How to Make Stock Images that Consistently Sell | Adobe Creative Cloud

all right so welcome to the first video

of the start with stocks series with me

your host Samuel Elkins first things

first we're going to be talking about

integrating and uploading your own stock

photography to Adobe stock website a

common misconception is that you need a

certain kind of photography to upload to

stock and it's actually not the case you

can really upload anything that you want

because you never know what someone's

going to need down the road if they want

you know a really random photo that you

took of a street sign or you know a

photo of a sandwich that you made I'm a

big believer in taking photos of

everything and just you know snapping

tidbits throughout your life it doesn't

need to be shot with a high quality

camera necessarily even shooting with a

mobile phone is sometimes good enough so

I would encourage all of you guys to

kind of go through your camera roll see

the photos that you've already shot and

consider uploading them to a website

like Adobe stock I think Adobe stock is

also a great way to get into these stock

world because it's so easy and simple to

use it's a great way to just make some

side income so what we're gonna do today

is show you guys some of the photos that

I've picked I'm going to be uploading to

my Adobe stock account showing you how

to categorize everything and upload

right from leg room ok so over here we

have our 3 photos that we are going to

publish down here you see the Adobe

stock published services there's

Facebook that's Flickr there's a bunch

of different other services that you

could click we're just gonna focus on

these three photos right here these are

photos that I took in Banff National

Park they're landscape photos so very

easy to license there's nothing in these

photos that you know is other people's

property so that makes it super easy and

simple this is actually an emerald lake

in British Columbia so I'm gonna take

these photos here I'm gonna select all

of them and it's literally as easy as

just clicking publish right here and

then you'll see up in the top left

corner it's already updating the

published collections to the Adobe stock

website once all these photos are

uploaded we can hop right over to the

Adobe sub website and start naming and

categorizing all these images so as you

can see here as the photos are getting

published right down here it says

published photos it's going to continue

to publish all three of these images up

to the Adobe stock website ok so now

once all these images have been uploaded

we get a notification on the screen that

says go to Adobe stock to complete your

submission and start selling that's

where we were gonna go next

so we're gonna click yes and then it

automatically takes us right to the

Adobe stock website

and now as you can see here we have all

three of these images so first things

first we're gonna start by categorizing

all of these so we'll go one image at a

time first thing it says is is there any

recognizable people or property no

that's why I landscape images are nice

and easy if you have photos of other

people's property or photos with actual

humans in the photo I'm you need to get

a license so that you have the rights to

sell that photo on a stock website we're

gonna type the title here we're gonna

say Emerald Lake Trail includes the

location it also includes you know the

trail so that you know people can search

trail we might even include like British

Columbia Canada all of those words are

kind of keywords and then down here at

the bottom we can actually add even more

of these so I already has predetermined

words for us to use mountain landscape

forest nature mountains it already adds

all these other ones as well trees green

pine travel all these are great I think

I'm going to add Canada in there as well

and then also emerald lake just in case

someone wants to get really specific and

they want to find this exact photo of

this exact lake in Canada you never know

so it's better to just be way way more

thorough than you think you need to be

the file type is photos categories

landscapes writing title keywords in

English and then now we're gonna go to

the next photo over here recognizable

people or property again no and then

also we're gonna say emerald like trees

for ground

this kind of states that you know

there's trees in the foreground but you

can see the lake through the trees and

the mountains in the background

so if someone was looking for this kind

of image it also is really important to

upload stock photos with kind of a good

graphic design I in mind

I personally believe you know a lot of

these photos have a lot of negative

space which is great for putting text on

these images as well as you know just a

lot of a lot of them to work with from a

designer's perspective you know if

someone were to purchase this and you

know make like a brochure or use it on a

website they might want to add some sort

of design elements on top of this photo

or any of these photos so it's important

to have photos with negative space we're

gonna add this at the bottom here with

Canada again and then emerald lake next

boom hide keywords again photos and

landscapes English super easy the third

photo photo here we're going to hit no

and then we're gonna go in here type

emerald like new so this is a photo

taken from the actual canoe at this lake

it's more of like a water level

perspective rather than you know kind of

farther away as the other two photos

were and the other photo didn't even

have the link in it at all it's just at

the trailhead so we got the trailhead we

have photo of the lake and now we have

one at about eye level which is great

and then I'm gonna add canoe here at the

bottom and then Canada so now we're

gonna click all three of these images we

can click select all here and then all

we do at the bottom here submit for

approval submit

and now we're done so at the top here

you're also going to need to add all

your tax information and all that stuff

but for the most part it's really simple

and easy to upload it right from

Lightroom to the Adobe stock of website

make sure Natuna tomorrow I'm going to

be covering an integrating stock photo

and video content into your own personal

content that could be photos or videos

thanks so much guys