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hey guys and welcome to my channel or

welcome back to my channel

um as you can tell by the channel name

this is normally an asmr channel

it didn't always be that way i used to

make a lot of other different kinds of

content but then

i fell in love with asmr and it's just

kind of been my groove thing

but um i am such a supporter of other


i'm such a supporter of single mamas

mamas in general

and anybody who wants to make a living

from home

and um recently i had a tick tock go


it has like almost 10 million views or

something like that

and so it's literally insane never ever

happened to me before

and uh really took me off guard it was

just supposed to be a funny thing for

all of my like 16 000

followers or whatever and then it just

blew up

and people were like where's where's the


get me the information i need to know

how to make this money and i was like

you know what

that's a great idea and it has taken me


to get you this video and i really

apologize for that so i'm not going to

make this intro any longer

i'm just going to say this will not be

the only video like this that i do on

this channel

i will continue to make other videos

about how to do

x y and z how to work from home exactly

what i do in regards to taxes and things

like that getting in depth with

topics so if there's something that i

talk about in this video that i just

briefly mentioned or that you want me to

go more into depth about

leave it in the comments and i will add

it to this little series

of non-asmr videos and boss babe boss

mom videos whatever you want to call it

this lighting is really unflattering um

makes my teeth look super yellow

don't know what the t with that is

honestly it's probably just cause

i have not been at home and i've been

drinking coffee and wine

not with my straw i know um so don't

worry i'll get back home do a couple

crest whitening strips and my teeth will

be back to normal

but that is not what you guys came here

for i have notes

so i'm going to be reading from the

notes just so i don't miss anything um

like i said this will not be the only

video but i just wanted to get you guys

as much as i could at this moment in my


and i want you to know as well that if

you are desperate right now for

making a source of income and you are

just like

holy [ __ ] how am i going to pay rent

what am i going to do to support my baby

to support my family

to support myself i've lost my job x y

and z

you are not alone and you will figure

something out this may not be it

but hopefully you can take some tips

from at least what i tell you

and utilize them in some other form of


ship or entrepreneurship i don't know

what the word would be one of those two


you will figure it out women are amazing

they're resilient they're smart

and they can figure anything out


if they're stressed enough so if you are

stressed right now

trust me sister i you are not alone i am

here with you but we are going to get

through this together

and like i said if you have any

questions let me know also follow my

tick tock and my instagram and all that


thanks um because i've got to get that

coin too okay i have to get that money

i've got a baby to feed um okay a little

bit about me and how i started

um working in the fetish industry i


is uh my name is brooke i am from


i am a mom to a year and a half year old

daughter who is

gorgeous if you want to check her out on

my instagram um

and yeah i have a fiance named cj so if

i talk about cj that's what i mean

and i have been making videos on youtube

for like five years

and i started my channel back in the day

when you could monetize anything

you could have zero subscribers and

monetize your videos so i've been making

money on my videos ever since the

beginning but it was literally like a

hundred dollars a year

um for the first three years because i

never really got much of a following

i've done a lot of different kinds of

videos and then i started doing asmr


um about two years ago a little over two

years ago

and in doing asmr videos i also did


videos which meant that people would

email me and let me know what kind of

custom video they wanted to see that was


and i would make it and then most of the

time i would put it up

on like my public channel as well just

to make that little extra money you know

and uh a custom request came

in to do a video where i find a tiny


inside my house and take care of it and

i was like

that's really unique like what a great


so i did the video and the custom

request just started flooding in

okay for more of the same similar like

i'm a giant

the viewer is tiny kind of stuff and i

was like what the hell like this must be

a thing

you know so i started looking more into

it and i realized that it was

a fetish and for some people it's like a

sexual fetish and then for other people

it's not and it's truly just a matter of

um like that feeling of being small

and being taken care of so a lot of the

videos that i do are just very nice

gentle and caring and

um more of like it's like a security

thing you know what i mean

but then others they get something else

out of it if you know what i'm saying so

um i just kind of delved into that and i

was like you know what

i'm really good at this i'm really

creative and um

so i'm just gonna keep going and so i

