How To Sell Photos On iStock By Getty Images

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well hi this is chase swift again and in

this video I really want to cover a

review of some other photos that someone

submitted to me and they were asking me

would these be good enough for

iStockphoto so we're gonna look at some

of the images on iStockphoto and then

some photos were sent to me via Facebook

now I don't want to be overly critical

but I do want to give you the truth and

I think you'll be able to see that there

is quite a difference so we have some

photos here some of these involved water

drops which I love water drops on I

imagine you do too they're fun to look

at and we also have an interesting shot

here and then we have some roses so I'm

gonna cover all these in comparison with

the iStockphoto

images so let's start with this water

drops on the leaf I'm gonna go over to


and I'm gonna type in water drops on

leaf or leaves let's just do that leaves

okay so just right off the bat there's a

big difference here we're looking at

some very high quality very clean and

very let me leave this interesting they

must have placed maybe this is glycerin

but it's a studying photograph of water