How To Make $400 a Day on eBay Flipping Cell Phones

what's up YouTube Khaled here also known

as smooth flipper and this video will be

my first video of the channel excuse me

and uh basically my channel is going to

be about learning how to flip cellphone

I'll flip cellphones for a livin and

I've been doing it for six years

currently a college student right now

and basically my videos and content will

be about flipping cell phones how to do


how's a little about making my money and

you know the part of this video is going

to be like how to make 300 bucks in one

day sipping cellphones currently right

now I'm at a truck stop I just picked up

a cup of phones that I'm going to show

you guys and yeah I'm gonna put these

phones on eBay to flip for a higher

profit and let's get into it so I picked

up I picked up three phones today let me

sleep get three phones for the first one

I picked up was a Samsung Galaxy edge

alright bought this is a Verizon I

bought this phone four hundred and fifty


also comes with a case I can flip this

from for about 250 so it's about ninety

bucks profit I bought this one right

here which is a you guys can see iPhone

six-plus gold the carrier's Verizon as

well everything is clean on a no cracks

no nothing I paid he wanted 250 for it

and I talked him down to 180 so we did

180 and I can set this one for about for

about 320 so that's a big profit right

there and also bought another iPhone

this is a 6s to the S this was 6s for

spread it does have a bad IMEI the guy

pay in the pain is a bill so these

phones go this won't do well Thaddius

oppose do well armed people don't

realize it but this fault I bought just

right now for 130 right looked on eBay

and they sell for about I think I think

I saw to 40 to 50 range I'm popular

selling at to 40 to 50 range and yes oh

so basically you know I just buy your

cell phones every day you know I post

ads on Craigslist or stuff like that I'm

going to get more in depth into it in my

next videos but um basically what I do

to make some money on the side um it's

great anybody can do it or if you know

you're interested in something like this

let me know I'm always willing to help

people do this and and yeah so this

today I probably made instead even

partners right now check the time I

think it's about 12 it's twelve forty

seven pm so I bought three phones

already I probably can make you know

profit 300 books already so it's not

even you know it's not even afternoon

you and I already made 300 bucks

so this shows you this this method works

yeah so you know if you have any

questions let me know if you like this

video or you're interested in more

information like comment subscribe and I

next clip I'm going to show you guys how

I slow these phones are why so these

going forward so stay tuned for the next

equipment you guys that I bought abso or

email the first phone that episode was

the Samsung Galaxy s6 edge for Verizon

remember I paid 150 for it

I had less selling it for 285 that's

$125 profit the next phone that I sold

was this iPhone 6 plus that I showed you


I paid 180 for it sold for 345

that's a big $155 profit and the next

phone that I sold was the 6s with the

baddie SM for Sprint but I paid 130 for

it and I sold this phone for 240 so

after the calculations I end up making

400 dollars in profit off these three

phones so there's the proof for you guys

that this does work um it's it's fairly

simple and if you're interested in

getting into this business please let me

know a move to help you guys get in this

business as a couple of links at the

bottom of my facebook page and my

facebook group where I offer uh teaching

on how to do this if you guys are

interested please send me a message or

go straight to that link on Facebook and

let me know thank you and stay tuned for

the next video