hey guys what's up so right now I was

editing the video my mom came in and

guess like hey yes yes yes Google

Adsense the verification code this means

is getting real that means that I'm

going to be receiving my very first

check and I've been accumulating I have

like the the amount is increasing

like every day and I'm so proud of

myself because I remember when I had one

penny one penny in my adsense account so

I'm very proud of myself

you guys I can't wait to tell you guys

what my first YouTube check is and it

could be literally five dollars and I

would have been so happy with that

obviously it is going to be more than

that but I wouldn't have been able to

get here and even make anything without

you guys so I thought I'd show this very

special mommy with you guys and you know

continue watching for the rest of the



hey guys what's up and welcome back to

my channel if you guys are new here make

sure make sure you guys hit subscribe if

you guys aren't doing it the vibes

anyways today I am going to be

explaining to you guys how to make money

selling beat picks

this video was a highly highly requested

on my Instagram story so you'll ask for

it so I'm giving it to you guys I'm

giving y'all the T I'm gonna show you

guys how to make another source of

income yeah now I do want to warn you

guys this may or may not work for you it

just depends how much effort time and

dedication you really have to doing this

because I entered the world out of

nowhere and I'm just gonna explain my

story and how I started this whole thing

y'all because it was gonna see I'm not

even gonna lie but um I want you guys to

proceed with caution and make sure that

you are sure this is something that you

want to get into yes selling feet sounds

easy but it's really not there is a lot

of people online who are scammers yes

anyways I'm just going to tell you guys

how I started my story and hopefully you

guys like I always say to everybody

do what they do say what they say and

you'll have what they have so yeah

anyways okay someone's outside playing

some music

I thought so because I could get

copyrighted okay anyway so pretty much

when I first started selling feet pics I

did not even know it was like I think I

think uh but so what happened was I was

on Twitter so if you don't have a

Twitter you go better go make one right

now because that's where I started to

make more money from I feed pigs

literally the only place that have made

money for my few pics is on Twitter

so if you don't have a Twitter then you

ain't gonna make me money

alright so pretty much I was on Twitter

and I was jokingly tweeted um who wants

to buy some key pics cuz I mean you know

I got cute feet I'm gonna show you those

later or I'll show you those now um so

anyways I posted that and I just started

getting random DMS and they were like

your stuff to be pics how much are your

feet pics Beaubois and me I'm like well

like people are coming to me I'm shook

it but damn how much I feed to how much

our feet pics word like for real like

how much can i sell these

dogs full so I didn't know what the

average price of feed pics were it's

usually around five to ten dollars per

pic or per foot it just depends everyone

runs their feed business differently

anyways when I first started I was like

oh yep $60 for feet pic and I scared a

lot of customers off that way because

they were like that's a lot

you know Beauvoir and I was like well

they're my feet you know like I'm gonna

press them however I want I got a lot of

like backlash from feet buyers my bad

I'm sorry I didn't know at the beginning

how much might because but now I do

anyways so um I finally got a customer

and he was like hey you know I want some

feed pics

can you post like this can you do this

how much with your face in it and I was

like you know I don't feel comfortable

with my face in it but you know I'll do

a video I'll plug you and I I have give

really good prices if you're gonna spend

some money I will give you a really good

button we'll do video included 30

seconds you know so if you buy pics and

you're watching this Hemi up my

information is down there and I'm the

real deal you can trust me anyways so

eventually I just started um I started

talking to him a little more you know

and I gave him my venom oh and I wanted

to see how serious this guy was so what

I did is I like set him and I was like

if you're serious here you go and you

know like awesome the video or have it

to you by today I'll send you pictures

just cuz you know you're my first

customer whatever follow up making it

feel special because oh my because

there's our special I love you guys

anyways so hand up sending me the money

I sent him the pictures and then he

asked me for a video so I was like

alright cool let me do this so he sent

me another amount of money I made about

like a hundred dollars and like two

hours give you dollars an hour say less

fifty dollars an hour that I'd never had

say less so anyways um I started doing

that and then I got a few other

customers some people like to pay you

through like Amazon and they'll go send

you gift cards and like you know it may

not be tangible money but it's still


it's gift cards honey but I mean there's

definitely a world out there that a lot

of kids don't know about and when I tell

people that I saw a few pics they're

like what like that's the thing and I'm

like yes honey it is a thing and people

really do it I don't do ready I don't do

those like whatever I did make it only

fans for my feet

but um and only fan and only fans

account is a lot of work y'all like I

rather just like have an Instagram and

have them like send me the money monthly

that way because I'm not gonna do that

tags and stuff you know not me but what

I what I want to say is the way that I

started getting more customers was so

whenever I would tweet I would always

hashtag I would always be like feet pigs

feet seller feet something like you have

to hashtag all of those things and I

know that it sounds crazy but honestly

like people are gonna automatically hit

you up and if you if you're not getting

hit up you've just got to be a little

bit more consistent like you have to

post it like I don't know five times

like you'll start getting DMS people

will start asking you like how much and

