How do telemarketers get your number?

telemarketers seem to have always been

able to interrupt your dinner when they

feel like trying to sell you a magazine

subscription maybe insurance always the

timing right now for months now you let

Joe know how annoying this is so ABC 15

investigator Joe Ducey wanted to know

more about how in the world they get

your number your cell phone rings hello

and who's at the other end surprise it's

a telemarketer so how do they get your

number turns out your contact

information is worth a lot telemarketers

buy it according to Business Insider

there are hundreds of data providers who

gather your information to sell to

people who turn around and try to sell

you something

to get your information to help track

your purchases online deliveries

warranty cards and more so protect your

information anytime you enter a contest

or drawing you're giving out your

contact information try using an

alternate email address for things like

this how often do get calls asking you

to donate to a charity charities often

hire third party telemarketing companies

to make those calls and that means they

get your information to ask to be

removed from any future telemarketing

activities when you talk to them think

twice about applying for credit the

credit agencies will also give out your

information and here's one you might not

have thought about do you have a

flashlight app on your smartphone Tecla

sure supports that apps like that are

really after your personal information

so next time you download a game app

actually read the Terms of Use it might

be agreeing to a lot more than you think

so if you've been problems with

telemarketers like Joe know you can call

email or find them on Facebook or