How To Sell Copiers In The Age of Coronavirus

do do a video on you know topics like

that it doesn't have to be long it can

be three minutes it can be four minutes

another thing you can do is establish

your own YouTube channel that and it

makes it even easier for getting it over

to LinkedIn if you have your own YouTube

channel so I've got a YouTube channel

for about I don't know probably five or

six years but I my plan now is to ramp

up that YouTube channel and do more

videos so I guess I'll have to start

shaving again and by the way I I told

Greg I'm not shaving until I'm allowed

back in my office doesn't like the the

playoffs you're not gonna show how you

get to the cup yeah alright yeah and not

to beat a dead horse but everyone's been

saying for the last three or four or

five or a hundred years that you've got

to be more social you've got to have a

brand you've got to get on LinkedIn

you've got to put in content you have to

do a blog should do videos let's put put

videos and emails increase your your

your profile tag people just go out if

you haven't done it already and play

with LinkedIn all right I hope I made a

huge assumption that as you meet and

have met your prospects in the past

you've reached out to connect with them

on LinkedIn if you haven't now almost

the time because they're at home -

there's scrolling through LinkedIn

looking for stuff just like we are

so yeah everyone's in front of their pcs

everyone's in front of a screen or two

or three or four now's the time to do

that and and listen everyone's gonna

you've heard it your profiles got to be

exactly this your profile picture has

got to be perfect execution is better

than perfection because perfection is

just gonna stay in your bedroom and not

get out so just just go do it if you're

don't be afraid of anything just get out

there take your prospect list go out and

link them try and find them and reach

out and connect to them people are more

likely to do it today then

before because that connection right now

it's not a digits more it's more human

than it's ever been

it's not just a digital connection so I

would say do that yeah and and I know if

I take any one off but I've always felt

there are no such things as SEO experts

there's no expert out there right now

there are no experts in this situation

because we've never been here before so

the way you do things is the way they

should be done

period let the benchmarks are all in the

rearview that'll happen next year or two

years from now right now it's the

frontier so anything you do is the right

way to do it throw enough crap on a wall

see what sticks what works a lots gonna

work yeah I agree with that so art who's

going to survive this the strong name

the strong the those people that have

the desire dedication and determination

to work hard you know I've said this for

years the harder you work the luckier

you get

you know we still got it if you stick a

head in the sand and you say what was me

you're not going to make it through this

we've got to continue to work every day

we've got to continue to improve

ourselves and you know it's just be the

rhinoceros in a room and keep moving

forward have a plan of what you want to

do as whether it's LinkedIn whether its

emails whether it's constantly contact

whether it's who you're going to contact

every day through your CRM and execute

the plan because you know you know I

have always said this about it and when

we're in the depth of winter and I know

Greg you get some really bad winters

there in Wisconsin and you you look at

your window on January 2nd you know

what's the one thing you can look

forward to he that goes by is the day

closer to spring so each day

that goes by while we're in this

lockdown to me is a closer day to when

we're going to get out of it and that's

the way we've got to look at it there's

no other way to look at it ma'am you're

right you're right um so I'll bring up

the touchy subject in the last couple

weeks and maybe it's not scuttlebutt

it's actually real so right now we're

talking about how to sell in the age of

Wuhan right and we've got some pretty

good tips and we'll get some more as we

go on well I haven't heard anything

about HP Xerox all right I have heard a

lot about last week it was layoffs and

in the thousands all right not just

hundreds that was last week

we're looking everyone here is looking

to survive through this either in the

industry and this is where I'll get

touchy or outside of the industry so if

we go back to what we were talking about

self-improvement and all that specially

the way we around the bubble the

industry was on a bubble three four

weeks ago three four months ago we were

rebuilding we're consolidating they were

they were going to be new players in the

industry this time next year this time

next year I have no idea who's gonna be

there I mean this is this is a tough

thing so in addition to reaching out

with your clients who are probably

feeling the same thing you are again

look out to other industries the copier

industry is the best place to learn how

to sell stuff I've always believed that

and I've said it a million times if you

can sell copiers sell just about

anything and all right you remember when

people with other companies medical

anyone who sold b2b we'd come in and try

and steal copier salespeople because

they had the best training and it's an

intense sales environment

it still is it still was so those are

some tools that you can take with you

wherever you go if you go somewhere else

so in addition to improving yourself for

your clients and your current customer

base keep an eye out for other

opportunities for you personally and

that you're in an industry that has

given you tools that other industries do

