hi welcome to my channel in today's

video I am putting together all of my

top tips for selling at craft fairs so

if you have any lined up or if you've

never been to one before then hopefully

this video will help you with everything

you need to have a successful time so if

you're new and don't know who I am my

name is Emily so I'm an illustrator and

I have done craft fairs in the past

several years ago and they went well but

this year I'm really getting back into

it I have Lourdes lined up towards

Christmas if you've watched any of my

past videos you'll see that I've been

spending a lot of time on my table and

prepping and making new products and I

have just come back from a really

successful time festival where I had a

table so I thought it was good to put

into a video everything I've learned I

have another one in two days time so

fingers crossed that goes well but

hopefully these tips I give you help I

have put them all in a list on my iPad

and I've also got some questions from

people on Instagram so I'm going to

answer them as well so yeah so let's get

into my top tips so the first thing you

need to think about is is a craft fair

for you and it's a really hard question

to answer because I've had very very

successful craft fairs where you know

the table I paid for the table and the

money I've made on the day has more than

paid for it and I've made a profit

there's also been times where I've paid

20 pound for a table and I thought this

is gonna be great I'm gonna make loads

and money of the tables cheap and nobody

bought I think it's honestly a really

hard question to answer

in my opinion you've got to just try and

sometimes you need to just pay for the

table and sometimes it doesn't work out

it's all good experience though so have

a look how much they cost I'm doing a

few tables that are gonna cost me 20

pounds I've just done one the festival

cost me a hundred pounds for two days

you know it the cost varies are good


is how much football they're expecting

so you know if you I've been to some

that so quiet nobody's walking around

they're good to do to build your

confidence but please don't expect many

sales and whereas the festival I've just

done you know they had over quarter of a

million people walking around I did

really well so it all just depends I say

give it a try your first one maybe do a

cheaper one but don't expect them to be

as busy so my next tip on the build-up

to the craft fair you want to be posting

on social media I say this because of my

last fair the amount of people that came

to my table and said oh I saw you on

Instagram I saw that you were gonna be

here I came to find you that is just the

best compliment ever so post that you're

gonna be there

post your products before you go use

hashtags tag that you're going to the

event I don't know about you but if I'm

going somewhere I always go on Instagram

I search the hashtag I search for where

it is just to see who's gonna be there

make sure you are tagging your products

before you go to the event get people

excited that you're gonna be there I

think that's a great tip so one of my

biggest tips and I actually mentioned

this in my last video which was a vlog

of me at my craft fair so I'll tag that

below if you want to watch that but in

that video I talked about the importance

of your table and the display in my

opinion it's fine having beautiful

products but if your table doesn't look

inviting nobody's going to look at them

because people are just gonna walk past

so I put as much effort into the design

of my table as much as the products

something for you to think about is the

colors you're going to use so I have a

palette on my Instagram and you'll see I

use peaches and purples and blues and I

wanted my table to reflect that as well

I just thought that my table was

basically an extension of my branding

and maybe that's something for you to

think about as well it doesn't matter

what you sell you can design your table

to reflect your brand

think about the colors you want to use

think about how your products sit

together on the table whether it looks

harmonious and nice think about the

decoration these are things that are an

expense but they just make it look more

pretty so I bought bunching I bought

nice flowers and plants everything to

just make my table just a little bit

prettier and the amount of complements I

got from it just shows that it was worth

it even down to what I was wearing you

know I decided to kind of match my

outfit a little bit to my table I mean

it's not for everybody you know wear

jeans and t-shirt it really doesn't

matter but I just really wanted

everything to be thought about and I

thought as a designer as an illustrator

I thought it would just be quite a nice

thing for somebody to see as they're

walking by another thing to think about

when you're planning your layout is work

of different heights so instead of

having everything just laid on the table

really play with different heights get

people's eyes dotted about when they're

looking at your table I use boxes to

prop things Oh it also gives you more

space when you're using different

heights so my next tip leads on from the

last one in terms of planning the look

of your table and that is practice your

set up before you go I cannot stress

this enough so on the lead up to my

latest table I think I did three

practice runs in my kitchen now that

might seem excessive and it might have

been but it took the stress out of

setting up that morning at the event I

knew exactly where everything was going

