How To Sell Digital Products On Etsy Sell And License Your Artwork


arrey decisions in this video we're

gonna be talking about selling digital

products on etsy so I was looking at XE

and actually saw that there's a pretty

good article about how to sell digital

products and the more common one are

what they say is downloadable prints

downloadable art so it's things like

this so you see I guess someone did a

painting and put it into you know either

you take a picture you scan it and then

you can sell it online on Etsy as a

downloadable print so just having a

quick look here on Etsy a lot of the

stuff is very organic natural stuff

that's coming up in their listings so

have a look at that another thing you

want to look at is quotes and saying so

I see that this is very popular as well

so here on the search engine I put

downloadable art and I got these results

now let's go and put downloadable print

and as you can see if I put downloadable

and you'll have several options of what

you could kind of sell in digital form

so we have invitation cards photo

planners I heard planners are really

good so have a look at that so you can

either sell you know quotes

illustrations paintings you can also

sell clipart and this is what I'm gonna

be uploading on that CT day and showing

you how I do it alright so this is one

of the products already uploaded it's

clipart the person get downloaded and

also use it commercially if they want or

can just print it on just for personal

use for your own t-shirt mug and stuff

like this so this new listing is gonna

be silhouette of a French Bulldog it's

gonna be coming in several formats so

let's just go through the whole process

and I'll just show you how I do it

so the main image is gonna be a photo

it's gonna be pictured in a frame and

then after that you want to upload you


several options that get shown an

example of the product so since this is

gonna be a clip art I'm showing you is

I'm showing the customer examples of

what they could use this clip art for so

they can you know print it on t-shirts

make it so they can print it on a mug on

a poster and Lassen at least I show a

picture right here poster in the living

room so you know kind of makes it look a

little bit more professional so moving

on the title so I'm gonna copy from what

I did in a previous listing to make the

whole process a bit faster

digital download dog silhouette vector

clipart print so there's gonna be a PD

PDF file PNG file on Adobe Illustrator

file an SVG file and eps file who made

it I did what is it for I put a supply

or tool so that people could make things

out of it so when did I make it and made



so this one's going to be a digital

product so the description pretty much

gonna be similar to my previous one I

did right here so it's just copied back



so the price

I'll just copy this all right so I got

the tags put in the price pretty low for

now I'm gonna definitely bump up my

price but since I'm pretty new at Etsy

just starting off in my store I think

just want to get my first initial sales

my first initial reviews and then

hopefully with that I can increase my

price and no more people will buy it at

the higher price alright let's put a

number 20 sauce actually forgetting the

most important part and we're just

uploading the file that you are

intending to sell so I'm gonna be

uploading a file it's gonna contain the

images and the formats I described in

the description area so you have it all

in there make sure this is the French

put the white all right and I also have

a license agreement right here so it

describes roughly what the product is

and what it's what you can use it for

and what you cannot use it for so I did

that I create a zip file and we're gonna

upload that

and there we have it a digital product

ready to be sold on that