How to Sell Phone Cases Online

Today we are talking about a highly scalable product niche that was suggested by one of you our viewers

Sebastien Simon asked for phone cases. We always read what you guys write below

So thank you for the comment Sebastien because this is a great niche to explore

It's one has helped a lot of successful dropshippers get up and running including one merchant who made four and a half

Thousand dollars in just nine weeks and we are going to look at how you can replicate that success right after this short musical intro

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Hi world, how's it going? It's Mark from Oberlo in today's show and cell we're taking a close look at dropshipping phone cases

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We'll begin with why phone cases is an attractive niche for dropshippers

Will look at some suppliers on Oberlo and some awesome phone cases from Oberlo that I have with me here

We'll talk about how you can find an audience for your store with a brief phone case case study

And I also have some awesome resources to share to help get you started if you consider selling phone cases online

So why on earth would you want to sell phone cases? This is a product niche that has lasting recurring demand and global appeal

It's a product that was seemingly made for dropshipping phone cases are lightweight

Suitable for a package shipping and there is an endless lineup of designs and case types and trends but perhaps the most attractive

aspect of selling phone cases online is the high margins that you can make.

Did you know Americans hand over five thousand four hundred dollars a year on impulse buys. That's why you're in luck.

There are tons of phone cases available for dropshipping on Oberlo and you can price

plenty of these phone cases at a two time markup and still offer them to your consumers for under 20 bucks.

That's well within range for attracting impulse purchases phone cases are also well suited

to cross selling and can therefore lead to great revenue too. Think about it:

"Would you like fries with that?" is the mother of all cross sales because fries are perfect with a hamburger.

So when you come to cell phone cases, don't cross cell with fries instead. How about suggesting your customers

also buy something like this magnetic phone holder.

Which is a fun and highly practical item that perfectly complements a phone case.

This mini waterproof case is a godsend for people who can't help but gram while they're making a splash on vacation.

It doesn't cost much either which makes it a touch more compelling for an impulse buyer.

Now you don't have to be shy with the items you cross sell to your customers.

You can be more ambitious

with a great suggestion that has a slightly higher price tag than the magnet or waterproof case, such as this wireless phone charger.

This is an incredibly practical product that virtually all phone owners would want to use,

in particular Apple device owners who are quite limited in choice when it comes to wireless chargers.

I'll talk about a great app for cross selling a little later on but for now

that's enough on cross selling and why you may want to start selling phone cases online.

There is a huge array of phone cases that you can dropship. To keep things simple for you and your customers we recommend

sourcing your phone case products from a single supplier; that will give you a much clearer overview of shipping times,

costs, and stock numbers for your products than if you are dealing with multiple suppliers all with different

options. If you can go with an Obero Verified Supplier or an Oberlo supplier.

It's worth remembering that Verified Suppliers have low dispute rates and

thousands of orders worth of experience in dropshipping.

So you're far more likely to have a reliable and effective supply line with Verified Suppliers.

Like irobotbox and Oberlo suppliers like Mmore, Wenyi,

Pixels and Milky Way Cases, all offer a wide range of phone cases. Picking a few cases from one of these suppliers

also helps you focus on a specific type of phone case.

For example these wooden ones, or perhaps something more professional like a leather case.

There are many more, such as anti-knock protective options like this one for you to choose from. You may find that

settling on a specific type of phone case helps you narrow down your advertising efforts,

which is how you're going to sell these bad boys in the end. And the only way you'll get buyers for your case is if

you do some solid work with your marketing. To do that, you will need to learn as much as you can about your audience.

So when you see a phone case or a range of cases that you'd like to sell, ask yourself these questions

about the potential customer: 1. Are they male or female? 2. How old are they? 3. what brands do they follow?

For what hashtags, do they follow the more of these questions? You can answer the better.

You'll be able to target your ads to people who will buy your phone cases and to help you see how you might go about this,

we've conducted a small case study for social media advertising.

We took this "fries before guys" phone case as a guinea pig. It comes from the supplier I mentioned earlier, Milkyway Cases.

So, looking at this phone case, what can we deduce to help kick off our Facebook advertising campaign?

Let's begin with the slogan, "fries before guys".

It's safe to say this kind of slogan is probably aimed at attracting a young, playful

female consumer. The fun, safe for work nature of this slogan

makes me think this phone case should be aimed at an audience of women who are relatively young.

Let's say 25 and under. This young customer may follow McDonald's on social media.

I say that because the fries container on the phone case has a similar shape and color scheme as the classic McDonald's fries carton.

These answers are a great starting point for beginning our Facebook advertising campaigns.

This will really help us find an audience. Watch how we can do it on Facebook now.

Let's fire up audience insights and enter in the supposed profile of the audience

we just created. Aged 18 to 25. Female.

I've entered "interested in online shopping" because, remember, we're looking for impulse buyers here.

Other interests are McDonald's, and as we are selling phone cases the audience must be interested in phones, right?

So let's go with iPhone because why not?

We're trying things out for now. As we see here this group is responsive to ads at an above average rate for Facebook.

That's promising, as is this column down here.

Now the cool thing about Facebook Insights like this as you can see from which device the audience accesses Facebook

This isn't always useful but when it comes to selling phone cases it definitely is. So we see here how much of our audience

uses an iPhone for example, this is knowledge

we can use to our advantage especially when it comes to targeting potential customers of a "fries before guys" iPhone case.

Alright, this isn't foolproof

we made a few assumptions. Perhaps our phone case customer likes Burger King and Samsung. The less questions

you can answer the more money

you'll have to spend

testing ads to find out what your market is. Be as smart as you can right off the bat and start by narrowing down your

audience with a few educated guesses so you can begin

retargeting and retargeting. There are some things you need to know about targeting and I'll share them with you a little later.

But for now back to our phone case audience, what about our final question hashtags?

Well, would you look at that "fries before guys" has its own hashtag.

In fact, it has quite a few. Each of a different kind of fries emoji at the end of the hashtag.

But if we take the main one as an example

We see that it has over a hundred thousand posts

It gets tons of traffic and I haven't seen a single post about our phone case

That means we have zero competition. If we want to target this case at followers and users of this

hashtag now an awesome thing about

Dropshipping is you don't have to stock this one "fries before guys" phone case just because you are running ads for it

You can stock many phone cases

You may find that customers who visit your store because of the "fries before guys" case

actually add a different case to their cart. You won't be able to predict such situations

but it's good to take advantage of them when they come you can do that by adding a range of phone cases to your store

with Oberlo it only takes a minute and because you're dropshipping you don't have to worry about inventory if one of your products

isn't selling as well as others. All right, I think I've made a good argument for selling this kind of product online

But before I rest my case, I have to give you some resources. First up is that awesome app

I promised you that can turbo charge your cross selling efforts. Bold upsell is a sales and conversion optimization app

available in the Shopify app store. Let's take a quick look here at the example store that shows the app in action

we've Bold Upsell, when a customer chooses to add an item to cart or clicks on the checkout button you

automatically offer them an additional item that they can add directly from the pop up. If you have a few different products

they might like, you can show multiple offers and let them scroll through to pick their favorites.

I spoke earlier about retargeting ads on Facebook. Well for that you'll need the help of the Facebook pixel

So I've included a link to a blog post below. Click that link and get up to speed with all the great ways the Facebook

Pixel can skyrocket your marketing on Facebook. We think phone cases are one of the best products for dropshipping.

Do you agree? Do you have any marketing tips for phone cases that we didn't mention today?

Let me know in the comments below and I'll make sure to get back to you

Thank you for watching this video and until next time learn often market better and sell more