How to sell your iPhone for the most money

so you want to get the new iPhone well

that means it's time to sell your old

model and make some money

there are a ton of ways to sell or trade

in an old iPhone but if you want to earn

the most money here are some tips the

first thing to keep in mind if you want

top dollar is that you have to sell it

right now yes iPhone 10s as soon as a

new iPhone is announced the older models

quickly drop in value and you're gonna

earn the most by selling it yourself on

a marketplace like Craigslist or Ebay

there is more risk and hassle in doing

it yourself especially Craigslist where

you have to meet people somewhere

because that can be awkward

eBay is safer with purchase protection

and eBay also charges a 10% sales fees

but still if you put in the work eBay is

gonna bring you much more money than the

other treated methods if you want the

easiest method that gets you paid right

away trade it in with a retailer do it

the same time you buy your new iPhone

the only catch is that you get store

credit that means gift cards the good

thing is you can compare price offerings

online before you go sometimes Best Buy

or Apple can offer more than 18 T or

Amazon for the same phone now if you

rather skip the gift card and get a

check in the mail and yes I do mean a

Chuck sent you in the mail go with a

trade-in website there are a number of

sites you should compare there's gazelle

buyback world next worth you sell and

declutter just to name a few which one

pays better well that always varies when

you find a price you like go ahead and

lock it in these sites will give you a

shipping label and you have about a

month to box it up and drop them in the

mail then you'll get paid if you're not

sure if you want to sell the phone just

yet well still right now go get a quote

locked in no matter what you have time

to think it over and if you change your

mind it's no big deal you don't have to

send the phone of course before you ship

off your phone there are a few things

you have to do back it up

save all those photos contacts and

whatnot if you have an Apple watch

unpair it turn off the Find My iPhone

feature sign

out of iCloud and wipe the phone give it

a factory reset by erasing all content

and settings oh and do you make sure you

paid off the phone and cancel service

before you sell it even if your screen

is cracked or maybe the phone's a little

banged up remember you can still make

some money with a trade-in

thanks for watching and if you have

experience or tips for selling your old

iPhone share your story in the comments

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