CeX Morden - How to Drop and Go! Sell to CeX! With No Hanging Around!

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hey man you open mate

we're just in online orders i want to

sell this watch

yeah we do take it you just need to make

an order on our website for drop and go

don't worry i'll show you how


okay so if you're at home and you want

to sell your items to us you can still

do that you can still do that

just go to our website we buy

dot com once you're in the website you

can find the item that you want to sell

so i'm going to look up the 4runner 735

which is a watch from garmin

for runner 735 give that a search

and then we can see what we want to do

we've got the prices

i just want to say sell this item that

item then gets added

to your basket and it's the green one

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