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what'd it do its vessel what's up you

guys is best and today I am back with

another video for you guys I'm sorry I

haven't been posting this cuz well as

consistently as I'm trying to but I'm

gonna get back to you guys on that I

promise I'm gonna start posting more I

did been having a lot to do and a lot of

places to go but we gonna go ahead and

get started with this video so as you

guys can tell by the title yes y'all I

was selling feat pictures on the


and imma start by saying my feet is ugly

they're ugly and that's just that on

that they're ugly so I had to finesse

the system a little bit and use somebody

else's feet pictures shout out to

whoever Esther is on Instagram sis you

know made me some braids but we gonna go

ahead and get started with this video

I'm gonna tell y'all everything I need

to know about it how much I make I'm

gonna show y'all the proof in the fact

so let's go ahead and get started uh

first of all it's this girl that I saw

on YouTube while I was scrolling one

night and she was selling feat pictures

and I'm gonna try to link her video down

below and give her her credits but she

was said talking about selfie pictures

and I saw the video and like everybody

in the comments I was just like okay so

a couple weeks later I think it was like

maybe two weeks later I decided to try

and selfie pictures and so I rewatched

her video but I actually paid attention

to at this time it didn't really have as

much information and then I kinda have

to figure out everything on my own but

it had enough information for me to go

ahead and get a head start so I went on

Facebook and I decided to look up these

like feet selling picture groups and

with those groups I was able to find out

all the information I really needed but

with the Facebook groups I'm gonna start

by saying that the Facebook groups do

not help you sell - the people on there

don't even really buy feet pictures but

they give you plenty of information to

be able to do with yourself

so while scrolling on the pages on

Facebook I seen that a lot of people

said they were selling pictures on kik

so I went ahead and made a kik account

and I kind of use kick to look for

groups like on this thing right here I

used it

look for groups that say hashtag feet

pictures or whatever lets you let you

pick the groups that you want to be it

and these are a lot of the groups that I

chose to be in and just to selfie

pictures and some of these are actually

my buyers which I'm going to tell you

guys about later so I've talked I don't

kick I only made one sell on kik I

literally only made one selling kick and

it was like a five dollar sell until

after I found other types which I'm

gonna talk about later so while I was on

kik I made a cell in a little group and

it was only like five dollars it wasn't

that much but I basically took um beat

pictures off for this girl Instagram and

I took a whole bunch of different ones I

took different poses different things on

her ankles different toe rings I

basically took all the different poses

she had all the different ways she took

feet pictures and I used that so after

getting on the little groups for a while

on Facebook I started scrolling again

and on there they said that this girl

said she made a lot of money on whisper

so this is how whisper looks and it's

kind of like is this anonymous app where

you post stuff and when you post it

people don't know who you are or where

you're from but it does show your stamps

things that you're posting and it gives

them the option to react to it so I

posted on the whisper the first post was

I was selling $2 P pictures and with

that post I got like a whole bunch of

people come in to ask for feed pictures

mind you not everybody buys them some

people ask you for news which I was not

gonna do so first of all the three

pictures wasn't mine and I'm not

Hispanic so you could have told me it

could have kind of told on me so I was

just like no I'm not gonna do that and

then wasn't gonna happen anyways but

after searching a whole bunch of times

and after pre posting a post a couple

times I found a buyer and this buyer

actually spent $15 so he asked me four

feet pictures where I had a toe ring and

three pictures where my feet was showing

like with my souls out or whatever so I

went on a girl Instagram and I scroll a

little bit and I found one feet pictures

with her soul showing and I basically

went on phonto and photoshopped a toe

ring on her butt

that picture and he sent me $15 to my

cash app and I'm gonna just kind of show

you guys these um the proof to

everything that I'm saying so we just

gonna go ahead and bring up my kitchen

okay so I'm gonna hide his name but this

is where it says Nick right here and he

sent me fifteen dollars for that picture

and that was just that and after that

with a whole bunch of research I went

ahead and heard about omegle I think

that's how you pronounce a I'm not sure

everything I said but I heard about

Omega and so I went on there and I got

like a whole bunch of responses you kind

of have to like put a hashtag on what

exactly you're gonna be doing so I put

like hashtag feet fetish and hashtag

feet so on omegle I found three sellers

I think and they asked me for my um they

asked me for my kick and I was able to

sell everything through kick and my kick

was not my real name and none of that so

I used that on omegle or whatever so

after being on Omega for a little while

I met this Hispanic guy who was trying

to buy feet pictures and he has special

requests so I had to like do some more

photoshopping and I had to do some more

editing and basically but my first sale

on the Hispanic guy and he sent me $5

and his name was James but he sent me $5

and James actually became a customer of

mine because the next night I hit him up

I was like do you want to buy some more

feet pictures and he was like yeah he

wants to buy some more feet pictures and

with that I made $10 from James so I

made a total of $15 from James and then

I made another $15 from that one guy so

at this point I'm at $30 beep into it

and I'm just like okay we're just gonna

keep dragging this until the wheels fall

off basically basically those were all

the sales that I made via cash app so

there was I went back on whisper again

the next night and after going back on

whisper the next night I was able to

found a buyer that was all the way in

California but he was he was buying so I

had any money

and all you really asked for was to see

the feet tattoo like me after I have a

feet tattoo and the girl that I happen

to get the pictures from did have a feet

tattoo so I used that to go ahead and

make me some money

so she asked for a feet tattoo or

whatever and the first time he paid me

five dollars as you guys could see right

here he paid me five dollars and I was

like okay that made me some money it's

not that bad it's not all that but it's

it's something so after that me and him

continue conversing in mind you at this

point I'm thirty-five dollars deep into

this I'm just like okay cool and so me

and him conversed a little bit and he

was like he want me to be the person

that he gets beat pictures from and so

I'm like okay we could I could I could I

could get that free I could provide that

for you so what's that being said after

he's seen the girls feet that I sent him

he was like um I have perfect feet and

he wants to be able to pay for my um um

my pedicure sometimes I was like I then

it over so way that being said he sent

me another $15 as you guys could see

right here I'm trying to make this more

clear but he sent me another $15 in for

the description right here it says for

being perfect

so because somebody else have perfect

feet I went ahead and made me um 30 no

$45 I'm tripping off I went ahead went

home 35 plus 15 I went ahead and made me

$50 off on somebody else's feet now

y'all please don't judge me please don't

judge me I didn't even think this was

gonna work honestly but I was like imma

try it now my job I don't stop doing

that because I felt bad scamming people

out of money for their it's for somebody

else's fee pictures so I went ahead and

stopped doing it but I just wanted to be

like god alloh ten

so a little information on how to sell

some beat pictures because somebody

showed it to me so I showed it to y'all

and I'm gonna make ya'll some money you

feel me

so that is that on that and that's

pretty much all I didn't really get into

it that much but I did make fifty

dollars in three days off of selling

feet pictures mind you it's a whole

bunch of people that was asking for

special requests that was willing to pay

like thirty dollars for them so they're

your feet and you have pretty feet and

you're willing to do their original

pictures for them they will pay you

money for it but this wasn't my feet so

I had to give them what I was working

with and I still made fifty dollars off

of it so if you got your own feet

pictures and you could do a customized

poses for them then I promise you you

probably make three times what I'm

making those three days so that's pretty

much that and I just want to give you

guys a little information on how to make

some money because y'all know I love to

finesse I love to make some break and

this is what I'm gonna end this a video

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