How to Sell Your Piano - The Guide to Selling Pianos

hey everyone I'm Robert Esther here on

living pianos TV today the subject how

to sell your piano I get a lot of people

asking me this question and so I wanted

to share with you at a personal way on

this video how you can sell your piano

if you want to sell it or at some point

in the future when you might want to

sell a piano

essentially there are three ways to sell

your piano one is to sell it privately

to sell wholesale and 3 put it on

consignment so I'm going to go through

these three methods briefly so you can

decide what's best for you if and when

you decide to sell your piano well

selling your piano privately this is a

very competitive market it really is a

buyers market there's a lot of pianos

out there a lot of people when they're

selling their piano they say well I

don't want to tune it if I sell it it's

gonna have to be tuned anyway after it's

moved the problem is if somebody comes

and plays your piano it's not in tune

then they play some other instruments

that are comparable but are in tune

yours is not going to have a fair shake

so I'm just like if you're selling your

car you've probably at least wash it and

vacuum it maybe even detail it the same

things with the two of your piano even

more so because it's a very competitive

market you want to bring your piano to

its highest level of course you might

not want to spend thousands rebuilding

the instrument but at least as a minimum

of tuning and polishing if there are any

Nicks and the furniture having touched

up this will be enormous ly valuable to

you if you want to try to compete in

this very competitive market how do you

get the people to see it

fortunately the internet have many many

avenues where you could post your piano

from ebay to Craigslist and other places

you can even use print media if you are

so inclined although the internet really

provides much more exposure these days

so this is the method

it and if you're willing to put the time

and the money into it you'll get the top

dollar for your piano some people can't

be bothered don't at the time or maybe

you need to get rid of the piano right

away a house is sold you're moving

across the country there are a lot of

situations where this just isn't

practical that's where a wholesale a

type of cell is the preferred method get

on the phone call piano dealers and I

know quite a number people who come to

your house and buy the piano that day

for cash and get take the piano away in

a truck that day or the next day and

it's in terms of simplicity you can't

beat it of course you're going to have

to take less for the piano because the

person buying it is going to be

reselling it and since they're putting

out cash they have to you know be able

to get it for a reasonable enough sum

that it all makes sense but it could be

the right choice for you if time is of

the essence the third method is also

valuable in some situations that

consignment you take your piano and you

either put it in a store or find someone

who will take it in and sell it for you

and usually people work on a percentage

basis this sounds very nice but I want

to caution you that sometimes you'll put

a piano in a store and they'll tell you

what they hope to get for it and then it

sits and sits and sits and even though

it's a percentage at the end of the line

what you get is the most important thing

which is why other people will tell you

upfront what you're going to get when

you consign the piano and there are even

some people who will do the work on the


even extensive work now I like to work

that way because I know most people

selling your candles don't want to

invest time working on actions and doing

touch-up work so the way that I like to

work in segments and others like me are

to help you by doing all the work

necessary and you know what you're going

to get at the end and I think that's a

transparent way if you're going to put

into the store and a percentage make

sure you have a very close relationship

with the store so you're sure that it

will be work up favorably for you thank

you for all the questions I appreciate

all the response to the videos and keep

the questions coming in at our big

videos just for you thanks for joining

to you Robert Esther here at living

pianos TV see you next time