to be placed I had laid out on the floor

of my kitchen the space I was allocated

so in this instance I had a three meter

by 3 meter gazebo so I laid that out on

my kitchen floor I put my tables up and

I planned everything I fought a graph

where everything was gonna go and it

just meant on the morning off

there was no stress I knew everything

was gonna fit I knew everything was

gonna look right I just think if you if

you have the time to do it do a test run

do several test runs it's definitely

worth it

it's also worth bearing in mind that you

have to

and sizes depending on your craft fairs

so the most recent one

like I said eight a three meter by 3

meter gazebo my one on Sunday I have

half that size so I'll have three meters

width but I only have one and a half

meters depth so I can't do the same

setup as I had last week so I'm gonna

have to change it but because I've done

the test run already I know the space

I've got it'll all be fine

so yeah that's another top tip do a

practice room so it all depends on what

you're actually selling but for me as an

illustrator I also do personalized

portraits of custom portrays obviously I

can't do them on the day I take orders

for them so because of this what I do is

I set up an easel and I have a portrait

that I've already done made big and I

have it there next to my table the great

thing about this was it's a talking

point it's right there as people walk

past for people to point out and it

draws attention so this is my next tip

is try and have something large

something big a big sign something when

people are walking past fast and they

don't plan to stop at your table for

them to say oh they're more likely to

come over and have a look if I didn't

have that easel up I don't think the

fair would have gone very well last

weekend the amount of people that came

over and checked it to me because they

saw the easel and they liked what they


I just think people walk past fast

they're not they're talking they're not

paying attention so I mean it's hard if

you're not doing something like that but

maybe have a think have a think of you

know if you sell prints maybe have one

of them printed big frame it put it on

an easel it's a great talking point

people can see it from afar and they

don't have to come over to your table

and have a look it's it's something to

draw their attention so once you've got

them to your table a way to keep them is

to have items at different price points

I also mentioned this in my last video

if you saw it so in the past I have sold

prints and cards but I've had things

that start from about five

which is fine and you know when I sold

things but in my most recent fair I

decided to put items on my table that

were very cheap and that started with

badges at 50p the great thing about

having badges for 50p or postcards or 50

for 50p meant that it meant that i did

quite a few sales from people that just

didn't have an intention of buying but

50 P's nothing so you know it was quite

easy for them to pull 50 P out and you

know buy something a lot of people

though once they you know decided on

buying that 50 P item they'd look over

and say oh this can't bear for a pound

or there's a print there for four pounds

and a lot of people spend 20 plus pounds

without an intention of doing so when

they came to the table and I think it's

because I started with that low price

point and you know they found more

things whereas if the lowest item they

saw was 5 pounds you know that's a big

stretch if you're not planning on

spending any money yeah look at what you

can sell put things on your table at low

price points you know I did a sale

section on my on my table with just old

prints and old postcards that were

tucked away in a cupboard that I'd

forgotten about you know I'm not that

bothered about making any money on those

so popped sale on there and they win you

know but for scabs went it was crazy

so definitely different price points

start very low and work your way up you

know I was selling portraits for over

100 pounds and badges for 50p and I have

that whole price point in between so

it's suitable for everybody so my next

tip in terms of taking money is buy a

card reader take a card reader with you

card readers are not expensive at all

and if you follow me on instagram you'll

see that two days before my last fare my

card reader died oh it's a good job I

got a replacement but I will post some

links or some different card readers

below I use PayPal at the minute which

isn't than what isn't the cheapest

option you can get cheaper but it's just

something I'm used to the great thing

about card readers are normally people

have put off when there's cash people

that carry cash anymore the ability to

let people do contactless was just

perfect people loved it and yeah I

really recommend buy

buying a card reader and displaying that

you do take card I think I got a lot of

orders because people knew I took card

and they didn't have cash on them so

another thing for your table and this is

something I've learned from past

experience and really struggling with

sales is make your prices really really

clear so what I've learned is some

people would rather not buy anything

because they're terrified to ask the

price in case it's too high and they

don't want to pay it and they would

rather just walk away so what I do now

is just price everything I make it very

very clear in front of every item how

much it costs so in theory no one needs

to talk to me if they don't want to they

can just walk off but by having the

