Make $100 Per Day On FLICKR Without Posting Photos

What is all these money doing? It's because I'm teaching you how to make $100 a day. This

is a free traffic video. $100 a day on the biggest photo-sharing site in the world. Or

second biggest. Not posting photos. And just to give you and idea of how many people used

this site which I'm about to show you. 87 million people use this photo-sharing site.

That is the entire population of Germany. Just to give you an idea. It's the entire

population of France and Spain combined. Okay? So, that is 87 million people using this photo-sharing

site. And I'm going to be showing you 4 ways exactly step by step how to get this money.

So, number 1, you're going to join. You're going to have to join. Apply to some places

to get your links companies that will pay you money. Number 2 is you're going to have

your links. Number 3 is you're going to have to post them. I'm going to show you how to

post them and where to post them and what to write when you do, okay? Then you just

get a check. You get a check in the mail or you get a wire to your bank account when you

make sales. Again, results do not guarantee. You know you have to get sales doing this.

Nobody is just giving you free money. Obama was trying to do that. And that's it. So,

it's going to be very easy. It works worldwide no matter what country you're in, you can

make this work. No matter what age you are. If you are 13 years old, I don't want to see

you whinny butt posting in my comments and saying, "This aren't for 12-year old?" It

does. let's get into the video. We're going to go over this on my computer right now.

Let's do it. Once again, we're going over how to make $100 a day on FLICKR. Which is

the largest photo-sharing sites in the world without posting any photos. And that may seem

weird. Because we're talking about photo-sharing site that 87 million people per month use.

How do you make money without posting photos? Doesn't seem like it make sense. Now, this

is what FLICKR looks like. But you're not going to be placing ads either. This is nothing

to do with advertising. Also this video has nothing to do with e-commerce. And it doesn't

require you to spend any money on software or anything else. What this video requires

to do is simply post links and make money. Now, the only method you can actually just

post links and make money without providing any customer support without having a business

or a business address or any of that stuff. There's just so much stuff that involved running

a business. You don't want to do that. So, you don't have to do that. You don't even

need to register a website. In fact, what you're going to do is you're going to sign

up for affiliate networks. And I have a couple of different affiliate networks here. And

I'm not going to go too deep into them. But Click funnel's affiliate program is really

great. All these links are in the description. By the way, stay at the end of the video and

I'm going to give you literally... I'm going to show you how to access templates to do

each of specific steps that I'm going through. So, you're don't even have to write anything

yourself. Now, I'm going to suggest you modify my text. But you can literally do this method

--copy, paste. And I will give you the file. I will shout it out. Don't just skip to the

end of the video and try to skip back. I see you're trying to do that. I'm going to tell

you the file where you can find that and then you can just copy paste the text. But you

won't understand how to do that if you skip ahead. So, click funnel's affiliate program

will buy a dream car for you. So, I suggest you try signing up for this program, okay?

Sign up. Link is in the description. Super Affiliate Network is a great affiliate network

which I 100% suggest you sign up for. They have great training. They have great events.

Lot's of average people making money from around the world. This program is absolutely

fantastic. Max web, another affiliate network. Digital product affiliate network, DigiStore.

But the affiliate network we're going to be focused on is So, you see that

right there . And you know, you just sign up to create an account. And then, once you

created an account, you're going to click on this link right here which is the affiliate

market place. Now, what we'll do is I'm going to zoom through this but you'll want to scroll

down and you'll want to go to E-business and e-marketing. And you're going to select this

product right here. Okay? So, this is the second top product right now. It should be

one of the top products. It's my product. You will make $500 from promoting this. That's

the average amount of money you make as a commission from helping sell my product. Now,

my product cost about $1,000. That's 500 for me, 500 for you. Fair? 50/50. We're business

partners. Now, give me a like. Get that notification bell for the number 1 money channel on YouTube.

I'm not here selling you courses. I'm no there selling you anything. What I am here trying

to do is I want us both to make money together. Our incentives are align unlike those other

channels which trying to get view time or watchtime. Keep in mind, I only want you here

on this channel if you are committed to being... And taking action. And being an affiliate

marketer. If you're not interested in that, make sure you unsubscribe because I want us

to both make money together. I want my wolf pack. You don't like views on things. You

don't like my use of language or whatever? Please, leave. I don't want you on the channel.

I want us making money. So, let's go into this. Okay. So, click promote and right there,

that button. See? Click promote. I'll just show you again. Promote. And we're going to

click promote and once you sign up. you'll get an account nickname and you'll enter it

right there. And I'm just going to type in... We're going to type in FLICKR, okay? I'm just

going to use the default link. Ignore all these gobli-gook and we will just click "generate

hop links" right there. Feel free to pause and go back in this video if I'm going to

fast. And actually let me know in the comments. Am I going to fast? Or Am I going to slow?

