How to Post Ads On Craigslist With Your Phone (Mobile)

what's up YouTube I trust you're doing

well today we're gonna learn how to post

on Craigslist using their smartphone

today I have an Android device that

you're seeing now I'm on the San

Francisco Bay Area Craigslist website if

you are at the San Francisco Bay Area

Craigslist and you want to do you know

for example in New York you can click

u.s. cities or US states here on the

bottom or Canada if you're in Canada or

if you're in another country click down

there so you want to get to the

appropriate Craigslist website for your

area the other thing you want to do is

take photos of your item so you have

those already taken in in your phone so

when it comes time to upload the photos

sort of you know find your photos

they're already in your phone they

should be all ready to be cropped and

there's the lighting should be fixed if

it's too dark or too bright create an

account if you like the create an

account is really easy because it saves

your email address and it saves your ads

so it's easy to renew them but it's not

required I'm just going to show you a

basic ad just to do without an account

so I clicked post and if you're a dealer

you do deal with your business if you're

not a business you go for Sale By Owner

and you're gonna want to find the

category to post in if you're not sure

what category to post in what I

recommend is actually going back to the

previous page and running a search for

the item to this page here and pretend

you're actually buying it so if I'm

buying an iPhone 7 for example I'll go

ahead and search that and see what

categories people are putting them in

there we go options as you can see here

most people have it under cellphones

1,057 cell phones categories 454 and

wanted so people wanting the iPhone 7 I

now know that cellphones is the correct

category so go for Sale By Owner and I'm

gonna scroll down to cellphones by owner

because I've found out that that's the

best place for it so let's just say

we're in San Francisco for this ad

you're gonna find the where you are you

can bypass this step but I do recommend

picking the district that you're in or

the area that you're in

which I think improves the likelihood

that somebody will call you this is the

same with all the other videos and maybe

you want to type in your email address

here twice I would let them send you

emails because they are gonna make it

anonymous for you don't have to worry

about people finding your personal email

texting in phone is the way to go

because you

get more calls more likelihood you're

gonna sell your item you definitely want

to put a price make a really long good

title oh you can see here I posted on my

mobile device when I had some I had some

tickets to a to a concert and I was

actually able to post these concert

tickets and sell them within two hours

so having that I was out of town

visiting a festival and I was still able

to sell those tickets within two hours

of posting it on the Craigslist app and

that was in Sacramento California so go

ahead and put your postal code your

posting body make sure you put the make

in the model so iPhone the model would

be seven you can do the dimensions if

you want condition whether it's new or

not mobile OS would be iOS I do like to

show it on the map I do not like to put

my exact street though because I don't

want people coming to my house so I just

do show on maps a so I finished all the

descriptions and I posted it I just gave

my zip code I did not give them my exact

address at this point you're gonna click

add images and it should prompt you with

what application you want to use to find

your images I would use documents or

Explorer you had already taken two

photos beforehand so just explore for

them and then add them so I just added

two images that we're already saving to

my phone they're not something I'm

actually selling but just to show you

that you're gonna have one featured

image and that's gonna be the image that

the primary image with my phone it's the

first image you upload is going to be

the featured one which is going to be on

the on the search result that's gonna be

the first image that pops up so make

sure when you add an image the first

image you choose is the one that you

want to have featured on a search

results so it's the most important image

make sure it looks really good once

you're done with that you're gonna sleep

down with images and you should see a

review screen at this point I've one

aftershock Festival general mission

Sunday Ticket in downtown SF @ SF you

know I just wrote in a brief - I didn't

write the real description but you write

you know some search terms give them the

details about your device in the

description and then again remember

you're not done yet at this point you

want to hit publish and after that so

there you go I got a you get an email

because you need to

you need to do this last step which is

clicking this link here once you click

that link you have to accept the Terms

of Use and now my ad is posted it's

totally in there and I can go to manage

your post if I sell it I can go ahead

and now delete it if I want to update

the description or change the price I

can just go to edit this posting and

there it is it's now online

I can copy and paste this in here at the

top which I can send a friend's or post

on my facebook and share it and we're

all done

so hope you sell your items this should

work well