Iphones With Flappy Bird Selling For 94 000$ On Ebay

so a guy tries to sell an iPhone on eBay

with flappy bird on it for nine to four

thousand dollars what's up guys my name

is Dave waffle and welcome to I am so

have you ever played flappy bird I mean

let me know if you like it or hate it in

the comments below

seriously for me I've never really

played this game why because it kind of

looks stupid it's like a ripoff of mario

brothers and for me Mario Brothers

that's as far as I'm going for a simple

game you know jump run fireballs

alright so let's check this story out

yes again it's about a guy who's selling

his iPhone 5 on eBay for 94 thousand

dollars and why because it's got that

silly game flappy bird on it now the

whole reason this whole thing went up is

I'm not sure if you guys have been up on

the media but flappy bird was this huge

app everyone was going freaking crazy on

it I swear to God video games are worse

than heroin

believe it or not that's actually why

the video game was actually taken down

off of the website and the App Store

because the creator thought that

obviously the game was too addictive for

people so here's the thing the option

that was posted on eBay has miraculously


now you're probably wondering are we

making this story up well no there's

sufficient you know photo evidence and

stuff that proves that this actually was

up on eBay but all of a sudden the

auction just I think the crazy thing

about this is the fact that as soon as

went up went absolutely ballistic for

one guy I actually said that he would

pay seven thousand dollars for an iPhone

5 with flappy birds on it okay seriously

first of all you got $7000 to be really

gonna spend it on a fricking stupid game

that a looks like it was made in the

1980s and B is not really that fun to

begin with why am I so angry about this

guy's why because I'm a battlefield guy

but you could be single-player I'm all

about halo so let me know guys if you're

a gamer in the comments below and as I

always say keep it real keep the classic

on the flipside out there in the real