Selling Photographs on Facebook Page

so this week I want to go ahead and show you how you guys can sell your

photographs directly from Facebook and I do have a lot of really good information

on this one and get you guys all set up so if this is might be a little bit

longer video but it's very critical information too so just real quick

go back to YouTube so a couple weeks back we started on I showed you on how

to create a Facebook photography page so I went through the steps on getting that

all set up for you guys and hopefully you were able to get it created without

too many issues and then last week I went and gave you kind of a really good

inside look on how to grow that photography page and not have to pay any

money doing so so I purposely put all the critical information on how to do

that on the second half of this video and I did that on purpose because I

really wanted to target the people that are truly serious on making money on

photography and I know the by going on the second half of the video I was able

to filter out the people that are kind of fly-by-night errs and they pretty

much hog a lot of noise in the space there so anyways if you are truly

serious on growing your Facebook page like I said I left all the critical

information on the second half of this video a little secret for you there so

let's go ahead and get started and one of the things we want to do first is get

you guys set up on a free account is 100% free up to 25 photographs and this

is the one I use all the time because we want to kind of create a photography

website page for you guys and the one I like to use is this is

formerly fine art America but they have now expanded all over the world so

depending on where you're at in the world you should have no problem signing

up with and once again this is a free account up to 25 photographs

and all you need to do is come up here and just click join and this is where

you have a option of being a artist or photograph if you actually have your own

studio maybe you want to do the gallery setup and this is just for your typical

buyers that come to this website so once you are signed in so let me go ahead and

sign in real quick and once you do have an account setup all you do is kind of

hover over the sign in and you want to come down to us as artists photographers

and then we go ahead and login okay so the first thing I want to do is we're

gonna go hover over your name that you have created for the website page here

and we're gonna go to behind-the-scenes now once on behind-the-scenes just go to

artwork now on this page you want to do is start uploading images of your

artwork that'll eventually show up down here so all you need to do is just click

on upload image and you could just choose a file just pick a picture that

you would like to upload so it's gonna take a little time to just upload

multiple images and you want to definitely add your keywords and

everything so this is just a really basic quick video I'm just getting you

started there's a bit more entailed which I'll probably need to do on future

videos so okay now we want to do is go back let

me go back behind the scenes the next thing we want to do is we're gonna

scroll down oh yeah and I do want to make a quick note one advantage of the

premium service and it's only $30 a year which is ultra cheap and it more that

pays for itself with the sales so I really have no problem doing that and it

does create your own URL website too so that is one advantage of it plus it

tends to put you higher in the rankings when your actual yearly subscription so

I usually get a lot more sales just by paying the 30 bucks a year then going

with the free so what I want to do here is we're going to go to on

marketing we're gonna go to discount codes just click that and we want to do

ahead go ahead and create a new code so this is kind of like a little promotion

thing we're gonna run here so here you have percentage options or if you click

on it you can just do a dollar amount that people get for each discounts but

I'm gonna stick with percentage okay under discount amount you could just put

whatever number but I'm gonna go ahead and add 25 percent and then right here

under number available you could do unlimited this is the unlimited amount

of sales or if you want to say limit to say only ten people are allowed to get

this at 25 percent off you do have that option just by picking a number from 1

through 99 but I'm just go ahead and just keep it at unlimited your start

date could be today's date or something in a week and then expiration date we

want to go ahead and we could just add whatever you'd like but I'll just keep

this on the same for now and then all you got to do is hit submit now what

this does is it actually creates a discount code which is right here so we

want to keep that in mind we're gonna come back to this here in a minute so

now let's go I'm gonna hover back over my name I'm a gold behind-the-scenes I'm

gonna go to artwork now this is your artwork should show up now on everything

you upload it so let me just kind of scroll through real quick here and just

pick a random picture here so I like the shot so let me click on it now it's

gonna take you to the page this actual page so this is the page what somebody

clicks under a link it's gonna show up looking just like this and what's cool

too about this website they got all kinds of wall art home decor or

accessories greeting cards phone cases and apparel so all kinds of different

ways of selling your photographs here so what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna scroll

down to the right side here this is really critical and we want to go to

where it says embed I'm gonna click on that once I'm gonna so it highlights it

I'm gonna right click and hit copy we want to copy this embed code so now

let's go to Facebook okay so I want to do is go ahead and promote

this particular photograph on my Facebook page but I'm gonna go ahead and

go to my test page I made a couple days back so let me just go ahead and go to

my photography test page so right here where you normally would write something

we're gonna left-click just so we'd get it going we're gonna right-click and

we're gonna hit paste okay once you paste your URL here we're gonna do is

we're gonna write something above this URL so what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna

just kind of click in front of the URL that the return key a couple times and

then you could write something like this week twenty five percent off all orders

so we're trying to do a little promotion then we could put in a type discount

code and let's go get that discount code we just created so let's go back to

pixels comm which is on this page I'm going to go back to behind the scenes

I'm gonna go down to the discount code right here and then I want to do is

highlight this discount code so I'm gonna highlight right click copy so now

let's go back here I want to paste that code right here and then behind out all

right at checkout

so real briefly this week's 25% off all orders type discount code and then I got

discount code at checkout and then you could write whatever you want this is

just strictly for example and once you got everything that looks good you can

go ahead and hit publish ok now this just published so somebody's coming down

and they see your little advertisement here they can actually just click on it

you know actually take them right to the page where they can go

ahead and purchase this or it'll also show more photos below here that they

can click on and possibly purchase that way now there's one last quick trick I

want to show you you may want to do is say run this promotion for one week at a

time or something you can always change up these photographs so what I'll do a

lot of times is you could do is just click up here it shows the little arrow

and you want to do is pin to the top of page now what this does is the matter

what you post on your page this is always going to be on the top so the

hope is if you follow the instructions on the previous video when you're out

sharing your photographs and the idea behind that is somebody likes your

photograph that nature around and share it to their page where all their friends

see it and then they click on it come to your photography page here and the hopes

is they'd like your page from the photographs you posted and then they're

also gonna see right on the very tippy top here they can say off what's this

and they can actually click and it'll take them to your personal website set

up so this is just a really basic brief way of showing you guys how to get set

up and sell your photographs and this is such a cool way of doing it because

number one you don't have to worry about the printing you don't have to worry

about the shipping you don't have to worry about the returns basically all

you're worried about is traffic and getting that traffic to the website

which you have created for free so I hope this video helped you out share

this video with people you think this could benefit and we'll catch you guys

on the next video you guys have yourself a really good day

and keep selling those photographs there