don't forget to check your message

requests because on Twitter

there's your DM and there's your request

y'all need to check them request make

sure that the requests to tell you I

want to buy some people didn't go to the

request because then that's missing

you're missing out on money anyways so I

started selling few pics that way and I

almost made a thousand dollars one time

let's see what happened was he wanted to

pay me through Google Play card and I

was like boy I don't have a Google Play

card William coronavirus I'm not gonna

go to Target so I kind of sat on that

but it was okay because at the end of

the day like the money is gonna come

where the money comes but guys it's

really not that hard you know when a

person really wants to buy P pigs and

they're really interested like Pete

buyer they're going to tell you this is

how I want you to pose your feet and

this is what I want you to do in this

video and necessarily you don't have to

be in the video unless they pay you

extra to be in the video if they want

extra yes and you charge that extra okay

okay there's a lot of things that you

should know about when you're selling

feet pics like when to know someone's

serious okay so what you're never gonna

do is have someone ask you to send you

money to verify that you're a real

they've been scammed mm-hmm and they're

a real flip person that buys B picks

we'll send you the money because they're

legit there's a lot of freaking scammers

and like people that be messaged you

saying do you want to shoot your daddy I

paid 1,300 monthly and weekly in

whatever no send me the money first if

you think if you're serious because I'm

not playing these little games if you

really want a companion I will be your

companion but I need to know that you

are for real and you need to send me

that money but I am not sending you 50

dollars to verify that I'm real either

you don't trust me or this this sugar

baby thing or whatever fee babies it's

not gonna work

I mean that's if you want to do the same

day I'm not gonna get in that to that

today anyway so he picks you guys just

always make sure that you know what the

Jim was not if the intuition is like

this might be a scammer he's not really

legit whatever you know but also not

only do they like deep picks you guys

but there's an industry with socks and

shoes so they really love dirty socks

and dirty shoes so if you have some

shoes lying around that you ain't using

I don't know how long and you ain't

never gonna use them and they a little

beat up and run down you can sell them


it's your point like you guys if I told

you all the ways I have made money in my

life just leading up to being y'all

wouldn't believe me because I mean

there's just so much money to be made

all over that is just ridiculous like

money is really everywhere like I can

make money like torque him right now

y'all I'm making money off you guys

watching this video right now like the

money comes it may come slowly but it

still come in so I'm not complaining but

I'm just saying okay keep those old

socks keep those old shoes make sure you

wear them for a week and then post that

you're selling some shoes

y'all think I'm ridiculous I'm pretty

sure but I'm gonna be real honest with

you guys like this is literally like

legit and if I didn't have so many other

things that are my main focuses or

rather than telling feet pigs like I

would definitely have the patience to do

it but I just don't so you know whatever

customers I do get whenever I do post

and I chitchat with them either I feel

like they're legit or they feel like

they're their cat is it is what it is

but I do have some fee buyers that are

literally they've been here for I don't

know how many months already and you

know they're always constantly asking me

like you can you sell me some pigs can

you send me some socks and some shoes

and sometimes they'll even pay for you

to get like your toads done don't pay

for you to get new shoes just so they

can see pictures of you in them honey

like what I got a new shoes cuz I want

something Andy's new shoes but you guys

like literally it's not hard like I said

let's go back make a Twitter tweet that

you got B pics to sell be consistent

with it if you guys don't want to use

your main account make a new account but

hashtag them but then a million things

but honestly I feel like people that buy

food picks they trust you a little more

when it's your personal page that's why

I sell them on my personal page and if

y'all if y'all watching this and y'all

follow me on Twitter and y'all's hanging

because I'll be posting that I selfie

picked you can unfollow me because baby

you are not gonna get in the way of

these coins peppers like that's my money

doesn't my money I told my dad that I

started selling fee pics and he was like

he was like you better stop he's very

religious he like you better stop feels

like you you better stop cuz then

they're gonna watch you grow higher and

I said dad I will go up to my news if I

have to I will take pictures from my

knees all the way down to my feet if

they ask me too much because that is

money honey

but anyways guys

I didn't really know that like selling

food picks with a bang and so it

happened to me so all I gotta say is go

on Twitter and tweet and see who hits

you if you guys have any questions feel

free to message me cuz I'm pretty sure a

lot of people that are watching this

video right now either follow me on

Twitter or follow me on Instagram so if

you guys really want to know the details

after you watch this video if you guys

have more questions make sure you let me

know because I owe more than welcome

shared this info with you so you guys

can make coins too because I'm here I'm

not greedy but just don't be non don't

be on no like weird copycat okay I

don't like that be you take from what

from what you can of from me and just

make it your own you guys who knows you

might make more and more than me as

I'm happy if you win but yeah yeah

anyways guys I'm gonna cut it short I

don't want to have you guys watching

like a 20 minute long video but if you

guys are new here make sure you guys

give this video a thumbs up give it a

thumbs up

yeah I love when I get thumbs up you

guys are the best

and yeah I love you guys and I will see

you in my next video