How To Make Money Selling Feet Pics

alright hey guys I'm in the car right

now I'm gonna be here for a minute so I

just thought I'd film this video for you

because I wrote a bunch of things down

on this notebook just some points and

like tips to give you guys on this topic

I should probably say the topic um today

I'm telling y'all how to self eat pigs

do you try this snap whatever you want

to do because I get so many messages on

my social media like hey I watched your

videos you should want to do this and

it's like it happened so much that it's

hard to like give individuals points and

stuff like that so I just wanted to put

this video out with specific tips and

tricks on how to sell your feet pictures

or whatever pictures one or so alright

so as you guys know like going into this

I had no idea how to do this um like

I've seen people on like spam community

do it but they never really wanted to

tell you their tips and tricks they

wanted to sell them to you for $10 and I

was not about to buy tips on how to sell

seat pictures so I kind of figured out

on my own you know the first time I made

money was from doing nothing the guy

just sent me money out of nowhere so I

decided to like create something out of

this and along the way I came up with

some of my key items that will help you

be successful so the first thing I have

written down our pic your like and used

whatever it is whether it's feet

pictures whether it's like nudes like if

you're out there enough [ __ ] sell your

nudes you make Bank I hope you know that

um or if you want to be more discreet

just tell your feet pics so you just

want to pick what you're like basis

these I don't really know what to call

it and go off of that and then you want

to choose like which payment methods

you're gonna take um whether it be cash

shot venmo

I don't really recommend PayPal because

it's so easy for people to get refunds

and stuff like that so use PayPal if you

want to but I don't recommend it

what else is there there's L I don't

recommend L either because they need

like your phone number or your email to

send you money

and I don't want to give you my real

information because that's like yeah

what I'm doing is kind of illegal but um

yeah I pick your payment method some

people do this and they don't really

have like a card I recommend having a

debit card something that you can

deposit your money onto cuz okay cool

you're making Bank but where you don't

put the money when you need it so um

yeah I recommend picking the payment

methods you're going to take and then

you want to create like a menu of what

you offer and the prices so I just use

the Notes app or font oh I'm fond to you

there's like a cute little menu price

list and go from there or you can just

make in your notes so basically just

have like a diagram form or like a list

form list what you have like one foot

picture five dollars five feet pictures

ten 15 feet pictures twenty five like

just come up with your prices come up

with what you can get for that price and

put it on you know paper virtual paper


create your price list um whatever

you're gonna offer and just go down the

list how much it is um

and yeah that's your priceless actually

payment method you got your base next

you want to choose which apps you are

going to use um I recommend kick it's

kind of a hit or miss with cake

sometimes with finding buyers and stuff

like that but there are a lot of buyers

on kik and you can find specific groups

dedicated to buyers as opposed to going

on social media and finding like one or


so go on kik go to the public groups um

and where you have like the hashtag

search what you're looking for like feet


um feat picture buyers search buyers so

picks first I mean search picks for sale

stuff like that

like different groups will come up um

you can join them they'll most likely

kick you out and ask you to verify

outside of the chat and I also recommend

using your own face for your

advertisements because when you're using

another person on kik before they buy

something they're often going to ask you

to verify that's your legit and they're

gonna tell you to use the kik camera and

the kik camera you can tell whether it

was taken from the kik camera or just

something from your photo gallery and

when it's taken from the cake camera it

kind of just verifies that you're real

legit you're not catfishing so I

recommend using your own face for

whatever you're doing even if you're

selling fake pictures use your face um

but everything else can be fake [ __ ]

you fake pictures use a fake name it

does not matter but I recommend using

your face because it's easier to like

have more buyers um ready a lot of

people ask me how to use reddit um you

have to like nitpick with the app at

first it's automatically going to be um

restricting adult content so you have to

go on a desktop and go to Reddit just go

to the desktop version on your phone go

to read a log into your account and go

to settings and like I don't know

exactly what it says but just eggs out

the you know censorship I have

everything and then you can see the real

raw groups cover ready and then once you

do that just search like private snap

groups or feet pix groups and they're

all gonna say NSFW in front of it and

that's when you know like you found like

a group that you can potentially make

money from um with the red egg if you're

selling your feed pictures to post a

picture of your feet don't really say

selling feet pictures because you can

get banned for stuff like that but just

post a foot picture and then people will

message you and you can go from there

and like tell them oh I'm selling a few

pictures for such and such likes tell

them yourself because I'm private but

don't post it publicly in the groups

other apps if you're doing like a

private snap

I recommend pot like advertising it on

apps like um

OkCupid plenty of fish those two it's

kind of harder to get blocked from um

just say hey guys I'm not usually

checking this app but you can find me on

my snap and put your snapchat in the bio

and then a lot of people will add you

and stuff like that and then you just

advertise on your private snap story

like hey selling pictures of it


add me is an app where you create a

profile you put your like age your name

stuff like that and you link all your

social medias like you can link your kik

account you can link your snapchat

account or Instagram account so like

that so just make that account link your

kik link your private snap and people

will add you from there and you can also

put like interests on that app so like

just put hashtag money

hashtag private snap hashtag feat pick

stuff like that

I like it'll find people with the same

interest and they'll add you on those

social medias um you can advertise on

tinder be like hey guys I'm not on here

add me on snap on tinder but I don't

choose today just because it has to be

your current location a where you

literally are and it'll have like a

bunch of locals finding it but with the

apps that I mentioned you can choose

other locations like you can be living

in Maryland and put that you're living

in San Diego California and nobody is

going to think otherwise they're going

to think you're in San Diego so that's

why I recommend those other apps um and

yeah I like use your face create your

menus oh also don't start off with some

crazy ass prices like $20 for a foot

picture because you're not going to have

any customers um five dollars for one

foot picture is good

like five dollars for two pictures is

good just because you're just some

random person selling pictures of your

feet like you're not like a celebrity or

something so they're not gonna pay

outrageous prices for this thing but

once you send them on they might ask for

two more and then you made $10 you know

so usually have like lower prices

because it's I don't know it's like

lower prices bringing more customers

when you have higher prices you might

have a few customers but not too many

and you won't be making that much money

but if you have lower prices it'll

attract more people because you know

it's pocket change

so yeah just just like that um and

that's basically a as you go along and

do this on your own you're going to find

what works for you and like find

different methods of making money but

those are like the old like the basic

standard tips that will help you get

somewhere um and yeah I wish the best of

luck to all you [ __ ] I hope you make

Bank from now on and yeah I just want to

read this video because I get a lot of

messages asking how to do it and it's

fairly easy so I just thought why not

just film all the tips and tricks in one

video and post it so yeah you guys have

any other videos you want me to make let

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