How to Make Money from Photography on Instagram in 2020

hey guys in this video I'm going to show

you five different ways you can make

money from Instagram using photography

and the first one is to basically build

a profile around a certain type of

photography and sell the photos through

the profile and you can sell them as an

amateur and get started for free by

going to a site like foap and getting

their app you can get it for Android or

Apple devices you can just go to your

App Store for your phone and basically

you build what is like an Instagram

profile where people can follow you you

can follow them and then you post your

images so you'll notice that the the

style is kind of similar to Instagram

and you can sell your photos for like

five dollars each multiple times per

photo and they are kind of a great place

to get started before going kind of

full-time into this and having a bunch

of expensive equipment and all of that

so you can do that with folk on your

Apple or Android device and then later

on you might move up to stock

photography sites like Shutterstock so

Shutterstock for instance if you go to or if you try Getty

Images or whatever there's a lot of

different ones out there but

shutterstock is one where you can

basically get paid to post all kinds of

stock photography and you can get paid a

little bit for each photo that gets

downloaded and the more you make the

more you make per image so the more they

pay you per image that gets downloaded

so it's one of those things where you

have to have a lot of volume if you've

ever read somebody do like a guest blog

post on a site like the penny hoarder or

another finance site who talks about

doing photography full-time on site to

like shutterstock typically they have to

post like 90 to 100 new photos a month

or something so you'll have to make a

little bit from each photo maybe once

maybe one photo will take off every once

in a while but if you want to sell on

shutter stuff on shutterstock you can go

to our company and go to cell con

at the bottom of the page and that's

where you can get started submitting and

selling your content so the payouts

again you get like a few cents you get

like 25 cents starting out per monthly

subscriber image then you it goes up

from there depending on how much you've

made with the company and you can build

a profile around that so you might have

say a wedding photography profile and

then you might also sell your services

or you might have like a travel profile

we post pictures of yourself traveling

all over the place and then you have

people buying your photos there and

maybe turning them into prints or

something so the second way is kind of

back to the wedding photography idea as

an example so if you look at something

like Jose via or Villa you can go to his

profile and see that he's kind of a

celebrity wedding photographers so

there's a lot of celebrities and stuff

in these but this guy definitely makes a

lot of money from his services as a

photographer also sells prints and if

you go to the link in his profile you

should end up somewhere on his website

like this where you can buy prints you

can buy his book you can contact them

about you know getting their photography

done for your wedding so is one other

way you can make money from Instagram is

by selling your services so you have

some kind of business and instagrams how

you just get traffic to it and then you

have a link in your bio right here and

maybe a description of what services you

offer a third way you can do this is by

becoming a photographer who is one that

endorses products or sells different

images as a sponsorship so basically you

can do influencer type stuff and if you

go to like business insider who is

always talking about businesses and

stuff they'll talk about

in this article how you can kind of

figure out how much you might make in

many cases you might make like 10 or 20

bucks or something if you have you know

a few hundred followers but or up to

maybe three or four thousand but once

you get into like the hundred thousands

and fifty thousand plus and and in that

range you can make a whole lot more per

post know some of these might make as

much as nine thousand dollars for a post

for like a travel influencer and then

they talk about some others that might

make ten or eighteen thousand or

something like that for being an

influencer so basically to become an

influencer you have to partner with

sponsors like Nike or these other big

brands and they will pay you to include

their product in an image so it'll look

something like this if you just do

hashtag ad on Instagram you'll see a lot

of these types of images because you're

supposed to you're supposed to disclose

whether it's an ad or not by putting

hashtag ad on your Instagram post so

you'll notice that a lot of these are

going to be pictures of products or the

celebrity using the products or

something like that

and usually it will have the logo of the

company on there as well like for

instance you'll see this right here it's

like some kind of skin cream or

something you see something like this is

some kind of food product another one

it's like a protein cookie or something

and then so you have these different

types of ads where you get paid by

either going to a site like I fluence

where you can sign up and create a

profile and get matched with brands

based on the niche that your followers

are in and how many followers and how

much engagement you engagement you have

and then you can also go and create

basically a a media kit page which looks

something like one of these you can just

type in media kit you can find templates

for your website you can do all kinds of

stuff you can just list it yourself on

your website but it's basically like a


hack page where you have your your

information about your Instagram profile

on there like your likes your followers

how much you charge per ad and all that

stuff so typically they will contact you

by going to your website in your profile

so like you look at pretty much any

profile and you'll have some kind of web

contact page or their website or their

YouTube channel or whatever and then

usually a brand will contact you based

on looking at your media kit and then

you can come up with a deal or you can

again go to iPhones click I'm an

influencer and sign up there to get

matched with brands if they haven't

already discovered you yet and then

another thing you can do number four is

do shoutouts so this is fairly close to

what a influencer does but basically

you're helping individual instagramers

kind of grow their profiles instead of

helping like a big business sell their

product so in other words if I'm an

instagramer and Uranus to grammar and

we're both trying to grow up profiles I

might pay you to give me a shout-out on

Instagram so that your fault some of

your followers might follow me instead

of me trying to get you to sell a

product or something so shout

is a place where you can sign up for

that it's like the I flew ins for shout

outs basically and they keep about 10%

of whatever you charge for these but you

can make you know a few hundred dollars

or so per shout out by doing this as

long as you have you know a decent

amount of followers like fifty thousand

or more and as far as that goes you can

also use a a calculator at a company

called influencer marketing hub calm and

I'll have a link to this in the show

notes but you can go there go there and

just look up instagram marketing hub

instagram calculator and it'll be a page

that looks like this you enter your

instagram username and then it will

calculate how much you could make so you

use kim kardashian as an example and


you can click search or click calculate

for an individual post or however you

want to do that so you can see the full

audience demographic or you can copy the

link from a post and paste it there and

see how much that post might earn and

just use that calculator there so then

of course make sure you have a media kit

for shoutouts and for sponsored posts

whatever kind of photography you're

doing stick to that niche and then make

it easy for people to hire you that way

so the last way you can do this is to

basically build a profile taking

pictures of whatever or being an

aggregator of pictures of something like

dogs for instance so if you were to find

like dogs of Instagram 4.6 million

followers they could just find all kinds

of images on social media post them on

Instagram and then they can build up a

profile with you know hundreds of

thousands of followers and then you

could go to a site like viral accounts

and sell your profile once you have at

least like 40,000 followers you can

start selling Instagram profiles on

these types of sites so obviously the

amount of engagement from your followers

how active they are and stuff will also

be a factor and how much you get paid

but they'll pay you via PayPal

and another one is Fame swap you can go

to Fame swap calm you can sell your

Instagram profile there again you just

want to do it based on photographs that

are along the same niche build a brand

based on a small niche like dogs or

travel or a certain type of travel or a

certain type of dog you can go smaller

niche to kind of stand out more and so

those are five different ways you got

photography and selling them selling

prints and stock photography you have

selling your services like a wedding

photographer you have basically being a

an Instagram influencer and selling

sponsored posts and then you have shout

outs and selling profiles so hopefully

this was helpful gave you some ideas

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