not have you're in a tactical position

you're in the field you're in you're in

the trenches quote unquote

but that's where all the good stuff is

and I think what will happen and art

we're just looking at a crystal ball is

that this wuhan thing will probably

crystallize you know the need to have

high-end sales professionals versus or

in addition to I should say in addition

to a web presence and a ecommerce site

and all that I've always believed that

that there's gonna be ecommerce there's

gonna be people who are gonna even buy

big-ticket items online but they're

still gonna be a need for that expertise

to take those tools that they got online

and apply them to business solutions and

have an impact at on the you know at the

personal level and that's gonna take a

human I don't think you can a I that I

matter of fact I know you can't do that

AI doesn't have empathy humans so far we

do so I think that's you know there may

not be as many salespeople around in the

future just because of the you know the

box movers translate into e Congress

it's all there is I just need a cheese I

need an HP thingamajigger I just go out

online and buy it because I know what I

need but if I thinking up I buy a an HP

thingamabob and I needed to you know

pull in my accounts receivable or help

my sales team close 12 more deals a

month I'm gonna need a person to help me

through that and so think about those

skills that you can improve on yourself

so when the transition really comes

you're prepared for the for the next

opportunity and we're in a great we are

in one of the best fields that have that

the best industries I think and what do

you think art right

I think office technology is going to

continue to evolve and I think you're

absolutely correct those that take again

it's time to further invest in

themselves and their education will can

can move up that ladder to become that

that viable consultant or salesperson

that higher-end companies

still need to leave alright let's let's

go back to tactics so if you you know

during the downtime to improve on the

LinkedIn increase the connectivity to

your clients stay relevant stay stay in

front of them

what else are do you know so I was on a

webinar I don't remember it was a while

back and and it kind of goes a little

bit obviously what I said but someone

mentioned that now's the time to bundle

I mentioned it earlier a remote worker

package now now at first light I'm like

yeah right ok you can go onto the new

CEO you can see ads online for those

kinds of bundles from Staples and that's

tough but what do you think what how

could we what can we put together and

call it a bundle for now but it could be

services that is attractive to customers

coming out of this right I mean I

personally think I could be wrong that

this whole move to remote worker right

in the last two three weeks that's it is

going to shift a lot of the way people

work I think there will be people that

go back to the office but I think it's

gonna open the eyes to a lot of

corporations that you know we may have

been able to cut down on our rent by 30

percent by not having as many cubes that

kind of discussion might come up so

where can we be art to fit in there

to help that transition and does it make

sense maybe it doesn't I don't know I

what do you think so a bundle could be

especially to your larger clients

because they're probably having a lot of

pain right now one can be the unified

communication video boards I know Rico

offers them the collaboration boards

sharp office offers them and that's a

board that can video board that can sit

in the one office and basically it's got

a Windows 10 controller behind it and

they can get jump on zoom' meetings

share documents collaborate annotate

just markup drawings and save drawings

but they can share with their

so maybe you can take something like

that you can take some of your 84

products and put them to your what's

word I'm looking for your your more your

chief or c-level execs and Bumble six or

ten mfps and have those those six or 10

mm bees it could be more of business

continuity a business continuity bundle

and they could have those MFPs just

sitting there waiting to go when there's

an emergency in addition they could have

10 15 30 pcs that are maybe are ready

and and and ready to go if there is if

there's another emergency or

catastrophic event like this so I

proceed that could be a good bundle for

those businesses that say hey we we were

caught with our pants down and we spent

two weeks trying to get things right and

we're never ever going to let this

happen again so we need help and we need

to go to our vendor and were sales

people go to their clients and say hey

we've got a business continuity bundle

that we should talk about would have a

good thing to have I mean that makes a

lot to me that makes a lot of sense okay

so customize something based on what

you're offering right now I mean we will

talk about it later I'm sure but IT

services is on fire right now you can

imagine it's just you know those who got

in our are digging it right now that's a

that's a difference we'll talk about in

a minute I do want to take a couple

steps backwards though in our

conversation had a great question okay

from someone who's new in the industry

alright so like we were just talking

about our existing prospect or existing

customer base how to reach out to them

stay relevant with them but if someone's

relatively new and they don't have that

customer base I mean what is the world

of prospecting look like right now and

then what is it going to be coming up it

might be it's gonna be better

after this but right now where do we

what do we do when we're thinking about

prospecting what about your eyes the

ideas their art I think it's all that