Let me know in the comments. Just say "Too fast" Or "Too slow". I'm interested where

it ends up. I think it's going to be 50/50. But I'm interested to see what happens for

you guys. Okay. So, then we're going to copy this link or I will click right there to copy

the link. And I'm going to put that in the notepad right there. And then I'm going to

grab. I'm going to go to, okay? And I'm going to post my link in right here.

I click "Shortened" and then I copy that and I throw it back to my in my notepad to I have

it. Because we're going to come back and we're going to use this link later. Let's move on

wards. Okay the next thing we're going to do is I am going to refer to my template right

here. This template file, I will tell you where to access it by the end of the video.

But just know that you are going to receive this at the end of the video so that you can

copy and paste this too. Now, how do these file works is I have a number of free traffic

methods up here. They correspond the different videos of mine on my channel. Now, if you

want to watch some of these other videos on free traffic methods of ways you can get your

affiliate link out there and start making money, check out free traffic method playlist.

I'll have my Filipino people put it somewhere around here. And it'll take us down to the

FLICKR area. Now, once again, 87 million users. 3.5 million images are uploaded daily. And

host over 6 billion images. So, there's a lot of people using this site. This is one

of the top sites on the internet. You may not have heard of it but that's because less

than 1% of people in the world have. There's 7 billion people in the world. The point is

1% of people in the world use it which is still a lot of people and you can make a lot

of money. All you need to make $500 a day is one sale a week. Just think about that.

1 customer per week. You can do that. And I'm going to show you how. So, we go over

here to FLICKR. And you will want to register for an account or whatnot. So, here we can

go and we can see a lot of top trending photos. Let's just say we see... This got 5 million

views. This image. And 362 comments. This photo got 370 comments. 5 million views. This

photo got 4 million views. This photo got 300 thousand views. So, some of the photos

are getting a lot of views and a lot of comments. Now, here's where we come in. We're going

to use FLICKR to actually... We're going to go right here to the comments section. We

want to do out reached people. We want people to see our messages. We want to share our

link with people. Now, we have a few advantages here. Now, we can see these people right here

... And just let's click view all comments on the photo page right there. We're going

to click that. We see hundreds of hundreds of comments. Now, what I'm going to do is

I'm going to ad every single person here with a western-sounding name because western people

generally have more money. You know, in English... Stephanie Pearl, Aaron Aardvark, Jerry Jacques,

Stephan, Billy Waterkill. You know, I'm just adding a number of people. If they have a

pro account, I'm going to add it. So, here we are on FLICKR. And you can see... Some

of these photos get a lot of views. We're looking right here. Let's zoom in a little

bit. We see this photo has gotten 6 million views right there. 200 comments. We see this

photo. 6.5 million views. Almost 1,000 comments. A little bot and a goose. Ain't that sweet?

And see this photo right here. 6 million views. Hundreds of comments. Now, what we're going

to do is this is where we come in. And we're going to go right to that comment section

right there. And what we're going to do is we're going to go to my message scripts. And

we see comment scripts. I'm just going to say, "Examples". Because frankly, the opportunity

for you to get good as a marketer. And for you to really succeed and have more success

is not to copy these direct link but to modify them and test out different scripts. Use different

link. Bitly links with different scripts so you can see which scripts work the best. And

the way you can do that is when you click promote, you can say, "FLICKR script 1" or

2 or 3 or 4 or 5. And create different links around each of those different scripts that

you use. And figure out which one is the best reaction. Now, that's going in to the analytics.

And split testing is a little too deep for this video. So, I'm not going to go any further

into that. But you can figure that out yourself. And that's the way we take things to the next

level. Okay. So, here we opened up a comment area. We're going to go to our proven scripts.

And I'm going to say, "Start Earning From $200 per day." I'm going to go here and we're

going to paste it in. And what we're going to do is... This place where it says "link",

this is where we replace it with our link. Okay? So, I'm going to copy this. I'm going

to place this with our link. I'm just going to copy this whole script. And there we go.

So, as you see. Boom! We have our comment. It's on there. The next people that come on

this photo are going to see it. And once again, remember, 6 million people have viewed this

photo. So, it's almost kind of crazy. We're going to get in front of a lot of people.

And you can do this for every single photo. This photo, 5 and a half million views, 500

comments. This is how you get your affiliate links out there. Comment, post our link and

we have to wait a second for to go to space and back. Boom! There we go. It's on again.

We can do this all day. Do this as much as you can. Get your photos out there. But I'm

going to show you one more method which is a bit more effective to make large amounts

of money from FLICKR. And it's almost guaranteed to get seen by everyone that you send it to.

You link is going to be sent to them 3 different ways. Now, if you're seeing the money, type

in photo money right down below. Okay? Type in "Photo Money" in the comments. If you are

seeing the light. If your mind is blown, type in "Mind blown". But this is easy stuff. Easy

ways to make money. And once again, if you're looking for ways to free traffic methods,

I go over a lot of this on the channel. So, make sure to subscribe. Make sure to join

my money club after you subscribe. You can join my money club. Hit the notification bell.

