Selling prints - How to Sell photos online - My workflow

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are you interested in selling your

prints online today I'm gonna give you

my workflow for how I do that

stay tuned what's going on guys so I

haven't really been uploading videos as

much as I'd like for Black Friday I put

a Black Friday sale up on my website for

selling pictures and I got a few orders

and just was busy with that I know when

I was always trying to start out selling

prints online I was always watching

youtube videos and getting money for

information I can help me through it so

I figured I'd kill two birds with one

stone while I finish up my print orders

and make just a video on my print

selling workflow so obviously it all

starts with sharing I always share a

picture on Facebook and Instagram I made

a Facebook page for my photography and I

always link my website in the post which

is where I saw my friends and for my

website itself I use Squarespace it's

not sponsored or anything it's just what

I've been using for the last couple

years and overall it works pretty good I

think for like the e-commerce it's like

300 dollars a year maybe a little less

than that and that gives you the

e-commerce platform so you can celebrate