all depends on what this situate what

situation you're in in your state if

you're in the tri-state area here in New

Jersey New York in Connecticut nobody's

letting anybody in all 80% of businesses

are closed so if you're in that

tri-state area I think you've got to

turn to I think you've got it it's

probably not worth it making any phone

calls either because people just you

know they're more concerned with

preserving their business right now and

I I mean I if I was new I would have to

turn the LinkedIn I mean I would I would

start writing content I would maybe if

you don't have the content to write

share the content share content from

others find articles that you think are

interesting and relevant and share them

and and go on and build your network

right I mean other other other than that

but if you're in those other areas that

that are still open for business which

there's a lot of places in the country

that are you've got to go do business as

normal if your area is normal you've

just got to continue what you're doing

for right now yeah I mean I don't know

of any other having you I mean of course

LinkedIn I think is the best business

site out there but you can also use

Instagram Facebook is pretty much for us

older guys so they might want to start

putting stuff on a snapchat and wait for

tik-tok to settle down to kind of crazy

right now yeah I'm not a fan with well

along those lines that so prospecting in

the current environment is

difficult period right you can't knock

on doors even calling calling up there's

been people that say well right now

people who are in the office now the

ones in the office so it doesn't really

matter you know they want to talk to

people so calling up is not a bad idea

I'm not I'm not 100% behind that I am

more what we're shifting from now what

we're shifting what's happening now is

we need to move from a push

prospecting except for where it's

geographically ok and you can go out and

do all that that to an attract we've got

a pole so what said is about the way to

attract is to be in front of people when

they're looking and what are people

looking at right now just about anything

and everything that has to do with

recovering and all that so like art set

and you've got the time all right you

don't have to be Shakespeare some

content and right now LinkedIn is the

platform okay there are ways to go look

for groups in LinkedIn that are based on

geography so I'm outside in Milwaukee I

belong to the Milwaukee all the

Milwaukee groups on LinkedIn I'm in so

the same could go for wherever you guys

are just go out there search on the

group's find one that's geographically

near you it can be specific like engine

you know whatever it could be

retailers engineers and then what I did

and still do is I get in and then just

start reading the content that's been

posted prior to you showing up the last

thing you want to do is jump into any

and I don't think anyone's gonna do that

now but the last thing you want to do

right now is jump in and say hey listen

are you guys looking for toner

cartridges cuz I got them cheaper yeah

no don't do that just just don't do that

alright what it would be good is like

art said comb for content that is

relevant for that particular geography

and if so that particular group alright

and then post the link to that and in

let's get real granular cut a paragraph

copy a paragraph out of that article

post that in the in the kind of in the

area above that link and then post the

link so the link comes up has the

picture tells them from the headline but

you've also been able to post

and that you think is relevant that you

pulled out of the article for other

people to read you know a day to a day

whatever now you got the time do it and

then start getting into no this doesn't

take all month or so after three or four

days if you're doing that then if you

have a question actually pose a question

and see what comes back right well we're

all about attracting right now you can

like you can like like comment some

LinkedIn and try and strike up a

conversation you know if you see someone

who's a first level or second level

connection in that company's doing

something above and beyond put a comment

in say you know this is great this is

fantastic I love the way this works and

then maybe on the then maybe what you do

is you know after you're just I hate to

call it fishing but as you're giving

more constructive comments and links

then go and try and have a conversation

with those people

maybe they posted something send them a

private email on LinkedIn and and say

hey I really like what you did and start

there but don't start with I want to

sell you something establish that like

you said that that business relationship

don't want to hurt people the people

basis empathize with people with what's

going on in our industry right now but I

think LinkedIn is a great tool yeah

there are all sorts of we've had someone

post into the into the chat about you

know going back to basics the Chamber of

Commerce City vertical listing industry

listings things like that Google helps

you sort through the map so you can

locate lawyers things like that to get

the lists prospecting today is still

going to be a little bit more it's gonna

be tougher when you direct but I like I

like having content in the old days we

used to have newsletters that we would

mail out in the mail and that would you

know update our prospects and our NR and

our customers as to what's going on and

even though that in the news in that

newsletter might have been sixty days

old it's unbeliev now you would never do

that nowadays

but yeah I think like I said early it's

a prospecting now shifting into

attracting and like I said it is like

fishing art but what you're doing is you

