How to Display and Sell Amateur Photographs : How to Sell Photographs

I'm going to talk a bit about selling your photographs. And it's sort of, you know, it's

hard for me to say because some people, you know, what is a photograph really worth to

somebody. Some people don't think it's worth that much because you can keep making the

same image from a negative. Other people think, well, you know, each image is a little bit

different. And I think both those are some, are valid points. One way to start and say,

"well, how much do I sell this for?" Without asking too much or too little, is to go around

as you're looking for venue to show your work and see what other local artists are selling

their work for. I think most photographers are generally fairly honest about what they

would sell their work for. And you can judge and say, "well, this should be worth this

and this should be worth that." One way that I put into a lot of selling my own work is

how much time and how much money and how on materials did I spend on that image. And I

factor that in and then I usually get to a pretty standard amount of money that I want

to sell a photograph for. One thing to be careful, when you're selling a photograph

is to make sure you have all the proper releases signed and that there are no images of minors.

You really, you've got to be very careful when selling images like that because, technically,

you need a release signed. You pretty much should have a release signed for just about

anything to really cover yourself. But after that, you know, you can decide and you can

ask a few people you can ask also the venue where you're showing your work what they think.

Because you really want to sell some work. There's nothing better a feeling when you

finally sold a print and a stranger is actually holding or having something on their wall

that you made.