Because we're going over the stuff all day everyday. And I want you to be successful.

And even share this on your Facebook page. You know, I invite you to share this on your

social media profiles. If you are excited and seen these free ways to make money online.

And again, the reason this is the number 1 money channel on YouTube is because we're

working together. You make money, I make money. And we both benefit. So, let's check this

out. For this, I'm going to go to photo with a bit more comments. We see 500 comments.

We're going to click on this. And I am going to go right here where it says "view all comments

on the photo page", okay? We see beautiful photo. I mean that's amazing. That's actually

really gorgeous. We're going to go down here and we see that a lot of people are posting.

So, what I'm going to focus on is I'm going to focus on only the people we're going to

messages. And I'm only focusing on people that say "pro" right here, okay? So, all the

people that say "pro". Now, this account was deleted. But I'm just going to open this up,

open a new tab. See? I'm doing open in new tab right there. Or you could click the control

button. You could click control. Click control. Click control. Click control. Click control.

I'm going to hit up everybody who has a pro account. Now, you might be wondering, "John,

why are you adding everybody who has a pro account?" Now, this is part of what's called

targeting, alright? So, there's 87 million people on this website. But I only want to

go after people have the most money because I want to sell products to them. I want to

go after people who have money. And any body who has pro account, it means their spending

at least, like $5 a month. So, it means they have money. It means they have a credit card.

And usually it also means that they are a photographers. Because pro account, you're

usually hosting photos on FLICKR. So, we know a few things about them. They have money,

they have a credit card and they're photographer. Now, let's go on the next step. But I want

you to understand because we're selling products. So, we want to link. We know they have money

and we know they have credit cards. So, we're going to link photography and what we're selling

to them. I'll show you. It'll make sense in the next step. Okay, so here's where the magic

happens. Now, when you have access to this file, what you want to go to is you'll want

to go to this area that says "Direct message script", okay? And we're going to copy this

right here and we're going to click copy. Then we're going to go to these people that

we added on FLICKR. Now, you notice this person Unintended_Keith has a pro account and he

has s number of photos. So, what we're going to say is we're going to comment on his photo

of the king fisher, okay? See? Now, we're going to send him a message. So, what we do

is we want to click this button right here. And we're just going say, "King Fisher." And

we're going to paste this. We'll just say, "Hey, Keith." So, we just type his name because

we know he's Keith. And we say, "I really like this photo especially King Fisher one.

I was wondering if you're monetizing it." I could say or created some sort of business

around it. And I say, "Went to this online training recently and noticed a lot of photographers

seem to be having success with it.| So again, we're linking photographers with the product

we're trying to sell. I made a lot of money with it. But maybe it would help you out the

good stuff that about the hour mark. It says, "Link". So, the things in the brackets are

what you want to replace. So, we're going to copy and paste our link and post it right

there. We're going to copy this because I'm going to send this to everybody. Or I'm going

to actually going to change some of this and click... We click "Send this". And boom! It

says, our message has been sent. Now, this works for a number of reasons. They're using

FLICKR a lot. You see them, they're active. They're going to see this next time they're

on FLICKR. If they have the FLICKR app on their phone, they're going to get a notification.

And they're going to see the FLICKR thing in their email. So, FLICKR will send them

an email saying "Somebody has sent you a a message." All of these things, they're going

to get hit 3 ways. And you can do this as many times as you possibly can. They maybe

limited, I don't know. Somebody finds a limit of how many message you can send a day, let

me know in the comments. But this works. This is easy. This is fast. And if you understand

the marketing psychology here, which I don't have time to explain. Actually I suggest you

check out my copywriting playlist. About the Art Of Copywriting. I'll have my people link

to it somewhere here if you want to learn more about copywriting. But everything about

how we're targeting people, our messaging and how we're linking a product with our message

is congruent throughout. So, you can do this. Do this as many times as possible. If you're

committed to doing this, type in "photo money". Type in "Photo Money" in the comments below.

Just keep committed and put this in actions the way you can make money. Go out there.

There's thousands and thousands and thousands and tens of thousands and perhaps even hundreds

of thousands of people that have pro accounts. But you can message really anybody on FLICKR

with this sort of messaging. Oh! Before I get to it, let me show you where the resources

is. So, you want to go to, okay? And the link will also be in the description.

This is where you will get the message templates. Okay, And put that

into action and then you can start doing it. Go out there. Make some money. Looking forward

to seeing your success. And post about it. When you get success... When you get your

first commission, type it in the comments below. I love seeing people get success. We

have a ton of people making a lot of money. So, look forward to talking to you soon. Probably

tomorrow. Have a good day. Like, subscribe, comment. See you.