Make PASSIVE INCOME Selling PRINTS as a Photographer

print sales have been a huge part of my

business the past two to three years and

something that has been passive kind of

rolling in on the side in 2018 I grossed

almost 11,000 in print sales and took

home a little over 7,000 and in 2019 I

grossed almost 9,000 and took home about

5500 and since this has been such a

successful part of passive income in my

business I want to grow it and nurture

it and make it better so I'm gonna be

switching systems and someone's gonna

help me figure all that out because she

has a lot of experience it's my friend





what is up family and friends Eric here

without a mic stand because I forgot to

bring the metal converter to put it on a

mic stand so I'm gonna be holding my

microphone we are at Tova studios my

friend Alicia is here with me this is

her studio and today we're gonna be

talking about how I'm switching from

pixie set to pick time and the reason I

asked Alicia to come is because she

switched to pick time two years ago two

years ago and I'm in the process of

doing it and we wanted to share why it's

a good decision full transparency this

video is sponsored by pic time but I've

been thinking about switching to pic

time for the past year and a half

because of people like Alicia seeing

their galleries seeing how beautiful

they are and the integration of sales

has made me go I want to do that we're

good I was like Forrest Gump Jenn night

we're just gonna dive into three reasons

why it's a good idea to switch over to

pick time and if you're unfamiliar with

what galleries are or sending-off

galleries to clients this is an amazing

way for you to deliver your photos in a

seamless way in a beautiful way in a

professional way so if you're just doing

it through Google Drive or Dropbox or


quit that right now the first reason why

I wanted to switch to pic time is just

because I think it is absolutely

beautiful gorgeous and that experience

for the client where they are seeing

their photos in such a beautiful way

such a seamless way can really lead to

just their enjoyment of the experience

of recalling all the images from their

day from their shoot as well as wanting

to purchase prints from that check out

this gorgeous gallery just everything

from the landing page to the way the

squirrels work the way you can integrate

a slideshow into your gallery

I love the way that they break up

different parts of the day you can

control all of this and as always the

shot page is always visible and seen


also things like downloads sharing

photos favorites it's all very user

friendly and all goes into the

aesthetics of why I love quicktime so

much you can

also customize your galleries if you

want bigger photo smaller photos

everything is just super customizable

and can work within your brand here's a

recent Chicago wedding I did which I

kind of like I thought it looked real



so good and this is really not that

different than pixie set as far as

customization the thing I love about it

is that it is minimalist and beautiful

and I just think it's a way better

viewing experience print sales I made a

decent bit of money on pixie set doing

that but that was a lot of strategy by

me to do it and so what's so cool about

pic time is there is sales integration

and there is automation that you can do

through the platform that can get you

twice to three times so however many

more sales as opposed are you doing it

yourself so could you just touch on that

real quick yeah this is the shop page

that's easily integrated right through

the gallery this is what clients see

when they are thinking about ordering

prints or albums or calendars so

everything which I really love is

integrated right from the gallery and

that's what's different here you have

their images on the products and there's

something psychological about that that

makes them want to purchase it more

what's really also cool is they've had

such a cool marketing tool for you to

use and what's helped me a lot in past

use is something that's called the

abandoned cart method that's just

basically an automated tool for when

people have items in their cart and they

forget about them pick time sends out an

email just reminding them that they have

things in their cart and that's how I

make the big monies that's crazy

it's crazy seeing the percentage is

almost 50% of your sales are because of

the abandoned cart yeah that's something

again I'm excited to have to set up

these automation so that when I'm

sleeping and somebody decided to put

something in their cart and not checkout

that they're gonna get an email later

that says hey would you like to actually

purchase this now yep so there's all

sorts of things that you could set up

for yourself to be integrated and

automated that go out to your clients

and can make you more money while you

sleep basically passive this one's brand

new to brand new apps that picked I'm

collaborated with Sam heard on one is

the gallery to backup system where you

can send out automated emails to your

clients letting them know the status of

your gallery that you've downloaded all

the photos that you've backed them up

that you're halfway done with your

gallery and when the gallery is close to

completion which just gives the client a

better service knowing when they're

going to be getting their gallery and

getting all their images plus it just

gets them really

about when that time comes leading them

to want to order more prints and

interact with the gallery even more

because they've been anticipating it and

number two the existing gallery back up

this one is so cool because it affords

you the opportunity to make even more

passive income whenever an existing

gallery is set for expiration you can

have an automated email sent out to your

clients that asks them if they'd like to

keep their gallery live you can set

whatever price you want that to be the

recommended amount is just five dollars

a month and over time if you're shooting

for years and years you can have people

paying five dollars a month to keep

their gallery live which is another form

of passive income another stream plus if

your clients galleries are existing over

time indefinitely they might be ordering

more prints throughout the years which

means even more passive income as I

mentioned earlier in this video I was

already planning on switching over to

pick time and I hope that their

sponsorship of this video is proof

enough to show you that they care about

supporting artists the foundation of

their business is based on seeing you as

the photographer make more money outside

of just shooting and delivering and so

if any or all of this interests you and

you want to try out pick time for

yourself there is a link in my

description and if you use the code all

caps eric floberg you will get a free

bonus month added to your first plan I

know a lot of people are gonna say this

isn't passive income and the truth about

passive income is that it's never truly

passive there's always some sort of work

you need to do on the front end or some

sort of financial investment that you

need to make to get the ball running to

earn that passive income now in our

circumstance Alicia and I are full-time

photographers we're contracted to shoot

and deliver digital images to our

clients and that's how we make our money

so anything on top of that feels like

passive income for us especially if it's

not in our control to sell and it's just

automated by some sort of system like

pic time and if our clients are going to

buy prints anyways why wouldn't we want

to have them buy them from us and

support us they already care for us and

like what we did for them since we gave

them great service so why wouldn't we

want to push them in that direction and

that's why serving your clients is so

important because even if you give them

an amazing experience on their wedding

day you can supplement that even more by

providing them a gallery and viewing

experience that's second and not even

with a crazy strange year like 2020 I

plan on making tons of passive income

with pic time still because the

integration of their apps and getting

creative with how I can automate my

messages to clients

I still can make money in this time and

since picked I'm migrated all of my

existing galleries over I can now make

them live again and open up print sales

to all of my former clients from the

years past plus I can prompt them with

the existing gallery back up and see if

they want to do the monthly subscription

for keeping their gallery live which

again is more passive income for my

business and I started selling prints it

was a game changer for me because I had

more expendable income

I spent some of that income on actually

going out to Malibu with my friends

amber and David for their one-year

anniversary and instead of taking money

for that shoot I actually broke even and

now it's one of my biggest portfolio

pieces do not underestimate the ability

for you to make extra income on top of

the services you already offer because

that income can then supplement you do

all the creative things that you want to

do and grow your business in the most

organic way thank you so much for

watching this video and making it all

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thanks again for watching guys