kept making custom videos kept making

videos on youtube here and there

and then i was like you know what i'm

gonna start a patreon so i started my

patreon in

january and i have literally

like multiplied my income times 10

since since i did that and um since i

made a dedicated page toward

fetish content lo and behold the

feet fetish and giant test fetish kind

of mix

and so i started eventually doing feet

stuff i made an instagram

um i'll get i'll get into that later but


long story short um i have been paying

my rent

with um feet pics giant test picks

videos things like that completely

non-nude completely non-sexual not


i never wear lingerie never wear like i

i dress like this

okay sometimes worse you know what i

mean um and it's not a bad thing if you

do that

i'm just saying i started an only fan so

i'm gonna be posting like

cute pictures sexy pictures and like

lingerie and stuff

um but i have not done that up until

this point so if you're like well i want

to do it but like i don't want to

like do porn or whatever if that's like

a line that you don't want to cross

totally respectable totally

understandable but you don't have to

and you can still make a decent amount

of money first thing

um how i sold feet picks on instagram

and why i don't anymore

so i made a feet instagram and at first

i was like you know what i'm gonna keep

it anonymous

but then i was like i can't really

promote it i can't cross

promote it to my patreon followers


it's like if it's anonymous you know

what i mean so i just decided eventually

that what i was going to do was not be

anonymous if not if anonymity

is your goal and you do not want other

people to know

like people in your life your co-workers

if you have a public image that you want

to protect and you don't want people to

know that you're doing this kind of


first of all girl there is no shame in

the game you got to do what you got to


second of all there are ways that you

can keep it anonymous even though that's

not what i choose to do personally

there are things that you can do and i

can go over tons of tips for that in a

future video if you guys want

um i would use a fake name for starters

obviously and i would attach that fake

name to a cash app

make a cash app title it with your

business name you know what i mean like

my business llc is brooke's big life

um so or you know it's just that's an


and so my hashtag would be

i guess would be brook's big life and

that is my cash app in case anybody

wants to send me money saying thank you

so much for helping us

that would be great um i don't know who

this is like i'm so not used to doing

asmr videos anymore so now i'm all like

hey yeah whoo anyways

um sorry to be annoying i really am just

over caffeinated and very excited

so uh yeah i would start with that

secondly you never have to show your

face especially if you're just doing

feet pictures

you never have to show your face people

might ask you to but that's a boundary

that you set and you stick to

and there's no shame in that it's just

like your pricing pick a price

and stick to it the first price that i

ever heard was ten dollars per foot per


and more if you're doing other things so

if somebody wants you to do

like something with whip whipped cream

let's say then you charge them for the

whipped cream and you charge them extra

for making it a custom picture

there's also a difference between custom

pictures and private pictures

so let's say somebody orders a custom

from you and they have like this custom

idea of what they want in

the picture of the video you can share


with all of your other followers if you

want to because it's just their custom


if they want it to be a private picture

that you don't share with anybody else

that you have to use their name or

something like that

charge more that's a mistake that i made

in the very beginning

i just priced everybody the same whether

or not i could reuse the material

and it just screwed me over because you

should be charging at least double if

you're never gonna share the image again

um use a lot of hashtags there are some

fantastic hashtags that you can use

that's how you find

customers um great ones to use our

feet worship hashtag feet hashtag feet

lover hashtag um foot fetish nation

if you start looking up like let's just

start with hashtag feet worship i found

that to be a really good one

um and then go through some of the girls

who have profiles already set up

look at their profile look at the poses

that they use look at all the hashtags

that they use because guaranteed every

single picture is going to have a

mountain of hashtags underneath

take them look at them try to see which

hashtags have the most

tagged you know what i mean and use

those but also try to use a few obscure

ones that only have like 600 posts

or something because that way if

somebody is looking for that specific

thing like

sock fetish nation or something like

that you're gonna be one of the only

results that pop up

so those are some tips that i have but

definitely start with hashtag feet

fetish hashtag feet worship hashtag

foot fetish nation those are really good

ones um

and put them on every single picture

also don't forget to watermark your


with your name that way if it's shared

people will come right back to you

because they'll be like who did that and

it'll be like

