How To Sell My Photos Online 2019 - 5 Best Sites for Photographers

everyone it's Eric here with a quick

video on how to sell your photos online

if you're someone like me and you love

travel and photography you may have

thought about in the past how you could

sell some of your snapshots for revenue

and if you're someone who sell who

shares on Instagram maybe get lots of

likes and comments on your photos and

maybe people even asked you oh man do

you sell prints

that's what used to happen to me and I

didn't really know where to start

so what I'm going to share with you in

this video are my 5 top websites for

selling photography and I'm also gonna

connect you with the training on how to

build your own photography site on your

own real estate on your own domain that

gets consistent traffic so you can get

your photos the traffic they deserve get

your photos to the masses and then turn

your passion into revenue so let's jump

into it I'm not going to go into super

detail with each one of these sites so

I'm going to let you take care of that

at your leisure but I will put the links

to all these sites in the video

description if you're watching this on

youtube or if you're watching this from

I work from your laptop comm site you

can see the links of the article so here

we go the very first one is alameen alum

EECOM and alum ii is very very popular

site for selling your photos over 125

million images in their collections so

very very popular photo selling site and

they have one of the highest

Commission's to photographers and 50% of

each photos sold that alone was the

reason I signed up with these guys they

determine the price of your photo once

uploaded and they are non-exclusive

which means you don't have to give them

exclusive rights for your photos you can

sell here you can also sell elsewhere so

alum EECOM they're a really solid one

the second one is shutterstock these guys a lot like

alameen they are very popular available

in 150 countries globally with members

with a hundred and ninety four million

photos in their collection now their

earnings range from 25 cents all the way

up to over $100 depending on the

customers license so while they don't

have high

Commission's per photo that Alameda

they're also non-exclusive so you for

selling it al-amin why not sell here -

why not sell them both that's what I do

and that non-exclusivity is really

really powerful again Shutterstock very

very popular globally the next one that

we want to cover is iStock photo the Commission's on

their photos range from 15% all the way

up to 45% and they're also very popular

because they have a thriving community

forums and the great thing about forums

guys is you can go in there and use that

for inspiration for your own photos I

love going in on something like

Instagram even I love seeing Instagram

why is this so popular because you're

not just sharing your photos you're

seeing other people's photos so don't be

afraid to go in and check out what other

people have because it can really give

you some inspiration and with


they offer both exclusive and

non-exclusive partnerships with the

exclusive partnership royalties ranging

from 22% all the way up to 45% the next one is one I

really really like fine art America

these guys are really sought and what I

love about fine art America is we're now

going into the fine art type photos what

I love about that is when you can turn a

photo into a canvas you know you you're

completely changing what you're seeing

and turning it into your own vision I

absolutely love find out of America calm

for that if you take those types of

photos they offer all kinds of mediums

for you to sell your photography you can

go from framed prints canvas prints

acrylic prints metal prints art prints

posters all the way to putting your art

on throw pillows duvet covers shower

curtains phone cases these guys are

really really solid and what's great is

they take care of all the framing

shipping and selling details that's big

for me because I just want to

concentrate on the photography I let

these guys take care of all the other

details and so way these guys work you

determine the markup on top of their

base price

oh man if you guys haven't seen this

movie totally off I'm subject here this

is a great movie okay let's get back on

the road they offer a markup on top of

their base price so for example if they

have a base price for a 24 by 36 canvas

print at $50 and you set your markup at

$25 then that would mean the buyer would

buy for 75 and you earn 25 so really

really solid solid for fine art

photography fine art and the

last one we want to cover here is

another very very popular one and one

that I really like a lot PhotoShelter

and this is great if you want to sell

your photos on your own site then this

is absolutely for you PhotoShelter it's

an e-commerce platform that integrates

into almost any website or blog and

what's great about that is you have full

control over how your photography is

displayed the photo the platform

includes cloud storage for your photos

some decent search engine optimization

and integrations for sharing over your

favorite social media networks so it

really does cover all your bases and

just like let's fine art America like I

said you have full control over how many

images are displayed and there's no

competitors side by side that your

audience is gonna choose them over you

so because of that fact it's really

important to understand how to build

traffic to your site and so because that

reason I cannot recommend highly enough

my absolute go-to for a training

platform for learning how to build a

website in this case they're going how

to build a website for your photography

and then learning how to get real

traffic consistent traffic to that site

and get your photography the traffic it

deserves I'm going to put a link if

you're watching us on YouTube you can go

to the YouTube video description and you

can create a free account with this

training platform it's a training

platform and community that I'm a part

of that teaches you exactly how to do

this it's very eye-opening spectacular

create a free account with them see take

it for a test drive see if it's for you

and you if you go through my link you'll

actually get me

as a coach but I'll put that link in the

YouTube video description or if you're

watching this from work from your laptop

comm you'll just see it further down in

the article and what I love about being

able to put your photography on your own

real estate is you're not putting it on

someone else's site this is your domain

this is your real estate and you have

full control

now also PhotoShelter allows you you can

see right here that you can they can

help build your website for you where

it's choose from one of our nine website

templates and build your site in minutes

that's a solid option however I tend to

prefer having my own domain and having

myself my pictures that they're mine

right on my real estate so if that's

something that interests you create your

free account with the training platform

that I put the link to in the in the vid

description and you're all set with that

I'd love to help you build your website

that way that's what I've done and when

you have consistent real organic traffic

that's the key turning real revenue

online so there you have it those are

the five sites where you can sell your

photography I want you to be able to now

go out there take lots of pictures and

then jump in with multiple ones of these

go in with these guys that aren't

exclusive alameen of Shutterstock

iStockphoto fine art america

PhotoShelter these are all spectacular

web sites where you can sell your photos

and as always if you have any questions

at all you can leave your question your

comment in the comment section on

youtube or if you're watching this from

my work from your laptop comm site

further down in the comment section tell

me which sites you use tell me if you've

had spectacular success with one over

the other

or hey tell me if you had a horror story

from one of these that I've used and man

that just was a nightmare for you share

it and as always like share comment and

I will see you next time