are building your brand alright you're

gonna get known as that person who

you're gonna get you're gonna be known

as that guy who started to sell everyone

toner or that person who brought that

pretty cool article in and we read about

it alright

another another thing to do is so even

if you just started if you've just

started if you were there for three days

you've got three days of context that

you've made all right maybe it's just a

dozen so a technique a thing to do is

alright so if you've got a if you

finally get into go maybe you're just

posting content in your regular news

feed for your connections I like using

and I don't like overusing it but I like

using the @ sign to send that article to

someone else's attention when it makes

sense right what is that you do that

what is that hash tag is that the @ sign

that just sends it off to salty outside

tagging select tagging tagging a person

yeah yeah again any of these tools don't

over use them because it just looks dumb

when I look up there and there's 53

thousand people tagged okay whatever but

if there's a relevant prospect or client

or even a co-worker alright so you guys

have other guys on your team ping back

and forth you could what we're looking

for yeah I was going to build the brand

we want to attract prospects and

customers and be relevant but that

synergy you want to keep some energy

going for everyone all right your team

members back and forth you know so you

can even see if you can especially get

conversations with c-level folks if you

can do that I'm LinkedIn which is really

hard to do because

no one comes out in comments and then

ping them privately trying to become a

contact with them don't sell them as

soon as you connect don't sell them as

soon as you connect don't sell them as

soon as you connect I can say it cuz I

mean I get that all the time

connect say thank you and then start

feeding relevant content yeah you can

also use hashtags and a lot of LinkedIn

do follow hashtags you can set up to

follow certain hashtags like when I post

for my print for pay hotel I'll use

copiers printers IT news and that's

going to show that's going to show up on

your wall a little bit quicker and I

just thought of something as I was

saying you know go out and expand your

horizons on other business resources

like Price Waterhouse Arthur Andersen

Harvard Business Review if right now

you're in the industry and you don't

know who the imaging channel is who en X

is who workflow is those are published

properties online enx the imaging

channel and workflow that have pretty

good content all right the NX is

different than the other two they both

have a they all have a spot but it is

from the industry just remember that so

you know you're gonna get good content

but it is from our

you know it's in the echo chamber of our

own industry but if you're not connected

there yet you should be just to keep a

pulse on what's going on I think the

imaging channel had a great one they

pulled in some consultants and did some

review everything from you know volumes

shifting workplaces and stuff like that

the content was pretty good so get

connected on that side as well okay so

let's see prospecting I art any idea

about god I was gonna say when do you

think we could maybe call a meeting with

the prospect what should we look for

yeah I know all right

hey I just I had a rather hot prospect

before this happened

for a couple large production machines

we've been in contact sporadically with

me email we probably haven't had the

email conversation within the last week

and I just emailed him today saying hey

you have time to talk later this week so

I you know I believe with those contacts

that are that were hot that went kind of

stale you can ask for a meeting an

online meeting any time okay let's not

be afraid to ask for a meeting

I mean this is what we do I mean let's

you know one thing I I thought about and

I've been saying this for years is that

the sales the typical copier sales

person's salary does not pay the bills

we're more like the waiters and

waitresses of the industry where we need

to give good service good support and

then we make our commissions right

really so so so with that we again

anytime is a good time if you get it's a

no big deal if you get a know we've been

getting knows all of our lives so the

more and and you can't get to the yes

without getting the notes

you can't win without failing yeah

that's true well art would you would you

I think you'd probably already answer

the question the way you posed it so

when you are right no time it's a bad

time I agree with that what would you

recommend on the tone of the invite do

you change your tone at all do you and I

don't know the answer so I really don't

I mean I think we spoke about this a

little bit earlier and empathetic I can

send an email that says again hope the

subject line is hope you are well and hi

so-and-so I hope you and family are well

in this in this crazy time I just want

to let you know that XY be business is

open for business

because we're considered an essential

business and then I'll end with I'll

follow up when this is all over or if

you need to contact me please feel free

to reach out you know reach out to me at

any time

yeah I like that open for business

yeah isn't it as an essential because me

maybe there's a lot of clients down

there and I think you're closed right

they don't know and if you're not

putting if your company's not putting up

anything on LinkedIn or sending out mass

emails I mean I would think you're

closed like everybody else's right

so I recommend everyone steal that line

open for business essential that word is

good to as an essential and if you have

a response you might want to attach that

