The Best Way To Sell Physical Products Online

hey this is scott moran the co-founder

of sam cart

the fastest growing e-commerce platform

online and in today's video i will show


the perfect business model for selling

physical products

we've already done videos on the perfect

business model for selling ebooks or

digital products i will put those links

down below this video in case you want

to check those out

but selling online has changed and

the traditional models are quickly

becoming dinosaurs

so when you ask people if you can sell

physical products on sam card the answer

is always the same

yes you can but it's going to take

thinking about things

a little differently than the old school

strategy of just

build a storefront selling physical

products is actually our fastest growing

segment on sam cart

more and more physical product

businesses are selling their products

not their store but i'll dive into that

in just a minute whether you already

have a popular product line

or you are looking to add a new physical

product to your offerings

then this is the business model you will

need to bring that idea to life in a

second i'll show you why sam cart is

perfect if you want to sell physical


but first i want to talk about why most

people fail when it comes to

selling physical products as you

probably know tons of websites are


for people who want to build a

storefront and sell their products

websites like shopify woocommerce and


as great as those websites are most

people using them

aren't making a lot of money in fact the

average seller on sam cart makes two to

three times

more than the average seller on shopify

and we haven't even been around that


the problem is that those sites are

built around having users build

storefronts to showcase all of their

products and storefronts

don't convert they are confusing


and way too open-ended they make the

buying experience

too difficult for your customers it's

like you know you want a new iphone case

and then going to the mall to find out

what's available sure that used to work


but nowadays you probably wouldn't do

that would you

instead you go on amazon you search for

iphone cases

and you find the one you want that's

kind of like driving to home depot and


searching for the tool that you know you

need for that job in your backyard

now you go on amazon and you find the

exact tool you're looking for

and buy it instantly people already know

what they want

they aren't looking for a whole entire

store full of products

they are looking for one product which

is why the perfect business model for a

physical product

now starts by showcasing one product

being sold on one page

sam cart's top physical product sellers

all take their best selling product

and create a single page that highlights

its best

features its best benefits they add in

testimonials and reviews from past


they toss in a few high quality images

and pretty much anything

else they need to entice people to buy

it and then they drive people to this

page to go by

this page focuses your visitor's

attention on your best offer

with no distractions and no endless

other pages to scroll

and click through just one offer and a

page that sells the heck out of it the

natural next question is well then how

do i sell my other products

and that's where things get really

interesting showcasing

one offer on one page does not mean that

you won't let your customers add other

stuff to their order

sam card just does it a little

differently your sales page

should also consist of the ability to

cross-sell other products

just like how amazon recommends that you

add another item to your cart

when you're buying something you should

do this exact same thing

using a feature that we call an order

bump your customers can add more stuff

to their order

just by clicking on one simple checkbox

right before they enter their payment


and buy with samcart you can even offer

multiple order bumps on the same page

an absolute slam dunk for maximizing the

value of

every new order you bring in you can

even take it a step further

and sell even more products by offering

customers a one-click

upsell after your customers place their

order you can showcase

another special offer like an extended

warranty for that new bed frame

or a second laptop dock for half off and

customers can purchase it

with a single click of the mouse they

don't have to log back into paypal

or pull their credit card back out of

their pocket listen to how powerful this

feature is

sam cart's database shows us that adding

a single one-click upsell

increases the value of every customer by

an average of

68.1 percent so you are still selling a

ton of your other products

but you're just doing it in a new way a

new way that fits with how online buying

is changing

this strategy is laser focused on

guiding your visitors through the


and making it easier for them to buy the

beauty with sam cart is that we make it

super easy to do

all of this without ever needing a

single line of code

or relying on a single third-party

plugin with our drag and drop builder it

allows you to easily build beautiful

high converting pages in minutes and

with just a few clicks of your mouse you

can quickly add different types of order

bumps and cross sales

to get the most out of every single new

order not only that

but you can also easily create those

one-click upsells that i talked about

after a customer purchases without

needing a single line of code

or any third-party plug-ins another

great thing about samcart

is that we allow you to have full

control over your business

so when you sell your product you get to

keep all of the customers information

this will allow you to follow up with

customers for future communication

and special offers an essential part of

the growth of

any physical product business and our

physical product sellers love our cart

abandonment feature

for people who just come to your page

but don't actually buy

this allows you to automatically add

these prospects to sequences

and bring them back to your product and

help them finish their purchase we have

another video that goes through three of

our favorite cart abandonment campaigns

that you can check out here on youtube

so you can start winning back a huge

chunk of your lost sales we'll link to

that in the description below we also


shipping your orders super easy by

integrating with fulfillment centers

like shipstation

or if you sell on amazon you can connect

with amazon fba

there's built-in shipping and handling

costs and even sales tax

so you're always collecting exactly what

you need to avoid that big government

tax bill

at the end of the year now with all that

being said i don't think you should

altogether delete your storefront if you

have one

it can serve as an excellent place for

your brand and a site for customers to

visit and repeat customers to easily buy


but when growing a brand based around

physical products you are going to need

to advertise

and scale your sales up so ask yourself

what you think those brand new visitors

would like better

going to a big storefront and searching

for what they want

or a single page showcasing the very

product that they were already looking


that's what i mean by sell your product

not your store

physical product sellers are sensing the

shift that has happened in e-commerce

and you might want to look at your own

storefront with some fresh eyes so as

you can see building a successful

business with physical products isn't

that difficult

you just need one great product and a

page that showcases it put all your

effort into making that page as enticing

as possible

then give your visitors the right


to buy other products from you and with

samcart we do our best to make selling

any product

easy for you with all the features you

need baked right in so be sure to check

out and grab a free demo


you can see exactly how more than 10 000

businesses have sold more than 1.5

billion dollars

of their own products goods and services

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today's e-commerce landscape is changing

and i cannot wait to hear

about what happens when you shift your

focus away from that storefront and

start showcasing one great product at a


thanks for watching