selena bobina 17 and that'll be you

selena bobina and um yeah they'll come

back to your page

if you don't watermark your photos

people will copy and paste them re-share


you won't get credit it sucks that tick

tock that went viral somebody shared it

and it now has like three million views

or four million views or something

and they did not um tag me on instagram


imagine how many people i would have

gained at that but it's fine it's fine

i'm not bitter

it's fine the pros and cons of doing it

on instagram or twitter

i don't use twitter um but that's

another another great place to start

another great place to utilize hashtags

to find

paying customers um

the pros are it's really easy to find

people it is free

and with twitter you can post more sexy

content than you can on instagram

the bummer is my account was reported

and taken down

i had hundreds of followers i was making

around six 600

a week just from selling selling feet

pictures on that platform

and then my all my content was reported

and taken down and i never was able to

get my instagram back

which was a waste of my time in my

opinion and so

i was just like really really and so at

first i was like okay

since i can't get it back i'm gonna make

a new one and i ultimately decided not

that i don't i honestly don't know where

i left off all i know is that i was


that um i just decided that it was not


remaking an instagram um with the

expectation that it would probably

eventually get shut down again

so it's good for like part-time kind of

like you're not planning on doing it for

a while you're just in a pickle

to do it that way um but if you're

planning on doing it for like a long


build a following on instagram and then

share that

build an uh and only fans or some other


that won't get shut down guaranteed um

the thing about only fans a lot of

people think that that's what i do

and i only just started that i don't

even have any posts on it yet

um the problem with only fans is that

you can't

people can't find you like if they are

on only fans they can't look up

foot fetish and like find a bunch of

creators to support they have to know

your name

so if you are going to start and only

fans and you don't have a following

let's say you don't have an instagram


50 000 followers that you want to share

it to you're not going to have you're

not going to make any money

because you have to have a following

already to make an only fans page you

have to have the fans

so start a patreon something like that

and then

eventually make the crossover to only

fans um

only fans is something that i'm doing

now to add some extra like sultry sexual


um without yeah and have it not be on

patreon just because i want to keep that

exclusive to certain things

um and it's just another extra stream of

income never put all of your eggs in one

basket is what i'm trying to say

patreon let's talk about patreon

number one tip that i have is i thought

i was being a nice gal

and i said there are two boxes that you

can check when you make a patreon

number one is that everybody has to pay

up front or number two

is that everybody has to or everybody

waits until the first of the month to

pay no matter when they sign up

they could sign up on the 15th they

could sign up on the 30th they would not

get charged until the first

um i made that mistake thinking well i'm

not going to charge everyone the day

they sign up because then what if the

what if the first is two days later and

then they get charged again

i made the biggest mistake ever i have

literally doubled my income

from patreon since i made the switch

to have everybody pay up front because

what i

what was happening was people were

signing up

i'm so sorry about that you guys people

were signing up to my patreon

and then leaving before the first of the

month and i would notice

this pattern people would come and like

sign up on the second of the month

and then they would leave on the 30th of

the month before they would get paid

and every single month they would redo

this and i was getting

scammed and so once i made that switch

bam instantation

instantaneous doubling of income um

my tips with patreon pick the things

that are realistically

going to be accomplishable for you um

you can't say i'm gonna

post 50 pictures a month or 50 or five

videos a month if you don't have the

damn time you don't have the damn time

so i picked something that is realistic

for me for me that is

three videos a month for 15 a month

um and then for the second tier i do an

extra video and three pictures

for 20 a month so it's a great deal if

you enjoy

feet to get that second tier and then

you know but wham bam thank you ma'am

extra five bucks um

it's also it's just you have to be

consistent is the thing if you don't

post what you say you're gonna post

people are gonna leave and people are

gonna post on all the reddit pages about

you and how much you suck

whereas if you post consistently people

are gonna be like damn this girl's good

and they're gonna share it with all

their friends

okay so you have to be consistent do

something that's realistic to you i'm so

sorry that we're losing light you guys i

have been

through he double hockey sticks and back

trying to film this video for you guys

and trying to upload it

and it has been like honestly if if i

were anywhere else if i could do