prices there people can just say yes

I'll buy this thank you very much in the

past I haven't laid out my pricing very

well and it's it's been very clear that

someone's looked at something and

because they don't know the price they

thought I won't even bother I won't even

bother asking lady prices out and make

it very clear so people don't have to

train on for how much things cost really

just put it right there this is how much

it's gonna be you're probably more

likely to get a sale so a few questions

on Instagram I had one of the first ones

was about different pieces of marketing

I had on my table so this is really

important there's different people out

there there's people that absolutely

love coming to craft fairs they love

coming over and looking through

everything and chatting to you and you

know this outdoor sort people and then

this people that want to go past as fast

as they can and not make eye contact and

don't to look at you because they're

scared you're gonna try and sell for

them I can promise you we don't do that

I don't do that anyway I will just sit

there say hi and yeah there's people

that don't want to even look at your

table which is absolutely fine there's

some people though that are so really

really want to come and look you can so

tell but they're terrified and all they

want to do is walk passing grab a

business card as fast as they can and

then go and sit on a bench and look at

you on Instagram it happened it happened

a lot that's one of the things you need

you need business cards you can get them

very cheap I'll post a link to who I use

so on my table I had business cards I

had them at the ends of the table for

people just quickly grow

not have to come over I also had

leaflets on the table on one side I had

information about the portraits I did

the other side was information about me

and again I put them at the end of the

table for people to just grab I'm here

to order some more because they pretty

much went and my last fair and then with

every order in the back that I gave them

I popped a little thank-you not in so

that's just like a little postcard and

that just said thank you and it kept my

details on it so there are three types

of marketing that I put on my table and

it's definitely worth doing so like I

mentioned before I sell portraits

massive reason I do my fairs is yes to

sell cards and print that's wonderful

but if I get just one portrait order

that pays for the table and it makes it

all worthwhile so it's been five days

since my last fair and I've had six

orders from that festival so it's just

wonderful and they're all people that

came up to me ask for a leaflet and I

told them how to get in touch with me so

it's definitely worth just spending that

time and making those little bits of

marketing so another question I got was

about stock and how much stock to take

with you

so obviously I'm an illustrator I take

prints and cards and stationery I can't

answer for every type of crafter because

I don't I really don't know but for me

what I did was I printed 10 of each item

I was honestly worried that wouldn't be

enough it actually worked out ok so some

prints I've pretty much sold all of

those on the day but it was fine because

I could come home and print more if I

needed them for the next day if you are

printing externally I would take a few

more it all depends on how busy it's

gonna be you've just kind of got to go

for it and try I have to say I'd liked

the idea of something to look like they

were selling out on my table rather than

keeping it fully stocked all the time I

just feel like it looks like you've done

better and maybe that would entice

people I don't really know it's so hard

to answer how much stock to take I it's

trial and error that's all I can say

trial and error what I will say if

you've got an Etsy shop then you know

it's brilliant because you can have you

can just anything you don't sell you can

put straight back on onto the shop if

you do multiple crafts

again you've got stop ready to go to the

next one you don't need to worry so much

what I want to think about is if you're

doing sort of a Christmas Fair I would

avoid trying to do too much Christmas

stuff this is just based on past

experience so my last Christmas Fair was

a few years ago and I did so much prison

stock I did Christmas cards I did and

gift tags and just everything and they

did sell ok but at the end you know I

was stuck with all this stock by the

time the next Christmas had come I

didn't want to sell that you know it was

old I honestly I think I lost quite a

bit of money that Christmas because I

just made too much so this Christmas I'm

gonna do a couple of Christmasy things

but I'm not gonna go crazy on the

Christmas I think those sort of events

dress your table Christmasy but um but

yeah I would have boys doing too much

seasonal stuff but if you disagree

please let me know let me know your

thoughts below that's just me my

personal experience so a few people

mentioned insurance on my Instagram and

whether you need insurance and you know

what you need to do every single fair

I've done and all the ones I know about

ask for public liability insurance and

you need to make sure you have that in

place and you have proof of that when

you go to your fair some places ask for

it to be sent beforehand so yes you do

need insurance so this is just for the

UK if you're watching from America or

wherever I'm honestly not sure of the

rules and I'm really really sorry in the

UK you knew public liability insurance I

think the standard is you need 5 million

