How To Create NFT Art With No Coding Experience Using Rarible!

welcome aboard the bitcoin express my

name is chase

let's get to it in this video i'm going

to show you how to create

nft art from scratch no coding needed

and this is becoming common in the

crypto space we see

things that are complex simplified so

that anyone can participate

we saw this with flash loans flash loans

are very complex

and require experience as a developer

but with the application

through combo now anyone can participate

in flash loans

we also saw this with yield farming

which also can be very complex

but now with urine finance if you're in

finance a person can

deposit their money into your urine


and it automates the whole yield farming

process for you

but even though we have these

applications that simplify

things it does not mean that it is


when using something like you're in

finance or furu combo

you still are risking losing your money

and surprisingly even when you use


you are at risk of losing your money and

i'm going to explain why

in this video but enough of that let's

jump into how to

make nft art from scratch let's get to


with no coding experience needed let's


nftr using wearable so we're going to go


and we're going to connect our wallet in

the upper right hand corner

and there are a few different wallets

that are accepted for wearable but we're

going to use metamask

this is the wallet that i've used in all

my videos and this is typically the

wallet that is accepted

across most decentralized protocols so

we're going to give it permission

to connect and once it's connected we

can now interact in the wearable

marketplace we can buy and sell

nftr but we're here to create nftr

so in the upper right hand corner it

says create collectible

we're going to click that and we're

going to see we can either create a

single collectible

or multiple so we can have a one of one

rare or we can make multiple

collectibles so let's do multiple

so we're going to do multiple and start

from scratch and it's going to say

select an image jpg png

or or a gif so you can use any

file as long as it is a jpeg png

or gif it could be a picture you took on

your phone it can be a picture that you


30 years ago that you uploaded onto your

computer with a

scanner any file that meets these


so if you have a file already or a

picture that you want to turn into an


you can just upload it right here but

let's say you have a file or an image

that is not

part of these formats it's very easy to

convert them

you can go to and you

can convert an image to a png file

or you can also go to

and convert an image to a jpeg file

so let's just do a quick example so

let's say i have an image

and i need it to be this format but it's

not one of these

formats already we go to choose files

right i'm going to take this png image

and we're going to convert it to a jpeg

right so it's uploading start conversion

right and once that is finished download

and now i have my png jpeg image

right so just like that now i can go and

i can upload it to wearable

also it said in wearable that it they

recommend that the file should be under

10 megabytes so if you do have a file

that is above 10 megabytes and you want

to compress it

go to you can take a png

file or a jpeg file

and you can compress it same thing here

like i just did with the previous


click right here upload the image

right now it's compressing and now the

file has shrunk by almost

50 and then we can download that so once

we have those images we can go back to


and we can upload it but let's say you

want to create an image from scratch

i prefer using canva this is where i

make my thumbnails i think this is a


software there is a free version and

also there is the paid version which is

about ten dollars per month

so let's take let's make a quick piece

of nftr for

our up when we're going to upload to


so we're going to create a design we'll

do instag

instagram post here on can but you can

do any sort of

art or you could do instagram posts

facebook posts brochure anything you can

think of really

it's a great program so instead of uh

let's do

crypto dog right so instead of

cryptokitty we'll do

a crypto dog all right so let's look up


all right so we'll take this bulldog

over here

we can enlarge it you can do whatever

you want really on on cat on can but

it's very easy to use

we'll get an ethereum logo

all right and this is our nft now let's

save it

so download

we'll call it crypto crypto dog like

cryptokitty but crypto dog

right and there we have our png file so

let's go back to wearable

and let's upload it so we're going to

choose our image

our crypto dog

right and then as we go down we can

choose a collection you can just keep it

on wearable

or you can create your own collection

but i'm just going to keep it as a

wearable collection then we're going to

give it a name so we're going to call it


dog mic crypto dog mic then we can do an