anything else

it would be different but i can't and

that is the truth of the nature

so that's why the light is going out the

people are doing construction in the

background i'm so sorry this is

typically not my video quality if you

scroll through my videos you see i have

much higher quality than this

but you guys have been harassing me

legitimately harassing me

so we're getting it out now i wanted it

to be nice and like put together

but this is what we're gonna do so then

my next point was going to be about how

to keep it anonymous but i think i'm

gonna just do that in another video

because i i just am running out of time

here straight up

um but i'm doing this for you guys

again i'm so sorry i apologize directly

to you about the quality

but it is what it is i'm a busy mama

it's what it is

um tax stuff okay first of all if you

make anything over six hundred dollars

from this business which

if you try you will guaranteed um

you have to report it don't get caught

up in fraud

don't get don't not report something

just because you're like oh i don't want

to save them

save 30 of your money for the end

for the end of the year to do your taxes

30 of what you make just stick it

somewhere else so that you can't touch


um it's it's such a slippery slope to go

down if you don't do that and you're

like oh i'll just save later it

will get you into so much trouble just

please plan ahead

and report everything the best part is

when doing a business like this

working from home there are so many tax


you have part of your home can be

written off part of your rent can be

written off for a home office if you use

it just for work

um so for me it's like a third of my

rent i can write off for work

any laptop you use any um phone service

that you use

i just realized i have dirt all over my

hands from sitting on the ground um

any like let's say your internet bill

you gotta use it for work right

um pedicures manicures lotions nail


if you um use oil on your feet to make

them look nice and shiny

that is a write-off everything is a

write-off if you use it to make your

content or in your content

so please save every single receipt

every single one keep track of

everything and it will benefit you so

freaking hardcore

in the end i swear to you um i wish i

could say like here's a tip on how to do

your taxes yourself

i don't know i've had a tax guy since i

was 16. i don't know

how to do it i know somebody does it for

me and that's all i know

okay i just give him everything i got

and then he figures it out

um i'm so sorry about the light you guys

i'm so sorry i'm not gonna apologize

anymore though because it's 20 20 we

don't apologize

um so my next tip for avoiding scammers

this is really important if anybody says

they're going to be your sugar daddy or

your sugar mama

say sugar no thank you no it's a scam

it's a lie they're just trying to get

you to give your bank account info so

they can send you money and then they're

going to take all of it and run

just block them block instantaneously if

somebody keeps trying to talk to you in

like a role play kind of way like

what would you do if i did this block

them or just politely tell them

listen if you don't pay i'm not going to

speak to you in this way

we this is a business transaction be


be consistent stick to your price if

somebody's trying to bargain with you

and be like oh well

this other girl i know pays only cost

this much be like okay then go to that

other girl

set your standards and don't act like a

noob don't be like oh i'm sorry i'm new

at this um sure that's fine

no you're not new at this you are a

professional you've been doing it your

entire life

and that's the attitude that i want you

to exude

in your instagram and your only fans

whatever you are that's the attitude

you're not a bargain

you're not on the clearance aisle you

are a bad [ __ ] queen and that's how

you're gonna charge okay and that's it

um and if somebody is trying to pressure

you or being rude to you

there are other customers and if

somebody is like giving you [ __ ] about

your price

honestly they are not your market okay i


what i know people i'm looking for can

afford okay

and people who can't afford me know

that i'm creative they know that i am

worth the price and if somebody's trying

to like tell me oh no you're not worth

that price i say well then you're not

worth my time block

block everybody anybody who gives you a

bad vibe block them

and that's how you avoid scammers sis um

next one is you can find a niche or


it's up to you because a lot of people

are like well

i've got really crooked toes so i'm

gonna be in like this like

toe spreading like i don't know like

they find

a niche which is great um but i choose

not to do that

because although i could just completely

stick to giant test content

or stomping content it gets old i like

to do

everything i respect everyone and you

know what that's what i should talk

about right now

try everything and see what clicks and

then maybe stick with that or don't it's

up to you

um here's the deal i find it so

disrespectful when people are like

i mean lol i guess you can buy pictures

of my feet or like just say rude things

like that

it's like this is number one your client

your customer

don't be rude to them the customer is

almost always right unless they're an

[ __ ]

