Dreamstime review and upload guide. Stock Photography Episode 18

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dreams or dreams time is one of

those agencies where you can sell your

photos online and start making money yes

it is a stock photography website just

like shutterstock I stuck under we stock

and others

now dream stem is very famous and

arguably it is one of the top ten stock

photography industries were as a

beginner one should sign up and start

contributing now I must tell you anytime

viewing the video you may pause it and

you will find the left link of

Greenstein in the video description for

those who have been following this

channel and for those who are new here

you should know that I'm building one of

the most detailed guides on how to sell

your images online so if you are

interested in selling your images online

and start making money please do

consider subscribing now you must have

heard about dream Stein quite a number

of times from me you have heard it in my

stock photography earning umpteen videos

as well as in the top 10 apps for stock

photography you know there are variety

of previous regarding dream streaming

various websites but in this video I'll

give you my personal opinion and my

personal review and believe it or not I

have got 19 sales on dreams time in a

single day and I'll show you three very

soon and I would like to add that the

photos that were rejected on other

websites even each shutter stock has

been approved and have been sold in

rings time since this is a review as

well as guide and tutorial video let's

go to the computer and I will show you

how to upload in Greenstein guys we are

now at the next up interface of Dreams this is the interface that will

be getting up to your blog being using

my referral link right now here are all

the recent images that have been assault

in my account and if I go into total

sales you can see all the images with

the descriptions that have been listed

here right you can scroll down on let us

go back now first of all I will tell you

this is my total number of sell that is

just about 37

dollars and this is their upload

interface well you can simply click

upload once you get your contributor

account registered this you this is the

upload page where you will be directed

you can upload a single file just by

clicking here or by dragging and

dropping over here and you can also

upload in a batch a lot of files

together with using the FTP or the File

Transfer Protocol so these are the FTP

instructions have open for you in the

next page these are actually very simple

even anyone can figure this out you just

need to follow the steps these are very

self-explanatory I have done it I used

usually upload using X Peaks and I have

already told you in my previous video

regarding the keywords the mastering

keywords video which is over here how to

use X Peaks and how to use it as an FTP

client anyway today I will show you both

first of all I will click here and

select image which I have kept it for

you guys it is an image of an onion okay

I took it from the supermarket so we

clicked it here and let's wait till it

is uploaded the entire speed is actually

quite slow over here so please bear with


you saw I configured the FTP client

settings in my expects anyway so let's

wait it to load fully when it is loaded

fully it will we can go to continue to

unfinished and then it will show up in

the unfinished it will take some time to

process and if you refresh it

we will get the actual file which will

be ready to upload now let us show you

in the using the expects you see I have

already typed out the keywords and the

title and the description using expects

I have just mentioned it's a heap of

onions for sale in a supermarket and I

will just pick off all the other

agencies because I actually use expects

to upload simultaneously in all the

agencies but we uploading in dreams time

only so let us do it and it is done soft

it is done we can see when you go into

the page and we refresh we see the image

has appeared in unfinished there we can

upload it now now there option between

commercial and a tutorial if you want to

know all about editorial I have a

special video for that separate video

and for all purpose this is not a

notoriously MIDI right this is a

commercial image so we will click on

commercial and let's see you see I

already did the keyboarding in the

description and the title thing so it is

already there now another option you see

it says e masters program if you use

their service for keyboarding they are

claiming it has a revenue of around 140

percent hike so it is actually

recommended for those who are having

very high sales and who don't have time

at all to give keywords but as a

beginner I think you will have enough

time if you are doing it as a part-time

job so I will not recommend you I will

recommend you to click take this off

personally I don't use it all also so

I'll take off i'll simply


categorize the image you have i already

added the keywords right so now this is

a food right food and vegetable so i

already know i am well acquainted with

the classification over here you might

take you some time so i will give nature

food ingredient industries food and

beverage and the next one i will do is

objects home related so these are more

or less the three most relevant

information that describes this image

right and then next I will click is

submit as soon as I click Submit my job

is done so this is how you upload one

single image you can upload you can do

this process over and over again if you

have multiple images and that's it this

is more or less the way now if you have

one image that has a identifiable

modular property

see these are the images that have been

I haven't gone to rejected image this

right these are the images that have

been rejected previously and the

rejection criterias are shown I don't

want to show you this okay this is

depressing so let's go back from here

but nevertheless I just want to show you

that road is not smooth okay my a lot of

- of me are rejected is rejected anyway

we can upload we can go to this menu and

well you see there is a area called M

our library so this M our library is the

area model release library well you need

to upload model is a separate receipt

this is the menu where you need to give

the name first name last name gender

photo of the model released these are

few model releases that I have already

uploaded previously that I used for

various name and property related

photographs so this is it this is the

procedure of how to upload in dreams

time have a web browser and how to

upload model release and just by simply

going into the home page you can get an

idea about the best-selling images

pending images you can have idea about

what to click and what not so I wish you

good luck guys

see ya now that you know how to upload

in dream stream using the web browser on

your desktop or laptop let's go to the

mobile app and show you how to do it in

your mobile you need to open the Play

Store or App Store and type dreams time

and this is the app that will pop jeans

time sell your photos you need to

download this app and I've already

downloaded it so I will click open as

you click open you can see the earnings

the total sales are the number of sales

and the total revenue you see these are

my sales these are all the sales I have


in comes time and you can see the file

has already been accepted as the five

minutes back dreams time has a very good

acceptance rate nowadays you can see the

photo of the onion is listed absolutely

at the top I just did it now right you

can use this app directly to upload you

see when I click upload you can go into

your phone gallery or any picture that

you intend to upload you can select that

image and you can do the similar things

if you have the keywords and the title

everything is set already you can just

click the image and set upload I don't

have keywords selected from yourself

actually not opportunities I will just

show you I'll simply show you the

categorization you can select the first

category of course this will be nature

will be a drop-down list from where you

can select seee or nature HX down right

right nature and in nature of course it

will be mountains right so this is

nature mountains so you can save the

category then you can add the keyboard

title and the description and then you

can click upload of course I have this

image is not face there are many

artifacts you can even add model release

from the app you see there are the model

releases that I have uploaded previously

it's not needed in this landscape photo

there is no need of a model release but

I am just showing you it can be done

right so this is how you need to use

that the app will appear in the pending

of course I will cancel it now because

of course you only this will get

rejected so I'll click cancel from here

but you get the point

this is the app which makes everything

available at your palm and you can

upload similarly from here as you did in

the web browser see ya so guys what are

you waiting for check the video

description to find the referral link to

sign up your account for drinks time do

sign up and start contributing and your

photos will start selling in no time no

matter what they tell you I can

guarantee you from my personal

experience that dreams time is active

and selling event today I have a lot of

hopes from dreams time and I will

certainly feature its earning in my

future earning a bit

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