document or you might want to attach a

web link a URL in your email so people

people can understand what your company

is doing to keep your people safe and

their people safe and reckon maybe

that'll make everybody feel a little bit

more comfortable about having someone in

our office because because right now I'm

hearing across the board from many

dealers is that there's zero or not zero

but there's not many service calls going

on Oh

which brings up the subject so the

service call right I'm hearing that too

they did your classic but no one's doing

p.m. or preventive maintenance calls or

total calls if any calls at all but the

it7 started down this path earlier the

the managed services those dealerships

that did jump into managed IT with a

knock with all the bells and whistles

that a regular MSP does have those folks

are busy and they should be right this

is why

you engage Amanda's service providers in

case of emergencies and this is about

the biggest one they've ever had so if

your dealership two things and I'll post

this to you I don't know if you have do

you have managed services as in your

portfolio you do look so there might be

varying levels of that right so if if

I'm at a dealership that is copier

Center but also has quote yes we have

managed services it may be you know the

fourth choice on the right on your

website or may be buried in underneath a

submenu but yeah and you might have two

or three customers okay yeah Zach I know

as a copier rep I would be looking at

any possible way to leverage managed

services into the conversation somehow

if your dealer does not have it as a

resource then you know you can but if

your dealer even brushes up on it right

doesn't have an i sub set out to

collaborate for Joe's MSP service down

the road whatever it is that's now's the

time to think you know back to that

bundle right maybe there's opportunities

there to put that kind of content out

whatever it may be not the exact words

and I'm saying but by the way not only

did I did it but our our managed

services clients are enjoying the

benefits of beat up working with us in

that capacity right yeah in that email I

told you about right one of the wines

that I put in there is that I just want

to bring it up real quick and I'll read

it for everybody

that means I'll probably have to put my

glasses on so it's a hi hi Jim hope you

and your hope you and family are well in

these crazy times statics is open for

business since we redeemed an essential

business because we support hospitals

and municipalities with IT services I'll

reach out

when this craziness is all over damn a

soft way of saying hey they support IT

and I have heard many not many but I've

heard about some IT companies having

some issues because they can't handle

the workload right now so those that

were skinny to begin with financially so

so are having some tough times and that

that that's something that that we can

all exclaiming forward so to have

something with IT and that email is a

great idea yeah I think yeah I like it

so yeah so in here's my idea I mean

again okay so we're an area of no one

else has been in so you can pretty much

make it up as you go a lot of the

businesses that do MS managed services

separate the copier and the IT guys even

in the sales environment if I were a

copier did I would like you just did all

right boy

all right let's getting some trouble

across those lines there are no lines

all right screw it yeah we're looking

for business and we'd really love to

talk to you if you have any IT service

let's give me a jingle and then you know

what you do bear yourself into your

existing IT offerings if they've

segmented you away from that

breakthrough and there are if you're

just not just if you're just now getting

into it if you've been focused on on

copiers and document management and

output management that stuff well

another division

you know whenever you get alito they

want they want support on 15

workstations what do i do well pass it

over to the other department now all

right grab everything you can and hang

on to it as much as because it's a new

world and that's the hot button apply

your sales skills to those prospects the

I think I know of a company right now

that is did bite down hard on IT three

or four years

but put together enough which it's

hugely expensive to do that

it's just humongous when you got the

computers the staff they have a hope

their own technician staff they've got

their own helpdesk versus the copier

helpdesk versus the MPS helpdesk

everything is segmented the argument now

is let's converge all these sure I can

sell you a copier but we've got this

it's time to talk about this it's and

and arm yourself even if your company

hasn't trained you in that arm you are

yourself with with knowledge around what

these companies are looking for in the

industry and that means go out to these

sites online through LinkedIn manage

MSPs go into those sites and see what

content they're posting right read it

know the difference between DVR and and

and hybrid backup right or you know

whatever remote monitoring of the

printers bought versus endpoint

monitoring in the IT world what's the

difference it's not that much but now's

the time to at least brush up and get

into that world because that might be

not been saying it for years that we

should have everyone should have made

the bridge from copier and printer sales

into managed print services a real live

management services not managed toner

services and things like that and once

we cracked into IT with MPs we should

have been able to make the jump back up

or back it jump into managed IT services

completely didn't really work out a lot

of people did go in but not everyone did

now's the time to brush up on that and