optional description this is a

crypto dog write whatever you want

then over here we can choose how many

copies we want remember we did multiple

collectibles so we can do one

we can do two we can do five let's do

three we're gonna do three

and then over here you see it says

royalties so this

means that after you sell your nft to


every time it is sold after that you

will receive a

royalty so you can keep it as 10 20

or 30 so the first time you sell your

nft that you made you'll get a hundred


of the proceeds but after that the

person you sell it to when they sell it

you can get a royalty so

they recommend or suggested 10 20 or 30

i'll just keep it at 10 then we can give


to our nft and this will depend on what

you're actually creating

so we'll do uh property the key animal

dog type

bulldog all right so you can go as heavy

on this as you want you can create

properties you can create no properties

that's up to you

then we're going to set a price for it

so there's a service fee of 2.5 percent

but let's just sell it 4.0

3 ethereum right and then for unlock

one's purchase don't touch that just

leave that as is

and then we're going to create our nft

here's a preview of what our nft will

look like

so it's part of the wearable collection

and as of now the owner

is me that's my address right so we're

going to create

and this is where we run into the risk

or the

issue of creating nfts so

you might have came to this you know

clicked on this video thinking

i'm going to create an nft and i'll sell

it for a

big price you know i'll just create a

hundred of these nfts maybe a thousand

one of them will eventually sell but the

problem is every time you create an nft

it is a transaction on the ethereum

blockchain so you're going to pay

a gas fee so right now this gas fee to

mint this token

is six dollars and twenty one cents


this week i would consider very low i've

been seeing these gas fees for nine

dollars ten dollars but

six dollars is still a lot of money to

create an nft

that likely won't sell a person really

needs to understand the nft

art market before they create these

because they might end up

creating a hundred of these tokens and

the cost was seven dollars here ten

dollars here and it adds up to hundreds

of dollars

so if we confirm this then it will

create this new nft token it will enter

our metamask wallet i'm not actually

going to confirm this

because i've been making a lot of these

videos recently and just

paying ten dollars here twenty dollars

here just for testing purposes

and i just wanted to show you that it's

not always worth it to create

nft art if you don't understand the

marketplace but like i said we can use

any image that we want

as long as it is a jpeg png or gif

again you can use a gif on canva


over here when you save your image you

can actually create a gif so you can


moving art and you can upload that to


and now it will be in your once it's

minted it's in your

metamask wallet you can sell it in

wearable you can go to another

marketplace such as

openc and you can sell it there so

these nftr pieces that we just went over

and the one i just created

is it is entirely digital once you own


art piece that's it you own the whole


but sometimes not sometimes but there

are nfts that are backed by

real world art so if you have this nft

you have the rights to

get a real world art piece and a popular

example of a nft backed by a real world


are unisocks this started out as an

experiment to see

can we make a decentralized marketplace

of nfts

where they could actually be used to


real socks and no longer an experiment

it worked and people are paying a lot of

money for these

socks so it's a decentralized

marketplace of these nfts

you can trade them you can sell them

and then once someone has it they have

the right to redeem the actual socks so

on openc which is a marketplace for nfts

we can see that people are

selling these socks and if we go to uni

socks exchange this is

created by the same creators as uni swap

we can say

that you can actually buy these unisox

nfts and once you own them you can

redeem the actual

socks right now a pair of these socks is

going for about 4

245 so if we go to uni socks exchange we

can connect our metamask wallet

just like we connect to all these other

decentralized applications

and we can buy the socks but if we own


we can sell them or redeem them as you

can see i don't have

unisocks in my metamask wallet so

there's no option

to hit sell or hit redeem but people

actually are redeeming these

so they created 500 500 pairs of socks

so there are 500

of these unisox tokens and so far 182 of

them have been redeemed

so once they're redeemed those tokens

are out of circulation

so as you can see there's nftr that is


digital and then we have nfts that are

backed by

real world assets i hope that you found


in this video and if you want more of

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and i'll see you next time