cover that's how much I have anyway

there's a few places you can get them

you don't have to pay a lot I think ok

like 2 pounds a month I will leave a

link below for some places where you can

get public liability insurance it's

definitely worth having anyway if you're

a freelancer all you need to do is input

what you do and you can print your

certificate and take it along with you

just in case anybody asks for it and the

final thing I got asked was where do I

buy everything for my table so where I

buy the greeting card holder and the

boxes and everything all the visual

things where did I buy it from and the

answer from

again I'm gonna leave some links for

things below so my greetings card

holders were on eBay my tablecloth was

from eBay my easel was from eBay just

everything I could get cheap was on eBay

so yeah so I will leave links below

everything I used it didn't pay a lot

for anything really I try to keep

everything as white and clean as

possible with a few rose gold touches in

terms of my decoration so my bunting I

had made from a shop on Etsy I will link

them below brilliant I got some bunting

from hobby craft so another tip I have

is to do with the setting up and getting

to your craft fair so it is hard work

I really recommend buying some big

storage boxes I got mine from being em

they were two for twelve pounds they're

really big I have two of them I have one

to put all of my stock in and another

one to have all of my and what would you

call it my things my scissors my blue

tack my rope buy everything I need to

set up the table so I have those two

boxes and they have everything in it so

I do recommend you takes a pair of

scissors some blue tack some tape some

rope safety pins are you safety pins to

prop up my banner let's see what else

did I take with me a pen and paper

always take a pen paper you might want

to take someone's details or you might

want to write down what you sold I did

that so I could keep track of inventory

and what need to be stocked up um it's

also worth taking a little pot put your

money in I took with me about 30 pounds

in change if you're selling things for

50p make sure you've got some 50-piece

you've changed always make sure you've

got a lot of change with you a few years

ago I remember going to my first craft

and I just took ten pounds in one pound

coins with me and the first person came

up to me with a 20 pound note and I

looked at this I'm like I don't have

change for you and I lost that sale

because they were like oh we'll move on

so now I make sure I have so much change

with me because trust me the first

person that comes up to you will have a

twenty pound not

guaranteed and my final tip is take a

friend with you I take my mom I've taken

my cousin and best friend Laura it's

always worth having someone with you

please don't try and do them alone

there's usually run all day so like my

one on Sunday will be 11:00 till 5:00

that's a very long day on your own yes

you might have people coming up and

chatting to you but if you want a drink

or if you just someone to talk to it's a

very long day so I would definitely try

and get someone to come and do it with

you just to you know give you a bit of

company my mom came to my last one and

literally just sat behind the table on

her little chair reading her paper

having her tuna sandwich and but it was

just brilliant because I had someone

there who you know could pop and get me

a drink or if I needed to go to the loo

she could just sort of stand at the

table for me

it's definitely worth having someone

with you yeah for the day so those are

my tips I really really hope they're

useful I I've gone through my list and I

have covered everything that I wanted to

so basically if you're going to take

anything away from this it is do a

practice run do as many as you can make

the table look as beautiful as you can

really show off your products by having

a really pretty table that people have

to stop and look at because it's just so

so pretty that was my goal have items at

different price points so whether it's a

child coming up and they like a badge

that you need to be able to quickly pay

for it with a 50 P or somebody that's

got a hundred pounds on them and wants

to spend it on your products have items

for everybody make sure you've got

insurance in place and print out the

copy and take it with you just in case

somebody asks for it have marketing

materials on your table business cards

leaflets whatever you can so that if

somebody can't make a purchase on the

day they can still take your card and

know where they can buy from you or

follow you or yeah just keep in touch

with you from then on and finally have

fun enjoy it people are coming to see

you and they're spending money on things

you've made I mean it's just the biggest

compliment ever so enjoy every second

and have a smile say hello to people if

people are terrified to talk to you

run passionate evil as fast as they can

and just give them a smile because yeah

they'll probably follow you on Instagram

afterwards so if you want to follow up

any fairs that I have coming up like I

said I've got one at the weekend follow

me on Instagram that's where you'll find


this channel is fairly new and is very

small but yeah I would love if you would

subscribe I show you what it's like

working in my studio and working as a

new mom I have a six-month-old baby and

yeah please tag me in any of your craft

fair tables that you that you're gonna

do I would love to see them thank you so

so much and I will speak to you soon bye