and now you can add value for your

clients and maybe even add value in

internally at your dealership I don't

know if that makes any sense art you

want to try and decode what I just said

educate yourself

now one other point I'd like to bring up

and we spoke briefly we don't have a lot

of time left here is oh wow

eight minutes are the prolonged

if this becomes a prolonged event

what is our print business going to look

like when a lot of clients figure out

that I don't need to print as much maybe

I don't need that really really big a3

machine maybe I don't need those 583

machines anymore I've always always been

a fan of follow the migration of print

we know that print is on a on that

downwards file and spot a spiral in

their regular SMB office but print is

still relevant in many other places and

it's more relevant in those those niche

opportunities those those niche machines

which can which can be wide format grand

wide format super wide format hmm

envelope presses label presses there's

still a tremendous amount of print going

on there and if a dealer it says well I

never wanted to get into managed IT or I

don't think content is our thing well

you've got all these people on board who

can fix things go go take on another

line of machines that you can fix

diversify you we need to you know

there's the other suit we actually need

to diversify also so don't don't put

yourself in a box that we can only do a

and B open up the box to we can do more

I just I just wanted to get that out

there yeah and appreciate that that

that's been a mantra of yours for a

while and you know all of ours for a

while we had a comment that said you

know Corona buyers will rush the

decrease of print which it will right I

think most studies say it was 4% decline

a year of the year that's probably a

little conservative depends on what you


like you just mentioned some print areas

that I don't consider what I say decrees

I office print memos emails that kind of

stuff right wide format direct marketing

which direct mail actually is rebounding

there's more direct mail and I think

what happened is it was so much it

shrunk down it now it's more relevant

production print up until three weeks

ago was that was just that was the jewel

of most dealerships they were selling

lots of production print but office

print has been declining

I think it's been declining for a while

I think that the yeah the coronavirus is

going to accelerate that like we said

earlier at the top of my it's just gonna

change the way people that businesses

and organizations are gonna recognize

that something that we've known all

along that you know a remote model is

not a bad thing there are stacking you

shouldn't be but in in general maybe

high forty percent of your workforce can

be off-site and not cost you as much

money and overhead and property and all

that stuff and be they're gonna find out

not just that's productive

more productive I mean I've worked out

of the house I don't tell the guys

who've done it for the last decade or so

you're working at eleven o'clock at

night that's just the way it is alright

so there's no bail there's no whistle

there's no time and you you know and if

you get up at six you're working you

don't you don't take a shower you might

eat you find out what's on your email

and then you're sucked in until it's

2:00 in the afternoon then you get

something to eat you might take a shower

by 3:00 boom-boom-boom-boom

that's that's the single guy but you

know home office with the dog and the

kids and everything it's not a hassle it

is not a hassle it is it's a force

multiplier actually because you find

ways to be more productive I mean get

more done in less time and then you

don't stop you keep going so instead of

coming back to the office tomorrow

morning to hit that pile of paper you're

you're opening up and sign in PDFs at

eleven o'clock at night in these last

six days I think I've been more

productive in my home office than I ever

been in my regular

office yeah yeah yeah I love it

I absolutely love it just don't have the

interruptions and I also want to be

before we close I am writing a daily

blog on my website that actually goes

through a my daily activities where a

lot of the things that we've spoken

about today I'm actually writing about

and I'm putting some plans in action so

the blogs out there it's free it's on

the print for pay hotel just come on

read it make some comments because we're

all here to share our experiences and

all in the same industry and we're all

here to help one another right perfect

art I don't know if you saw the stream

the chat stream there there was a

request that we do this again we started

over and a little bit over an hour ago

with a hundred people that the people

are starting to drop off but we

maintained above 90 the whole so we've

got some good interest here yeah thanks

everyone for coming in as we start the

bail we will put our I said yes we'll do

another one next week if you're up for

it art I think we'd like to do this

again you good yeah yeah if I'm thinking

I'm still gonna be shelter-in-place next

week so why not can you continue the fun

all right and before we close I seen a

friend of mine on the screen this entire

hour hour I don't want to give a shout

out to Martin Hoffman from the

Netherlands oh wow BeeZee industries and

he's a good friend and a great person

all right very good

all right everyone we're gonna sign off

everybody be safe be positive watch out

for Corona and I think we'll try and

keep this going as long as everyone's

locked down thanks a lot I appreciate

all right ever the harder you work the

luckier we get you've got a min all

right enjoy everyone everybody take care

thank you yep all right I'm gonna end it

art okay