How To Sell Photos On iStock By Getty Images

well hi this is chase swift again and in

this video I really want to cover a

review of some other photos that someone

submitted to me and they were asking me

would these be good enough for

iStockphoto so we're gonna look at some

of the images on iStockphoto and then

some photos were sent to me via Facebook

now I don't want to be overly critical

but I do want to give you the truth and

I think you'll be able to see that there

is quite a difference so we have some

photos here some of these involved water

drops which I love water drops on I

imagine you do too they're fun to look

at and we also have an interesting shot

here and then we have some roses so I'm

gonna cover all these in comparison with

the iStockphoto

images so let's start with this water

drops on the leaf I'm gonna go over to


and I'm gonna type in water drops on

leaf or leaves let's just do that leaves

okay so just right off the bat there's a

big difference here we're looking at

some very high quality very clean and

very let me leave this interesting they

must have placed maybe this is glycerin

but it's a studying photograph of water

drops even this one we have water drops

and it's kind of light and airy so that

someone could drop a product or some

text okay so many times your image the

background is huge huge you have a great

shot of a water drops here but the

background is killing this photograph

it's just cement or stone in the

background we have some more leaves here

it's great I mean it's okay on the

leaves but the background is is is

killing this image whereas I mean look

at this image right here holy cow

this is a beautiful one I mean that's

really taking this to a whole different

level and just the you notice how we got

rid of the background with white okay or

came in so close that the background

went out of focus or I mean you can see

I think clearly that there is a big

difference between this image and then

the images that we have here are nice

not photo so I just encourage you if you

think you have some good images great

let me look at that

that is amazing okay that's incredible I

don't even know how they did that okay

but as you go through here there's some

great shots of drops on leaves okay but

they have better backgrounds than that

so let's just say that these are pretty

weak and these stalks are torn maybe

there was a storm and I understand that

but we have big sky we have a lot going

on and then we have our drops here so I

think you got to get much closer and

even then the quality of these leaves

are kind of torn and ragged and I don't

I just don't know okay now this image

here really quite hard to tell what's

going on I understand it's very

interesting the moss but this says

nothing to me okay so I just I don't

even know where to go on here we have to

have a point of focus and I realize it's

right here but you know if there were a

diamond ring right here someone may have

lost something maybe there's a concept

of loss or if there was a coin here I

don't know there but we're focused in on

I'm really nothing and this is out of

focus and it's right in the line of

focus and it's just

something's not it's not it's not well

done okay our last one are some images

of roses it's sharp it's in focus the

Rose is a little bit old or

I don't know maybe it's you know it's

just getting a little bit wilted on the

edge here the inside I don't know it

looks okay but it's with a flash and

flash does not make things flattering it

looks harsh

it looks like it's in the middle of the

night I'm not sure why we mean literal

you have to think why are we looking at

roses in the middle of the night also

this rose these roses they're at the top

in the bottom and then a lot of boring

right in the in the middle and again

we're looking at some stone walkway very

bad the background is is killer bad it's

just it's not good at all okay so if we

go over to iStockphoto let's try again

roses okay and let's just do roses and

right off the bat I mean look at the

beauty these each one of these roses is

perfect okay I understand you know

you're not going to always find that but

these photographers went to great detail

to list you know to to lay out in in and

light and or organized in a range even

this is an outdoor shot and it's it's

fading off into the darkness here a

little bit and it's out of focus I would

call this okay but these images up here

are stunning beautiful I mean this one

is right this one could have been

outdoors but it it's just the Roses the

bouquets are close together now let's go

down here a little more this is very

nice and a lot of these images you're

gonna see room for text for placement of

text or images this one is really nice

and fades off into a light pink

background very very nice I really like

this where we have kind of a diagonal

effect and each one of these

rose's is really really nice so you can

see the difference in even these

outdoors he's got a really good rose and

then we don't have a whole lot of sky or

anything like that and there's how to

focus I would like to see this a lot

more out of focus a lot more because

there it's hard to put text or it and an

