The Best Way To Sell Physical Products Online

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hey this is scott moran the co-founder

of sam cart

the fastest growing e-commerce platform

online and in today's video i will show


the perfect business model for selling

physical products

we've already done videos on the perfect

business model for selling ebooks or

digital products i will put those links

down below this video in case you want

to check those out

but selling online has changed and

the traditional models are quickly

becoming dinosaurs

so when you ask people if you can sell

physical products on sam card the answer

is always the same

yes you can but it's going to take

thinking about things

a little differently than the old school

strategy of just

build a storefront selling physical

products is actually our fastest growing

segment on sam cart

more and more physical product

businesses are selling their products

not their store but i'll dive into that

in just a minute whether you already

have a popular product line