have you bought a live picture gummy the

new firm well in today's video I'm gonna

share with you guys how to turn your

photos into hi guys my name is Josh and

welcome to my channel so that's what I

said if your hobby are if you love

taking pictures ahead no vallejo mama

had a mama equipment snap on picture day

with Emily on phone and we don't

yourself mechanical photographer at

animal under some agenda just like me

I love taking pictures like sunsets

flowers you know my angle snap given

don't eat none so let's go to my

computer and I'm going to show you the

five apps that you can download right

now so you can sell your photos


so do first legit apps nothing so this

is snap wire so when you go when you use

the URL so just say snap wire snapped

and wire then perish on finicky wearing

a wire

the snap WI dot r e so yeah so when we

go here let's go check this out so let's

see the creators tip on your creators

Asarco you mug the Benton on photo so

let's see how how much they're making

how much money they're making from this

that's a photographer so so like this so

Rodrigo and toons

so this one he is selling this for Wow

$500 see and they have different sizes

also they have small to small which is

612 but 816 pixels so small to P dollars

for small one medium $125 large $250 and

Excel which is $500 so guys kind of

hiding among feature Union but I'm in

Union diesel and let's see the others

like this one like this one never

let's see how much this one is selling

so this one is for all these $75 this

one ajumma Babylonian Tanya so let's see

how much bug extra small size $5 opening

debuff too small $15 for Ghana $35

and large $75 Banga Banga Norma shot on

tosin Abasi Machado Madame a competition

so much offered in a manner but I become

customers yes stop the bus or at all

that we need to start thinking about

well this one this this photographer

said it is for $500 you know sex

extra-large they go small $50 $125 $250

super expensive meeting Miami to Havana

this one family pictures can make sure

miramount oregano permission again

opinion feature Anita

but it's mostly for $500 they believe an

animal on top of hundred dollars per

dinner 7:05 up to $20.00 per picture see

on this one

I am hiding at all the bodies very small

if the daughters only Samak at $20 or

twenty ten dollars or her name

Savita goodbye see ya

so please guys check this out and this

is very interesting where you can sell

your photos you know if you're a

photographer why not do you have to

shine you know you have the skill inside

children let it out

you know what Michele elegance SD card

move on taffeta I don't know yet so by

the way guys this stuff is available

pushes App Store at a on App Store so

Marisa can your ratings up stress 4.2 so

guys check this out and do your own

research also you know stop wires Google

app Google Play a simulation for stars

here in Omaha

so next guest is Shutterstock so just

put on your URL submit that and then Netanyahu does

enhancer shutterstock sure your work and

start earning joint shutter stocks

global community of contribute

contributors and earn money doing what

you love

yes how to become a contributor so I can

contribute our eco Yumiko personal

features mode on our videos nice indeed

and pictures have had more videos asthma

among a short videos video clips Kenyan

pidemo evented Ito Sosa bolita is create

so produce high-quality images and

videos of our customers to download

okay the next upbeat upload your content

with our easy to use platform and get

tips for success get paid make money

every time you stir content is

downloaded by one of our worldwide

customers so shutterstock is a very

popular LM not in the hot Sun so I get a

lot email pictures a Google's about

shatters that we wish of a semester but

a download I had Mary Jean Berlin water

work going and then also refer earn even

more by referring you contributors and

customers so happen Comiket aha using

uploading your photo so pornographer

animal are friends more damaging

contributors our customers Tito Makaha

of Modena referral fee you but of course

to your research also but you know what

this is so easy because shutterstock

contributor is very available in Apple

Store allegheny - addressed a

contributor Patricia Google Play Store

Google Play Store Mary Jean almost

five-star almost types of so four five

four point five stars

Google play's a Pastrana money but it

has four point five Dena greetings Tito

so they were super energy


next after the lagoon you know say

you're on your Getty Images that call /

work with us so I trained a novice Chuck

so a Getty Images our mission is to move

the world with images we're here to help

you make your creative mark and bring

move earnings from your photos videos

and illustrations so the Getty Images

brand includes Getty Images and I stab

customers first choice for high quality

imagery major resource available shinola

giggidy to the bus or Apple Store and

Google Play Store you can download it

right now guys so please check this out

I actually I'm actually a member now of

Getty Images and Kane Allen Milan Helen

Miller moon animal you know the Halle

Gatito how do I join it's really easy to

apply download our contributor by Getty

Images app share treats six samples of

your photos video or illustrations video

submission will need to be uploaded

uploaded to YouTube for review will

review your samples and let you know if

you're accepted to either get images or

I start by Getty Images you must be at

least 18 years of age of life

so yeah so actually like a 4006 photo so

I'm just you have to wait five to seven

days by the Millea prove your love the

message very little email for a proper

shower in there so a proper shot yeah

you beginning a best shot near was you

then again in this time but I still AM

photographer which is very expensive

given a resident of photographs or

