buyer comes

out you get a lump sum or they do it by

the tonnage what that means is that

they're hauling off all the you timber

they're taking it to the mill they weigh

it they get a ticket and it lets you

know how much timber that they process

for that load most logging trucks will

take anywhere from 15 to 20 tons of

timber so depending on the price per ton

let's say it's $35 you do the math

you've got 60 pounds worth or 60 tons

worth of timber what about $35 you know

the loggers take their cut the timber

buyer takes their cut and then you get

the remainder of that so it becomes a

pretty lucrative enterprise if you have

enough land and if you have enough

timber for it to make sense so I hope

that helps and if you like more videos

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hey guys something I forgot to mention

I'm editing the video right now and I

just noticed that I forgot to mention it

you just need to really really provide

yourselves are a huge mess that's all I

got to say be prepared for a huge mess a

good large logging company will come out

and clean up behind themselves but if

you're going to go for a smaller

operation that is strictly there to get

the timber and haul out just be prepared

for a mess