5 Tips For Selling Insurance Over The Phone!

Dillons all decked out in this Chiefs

gear I got red on does this mean I'm a

cheese fan I don't know man I don't know

but hey five insurance phone tips know

everyone struggles with insurance the

telephone the phone in general you

struggle with the phone more than

anything else in your business i

guarante rican tea it I'm gonna give you

five phone tips and they're gonna be a

little different than what I've normally

give because I give a lot of phone tips

I give my five calling tips my my three

calling rules all those things first one

expect objections you're going to get

objections be ready for them but I don't

mean expect them and then like not do it

because they're gonna happen just expect

them have a canned response know what to

say don't pause and finish with a

question and you'll hope you'll have

better results also tip number two

listen listen more than you talk listen

more than talk and that will help

because you want them to be opening up

and telling you things you want to be

responding to you you're gonna be

listening and that helps tip number

three ask questions I don't believe in

talking ever on the phone unless I

finish with a question asking questions

is huge I put something we put a graphic

out and someone shared it into the

insurance suit group with twenty three

thousand members in it and when went

when they did that there was a lot of

feedback about my secret phone trick

which is to always finish with a

question a lot of positive feedback from

that when we want to check out that

graphic on our Facebook tip number four

be confident no one wants to buy from

someone that has no confidence in

themself if you don't or if you aren't

confident in your career your product

and what you're trying to accomplish

guess what they won't be either you got

to be confident and tip number five have

a strong script you guys know I'm big on

scripts there's a lot of veteran agents

like I don't need a script or somebody

buys leads and they're like hey you know

what these leads didn't work for me and

then I call them and I have results and

it's like out of ten leads I'll set

three four five six appointments and

they'll set none it's because they

didn't they if you think you're too good

for a script then you know what you're

too good for the insurance business

you're too good for success you're too

good for yourself you're too good to


and you will film art Roberts tip number

five have a strong script make sure that

you use one I promise they work if you

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take that take that take that take