um respect other people's fetishes and


just because somebody else finds joy or

comfort or

um excitement in something

that you don't find excitement in

doesn't mean that they're weird or a


or anything like that some people like

what they like and that's okay

don't be disrespectful don't talk down

to somebody how would you like it if you

like went on a date with someone and you

were like

could we get dessert and they were like

you're gonna get dessert

okay fatty i mean i guess but okay let's

do it

that would so turn you off don't be like


respect your clients um oh that was my

next one respecting your clients in

parentheses don't

don't be a judgy [ __ ] um so

i went through that went through that

went through

that oh my gosh look at me go um

look went through that yeah so then i

just wanted to go through quick tax


any props costumes food etc using a

video or picture

part of your rent for a designated

office space um

lighting cameras phone bill internet

microphone backdrop etc manicures

pedicures waxes

nail polish lotion personal grooming for

content purposes literally

all of that stuff this notebook since

i'm using it for work right now it's a

nine dollar write-off from target

there are so many write-offs there are

so many ways that you can do this

and just absolutely excel at it you just

have to give yourself a chance

you have to give other people a chance

to be your clients and to

support you and have multiple ways

of being able to serve them for example

instagram paypal um or i'm sorry patreon

only fans if you want to be a part of

some certain websites or go up sell on

reddit that's fine i'm not

i i don't know how to do that i've never

people say like

okay i have such ugly feet though like

what do i do maybe you just don't like


um there's a market for everyone for man


for hairy feet for long feet for short


for everything there is a there is a

market for you if you have really ugly

feet on top because they're all

calloused and scarred

maybe do the bottom only if the bottoms

of your feet are all effed up from like

sports or whatever

just do the top have a nice pedicure

that's it

and like there's somebody out there for

everyone there's a foot out there for

everyone so don't discount yourself

maybe your feet

are just like not your thing you know

but they are somebody else's thing so

don't don't just not try because you're


try put yourself out there the worst

thing that can happen especially if you

make an anonymous account

is that you don't get any money you say

hey i tried and you don't do it again

that's it the payment methods that i

prefer are paypal and cash app i'm so

sorry guys

i'm doing my best i'm trying to wrap it

up here because

as you can tell i'm losing light i can't

do this anymore

but there will be a part two so please

leave all of your

questions and your elaborations that you

want me to make down below i'm so happy

to answer your questions i hope this


was fulfilling for you in some way that

it got you the information that you


i truly do want to support other women

other moms most of the people who and

you know what else

when that video went viral it was mostly

millennials that were commenting on it

and saying oh my gosh how do i do this

please help me please sign me up please

give me the information

very insistently um and all that i could

think was

people say millennials are lazy that is

so not true

we are so willing to work we just want

to work smarter and not harder and i

believe that you can

i truly believe that you can um i

have been so blessed in this field

for the last two years but especially in

the la or for the last year i guess it

would be

but especially in the last nine months i

have been so blessed financially beyond


and like i've been able to get my dream

engagement ring i have been able to pay


most of my debt i am almost there i'm

going to be adopting a family for


this year which means i'm going to be

getting them like less um

people who are struggling i'm going to

be getting them their food for their

christmas meal

and all of the gifts for them and their

kids and like grocery gift cards and

i've been saving for that all year

because i'm so so excited for it

and i'm so happy that i'm going to be

able to share the wealth just like i'm

trying to share this wealth of

information with you guys

you can do it i've been paying my rent


for the last nine months i guess it

would be

i have truly truly truly been so blessed

with this

and i i'm not trying to brag i'm just

trying to tell you you can

do it you can do anything and i know

that this is just

a grainy dark image now of some stranger

telling you that you can sell pics of

your feet but truly you can

or whatever else you want to do i

believe in you

i hope you believe in yourself and i

hope you just take the leap and try

there are 8 billion people in this world

there's got to be somebody out there

who's going to send you

some money for your gorgeous beautiful

feet or whatever

okay that's all i wanted to say um again

make sure to follow me on all my social


share the love share the wealth um and i

will talk to you guys

very very soon thank you so much for

bearing with me

i tell you what there people have

literally been

harassing me on tik tok like why haven't

you posted the video

this is all a scam you're just doing

this for clout etc and it's like one

even if i was that's my business number


you're not entitled to any information i

just posted a funny tick tock and now

you think that i owe you something

and it's just like i want to share this

information but i wanted to do it right

but since i am not able to do that this

is what you're getting

okay i hope you're happy i hope you're


because this is all that i can do i

don't know when this video is going to

be able to go

up because i've just been having a lot

of internet issues lately

but i'm going to do my best and i just

want you to know that i'm here for you

if you need anything

but please do not dm me on instagram


because i have gotten thousands of dms

on instagram

of people being like girl help me i

can't i cannot

the best i can do is upload a video like

this for you guys that's it that's all i

can do because girl

i can't respond to everybody so

that's that my name is brooke again hi

nice to meet you

okay great um and i will talk to you

very very soon

thank you so much for watching thank you

for bearing with me uh

and i will i will go now okay that's it

bye guys