20 Best Greeting Card Companies To Earn Cash From Your Writing, Designs and Images

20 best greeting card companies to earn

cash from your writing designs and

images if you have the knack for writing

sweet inspirational sentimental and

funny messages with photos or images

that you have created for family and

friends then you might have the

necessary skills to join the greeting

card industry greeting card companies

are always on the lookout for new

writers artists and photographers and

the pay range can be from $50 to $300

for accepted submission

there are many greeting card companies

but selecting the right company to as

appropriate to your skills design and

style is important you don't want to

send your funny artwork or message to a

greeting card company that specializes

in inspirational and motivational cards

as with any business venture make sure

to research the company's guidelines

deadlines and process on how to submit

your proposal check out these lists of

real greeting card companies that are

accepting freelance writers 1 abacus

always on the look for talented artists

and photographers who have new and

original ideas to contribute to their

greeting cards via snail mail and email

to Amber Lotus publishing accepts 3 to 5

samples of short and clever writing

submissions for greeting cards at a time

and also accepts original art and

photography mostly between April and

July 3 American Greetings you need to

contact them first to submit your ideas

as they review all submissions in order

to qualify they also have more freelance

opportunities on their career page start

your free trial now for artists to watch

always on the lookout for wonderful

fresh artistic talent in every media and

artists to watch only accepts digital

submissions submit your artwork via

email with 5 to 10 low resolution JPEGs

of your images for consideration 5

Avanti press accepts freelance writers

with a great sense of humor get familiar

with their product line and submit your


a photo editor will review it and if

interested Avanti press will contact you

six blue mountain arts this company is

interested in reviewing writings that is

appropriate for their greeting cards

publication they are also looking for

highly original and creative submissions

on love friendship family philosophies

and any other topic that one person

might want to share with another and

note that BMA does not accept rhyming

poetry seven Calypso reviews writer

submissions several times per year and

will contact you if interested with your

artwork or idea eight Cardinal a

marketplace for card designers where you

can earn royalty with your designs and

receive five percent per card or a

minimum of ten cents

you may also upload your design and sell

at the same time by creating your own

online shop nine Caspari accepts artwork

only and no photographs through email

get familiar with their product line

before submitting your art 10 day spring

pays seventy five dollars for each piece

of copy purchased payment is made within

30 to 45 days upon our receipt of the

writers signed purchase agreement review

time as approximately four to eight

weeks eleven photo folia submit your

images up to 40 photographed samples

that they can use for cards posters and

t-shirt Fotolia will contact you for

partnership if they're interested with

your artwork 12 Gina B designs accepts

artwork submission throughout the year

with excellent composition and use of

color 13 planet zoo accepts photos and

not words you can submit up to 10 images

of wildlife and animal photos through

email with up to 10 low resolution

images and planet zoo will contact you

if they're interested with your artwork

14 Kohler companies pay $60 for any

selected writing or piece of art check

out their product line to see samples of

their combined art and verse 15

oatmeal's Studios accepts content from

freelance greeting card writers with


an artistic illustrations that are

realistic and funny

they are looking for humorous writing

but nothing cruel sixteen pomegranate

accepts artwork and photography image

resolution should be 72 dpi and the

images under 1 megabyte each submission

17 RSVP sellers prefers low resolution

digital files as well as color printouts

or photographic prints and no originals

you can send up to 20 images per single

submission 18 smart alecks accepts

writings with christian inspiring and

uplifting themes pays $35 for accepted

submission 19 snafu Designs accepts up

to 12 clever ideas and looks for

humorous writings pays $100 for accepted

submission 20 warner press accepts

writings with christian inspiring and

uplifting themes pays $35 for accepted

submission it is also a great idea to

bookmark the greeting card Association

members directory lists for more

information on greeting card companies

that are currently accepting submissions

check back periodically for new

companies or an updated list of those

accepting submissions there you have it

let me know what I've missed

and we'll add them on here you can

contribute below via the comment box and

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