How To Sell Famous Celebrity Photographs

how to sell celebrity photographs hello

and welcome to videojug any one armed

with a camera or camera phone can join

the paparazzi and make a lot of money in

the process this film has been made

following the advice of some of London's

top paparazzi and will give you a crash

course in how to take photos of

celebrities and how to market them step

1 avoid the crowds the pictures that

fetch the highest price are those that

no one else has got then waste time

standing outside a premier half the

world's paparazzi will be there too so

try and walking your own path step 2 do

your research find out where local

celebrity hangouts are study magazines

ask taxi drivers waiters and doormen

they can give you a good idea of where

celebrities spend their time but

remember shots that no one else has got

or what pays best so don't be too


step 3 find an angle if the picture

tells a story or catches the celebrity

doing something they shouldn't or

wouldn't normally do then it'll be worth

a lot more hangout for the right shot

and if something unusual happens try to

make the most of the moment

step 4 privacy warning be very careful

not to invade someone's privacy by

trespassing on private property most

publications won't print the resulting

photos and you may face prosecution step

5 find a buyer there are now lots of

international agencies that will buy

photos from amateurs and sell them to

publications a simple search on the

internet will bring up a number of them

but remember they'll take a cut for

their services so if you think your

picture is important enough try and sell

it to the publication's directly you can

find their details on the internet

step 6 act fast whether you go for an

agency or publication act fast most

photos reducing values they become less

current so get to your buyer as quickly

as possible

step 7 mark your photo handy hint never

text the photos directly from your phone

this makes it very difficult for you to

establish ownership or copyright instead

develop your photos as quickly as you

can and score them with a knife before

scanning them into your computer and

emailing them this way a magazine can't

print them but this subject is still

visible alternatively you can add a

watermark by using Photoshop for speed

it's best to email the scored photo to

the publication or agency although you

can also post them

step 8 negotiate if you go through an

agency they'll negotiate with different

publications to get the going rate if

you're doing it yourself approached

several different potential purchases

hopefully they'll try to outbid each

other and you can make a lot of money

step 9 read the small print before you

enter into any agreement read the terms

and conditions carefully that way you'll

know exactly how your picture can be

used step 10 scan the papers after you

make a deal with an agency or newspaper

check the papers to make sure it's not

being printed more times than has been

agreed step 11 relax now that your

celebrity photograph is world famous

relax and enjoy your earnings