image in the background this is stunning

this is beautiful

very well done lots of room for text

people will use your images for text

and/or location of an important product

or something like that these are

beautiful isn't that nice and then you

get some nice arrangements here because

again people will place images or text

in the center so when you look at these

you're like my goodness these are

awesome and they're just very well done

when you go back here you're like

there's no way there's no way that in

comparison if this image were with all

these other images there's just no way

the quality is so high even on this if

we zoom in on that we've got great we

can even zoom in more too by the way

great you know focus here and then nice

blurry really remember that earlier

images I wanted to see blurrier this

goes really blurry really fast so that

someone can have a title a magazine

bullet points text images something

dropped in on this image because they're

gonna try and sell something and so

they're gonna use your image to do that

so this in a way gives you I think a

very clear distinction between what is

really good imagery and so the

competition is fierce yes absolutely

you really have to have your game on

you've got to be you know you've got to

look at this and say what can I do much

better much better and so you got to

look at your background so the

background is

crucial you cannot have you know a black

background well-liked it's at middle of

the night because of the flash and you

certainly can't have stone walkways that

are wet on this side this is very dark

so your eye goes there and then you're

just you're like what are we looking at

are we looking you know at roses of

course but they're right at the end of

the spectrum here are the frame so

really challenging so I hope that you

got some good education about

understanding what you know you think is

good I mean obviously the pitar were to

love the water drops that's great but

it's not even close we're gonna have a

point of focus we can't be shooting

things where it looks like it's at night

because of flash and flash is very harsh

makes harsh shadows and really

everything about a rose is soft there

are soft shadows there are not hard

shadows anywhere it's all soft goes off

into different focuses there's a good

arrangement there's a it's very soft and

delicate you're right here very soft and

delicate throughout all these images

they're very soft and delicate when I go

back here it's harsh it's boom we got

shadows it's rough it's cut it's it's

just hard okay

so those are kind of the reasons why I

mean I'm telling you the truth but

you're also seeing it with your eyes as

well you can see there's a big

difference so best of luck with you

trying and doing your best and looking

at what is here and there's tons of

images you could let you know if you got

flowers or rose petals I mean just look

at the complexity and the detail and

just the beauty of these images and

that's what it takes that is what it

takes but you get images like this you

will do well ok these images are they

will do well and they're placed on the

first page there are many more but these

first page images are the top sellers do

you know that

because of where they are okay and back

to the water drops the water drops is I

mean there's incredible detail and

beauty and simplicity and look at the

background look at the background okay

so the background is huge in all of

these and you've got it nailed down your

background actually this one I'm not so

certain that it's as good because these

are sharper and better than this okay

that's my preference I mean I'm kind of

getting it but this one's out of focus

why I don't know if the Darbar is just

shooting focus on one I'll let the other

ones go and there's only one and focus

there are some really much better images

here so anyway those are my thoughts and

ideas you're gonna do water drops look

at the competition I mean it's just

that's that's a leap that is just

beautiful that's amazing here we go this

is awesome again I'm the background is

not so great I I'll be honest I don't

like this one as much do you I don't I

like when it the background is really

out of focus so we can focus in on the

water drops purity and cleanliness and

just fresh that's what this is the

concept is all about and not so wild

about that but you know things like this

much better

we got one drop fades off into

out-of-focus one drop one drop fades

into a nice background simple nicely


beautiful amazing I don't even know how

they do that so these I mean this that

is stunning that is really cool so if

someone that's that's gonna grab so much

attention and they'll use that

photograph over and over and over and

over over again so hope this helps and

just come into iStockphoto

and just go to photos and type in what

you're what you're photographing and

look at the competition I think you'll

see that you got to be on your game you

have to have some really good

photographs and a lot of times it's the

background that makes your photo

this is chase wet I hope you enjoyed it

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