Milano photo scanning similar

contributors which is so much easier and

smarter also how much can I earn so for

each license a customer purchases

contributors earn a royalty which is

percentage of the price paid by the

customer earning candy per but the more

content you have in your portfolio the

customers need the more opportunities

will have the gate earnings via do your

own research also guys though I'm so

happy that I'm so happy to share this

reduced in I p.m. dot-com

/ so - your photos and then it ended of

us just so yeah license your photos to


with one town I am market as an easy

solution to sell stock photography

enable your I am account to become a

seller and start distributing your work

today start selling your photos so yeah

to upload and sell get reward for your

creativity yo owl you'll always keep

control of your copyright and be able to

choose which photos to submit for

selling so yes same on photos Nina is

now in uploading out Spotify Airbnb and

also get the images also so this are the

most popular then she'd apps where to

sell your photo guys so please start

today now start now no travel so yeah

Sinhala GAE ddong and so earnings

January 23 to eighteen $340 for photos

licensed sold for photos have for $340

Kevin Davis adidas takahashi nicosia I

see him disappear so so dollar sanaka ha

ha for a snappin boggy Tarragona

daughters compared specially bus so near

monitamon amadito perronnette and better

which is very worth it

forever benton attentions through this

app's you know through this website so

repugnant that so this month


$200 daughter $50 for license by n so

make 50% every times yourself so yeah

it's a 50/50 something that in the

Samantha diva so honey bug in the bed

time machine on $10 and involving a

better person $10 so in five dollars SK

I am so depending so make your own

research side become best I want to

share this with you guys so yeah and

make the person every time you sell a

photo can sell again and again to

multiple clients in your pocket the

Handy though so ill and Manu Boumediene

on photos more bagging have hot cainy I

am arrow telegin mother Menominee

petting Boumediene on photos morandini

is on cow so once they paid it you know

copyright and in a also one stand up in

a nudie bar she ever been ER and and

delay on so it's okay at least we're

making money always then always keep

your copyright like a comforting you my

original chambray but they they just

bought it you know vinieron delay also

wait couple after they give me the know

so you choose which photos you want to

sell and retain the copyright to your

work so we get e and more we partnered

up with the world's leading for edge

agencies to get your work seen by more

buyers so it is available for Apple

store they have four point eight three


minimus llamas overall gondola and

there's a Google Play in Amman some

errands in all four point something

PowerPoint or I don't know but this is a

really good app you know because I am

try I already uploaded my 54 o spirit I

you know and in the next video I'm gonna

share with you the last app where I

uploaded 300 photos or 200 photos more

more than that so this is the last

website that I'm gonna show you guys

where you can also download it using the

App Store and Google Play Store so this

is called folk so fo 8 AP calm and sell

again your f o8 e AP calm slash

photographer so yeah so lucky Dada for

creator so that ie photographer so time

to make extra money with your videos and

photos to download for on your iOS and

Android device and then how does it work

so simply upload your videos and photos

and earn money when a brand or agency or

just anyone who finds your work

outstanding purchases a video or picture

from your online full portfolio we share

the profit with you 50/50 so Nina masala

dhaba so wishes dollars fatty on fire

and ito Danielle so take part of the

creative video and photo missions for

brand and win hundreds of dollars for

just one video or picture submitting a

video or picture to one of our missions

it's an easy way to fight to make your

hobby even more for profitable so

messiah economic picture my CI managing

photographer commenting on a picture a

numeral angle so whatever it is somebody

I was gonna go home Akita abbadabba

so like if you're a student so if you're

working just made a picture I didn't

begin the view or if you're on vacation

specially you know so with your family

with your friends so yoga fitness or

anything guys so you can make money from


okay so get it now so wai-wai-wai-wait

Pope is a great way to turn your videos

and pictures into dollars you can spend

on buying better equipment and becoming

even better video and photographer

that's right so if you begin success

here you can buy your own equipment

nothing again I said the buck when we

get back online now mine McGann didn't

forget the oh hey DK the more you do

with just the bus or ground ahead so why

not to try this world so dinner my

samurai by happen I got our alcohol of

star Baja Nevada hardness a break time

girl so pretty nice about hike and I'm

especially - about Eva so height an

Android Gaga meaty meal skills more

homemade skills Caliban adamantium Aaron

so yeah so let's make it happen so okay

right now nothing so yeah don't don't

you - on again guys they had a mess and

I because I know your type ups there and

so and so happy to share it with you so

you know so you can 5 legit ass where

you can solve your photos but advice

condoms and similar professional

photographers who may know my model man

if you post on mixture in a my


Nilla hi LM coming monopod traps and

more than enough silly me a dinner

although fail you my ID so make sure

your anime permission Canada so thank

you for watching guys I'm gonna see you

next time on my next video so make sure

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yeah go go bye for now