do you have a retail job and it's your

job to sell retail credit cards do you

have a boss who seems to look at you as

only a number every time they pass

behind run and do you dread every end of

the month when you are giving your

selling status your your your number of

cards sold for the month how do you feel

do you feel dreadful hey I got your back

I'm making about you with guys with the

best tips and strategies and hacks of

how to turn your life around

and how to sell retail retail or credit

cards I can't talk anyway so first off

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hi I'm doing also stay tuned because

there is a surprise at the very end so

make sure you watch this video all the

way through so this video is about 5

tips 5 hacks of how to sell retail

credit cards so I just received a

comment on one of my very popular videos

it's on selling retail credit cards but

it's like a skit and so I just received

this comment from this user saying OLM

oh I thought this was an actual like tip

to me you don't know how to like sell

the credit cards because it's cool to it

yes yeah this was up and I was like you

know what honestly in all seriousness I

could probably learn a lot with some

tips I just previously got out of retail

thank God every person should go through

retail and being a waitress because that

really just shows do the other side of

the business that's there it really

makes you a better person I would say so

it really made me a better person retail

but it'd be too much sometimes and

sometimes they selling retail credit

card as it can be way too much and very

very draining as well too so I feel like

I've had enough experience to go ahead

and hit some these philosophy back so

let's just have read in this video I

hate long intro so we just gonna get a

crack it okay so tip number one for

selling retail credit cards make sure

you are right in there with enthusiasm

so rather if you're a cashier at

register or if you're at a specific

place for credit cards and your story or

whatever make sure that as soon as you

see that customer sooner so you start to

engage with them it's just energy and

enthusiasm right off the bat bet

so usually I usually give you more like

my smile and like my my tone of voice my

enthusiasm but I mean everybody's like

this some people are just more like it

I'll shake for just even more Shire

unless long as you kind of projected and

have confidence and what you're saying

and what you're trying to actually

promote we don't have to be all like hey

I'm funny and awesome like me

um but yeah doesn't make sure that

you're selling it from the very point

that you're actually speaking with your

customer because nobody wants to be

persuaded to getting a credit card by

you and this whole time you've been here

yeah I'm gonna get a credit card you're

gonna say X amount of money whatever and

then they're like oh yeah and then all

the time you're like what really you

said yes I'm fine let's go ahead and

sign you up now

woohoo and be like what's wrong with you

like working out of us I might be like

yeah you don't want to do that so it

just seems like here only about like

numbers and then like the signing up and

then that's kind of anyway can ruin

somebody's experience like oh wow like

it seems like people here they just want

you don't just sign up for things they

just want the numbers and it's not

really about my shopping experience

being positive and benefiting me as well

too so that's a very very important you

know one also number one starts to go

into number two which number two is to

make sure to keep yourself authentic

sometimes people couldn't sound like

legit robots when trying to sell a card

like because this is this this and that

we want to sign up no that's not gonna

work for you me I mean you can using my

personality this is just this but my

thing is coming off as real like hey we

can get this cup of this benefit with

this car you know I can use it this

place and space in this place and then

you know save some money while you're

going along that kind of thing it's all

about really relatability and then

wording as well suit you kind of keep it

yeah you just can't keep it going

basically see I just seem like you're

really down to earth like you're really

just having a casual conversation with

them and not just sitting there like

bringing up gonna take them out of the

real room oh I'm in like a retail store

they want me to

just have a legit real conversation like

you're talking about anything basically

so that's another big important part of

giving getting them more comfortable

into kind of this releasing and letting

loose from being uptight from oh they

won't make it a credit card you know

it's kind of talked them into it kind of

be kind of just be honest just be


don't be tip number three make sure of

course you gonna wonder this off the bat

is to keep hitting them with benefits so

if you're seeing that they're kind of

like oh I don't know they're on the edge

you can fifty percent not having fifty

percent have them hooked on to it so

make sure you're still hitting it with

benefits like oh you can get this you

can get this if they have a big purchase

if they have a lot in their basket or

whatever say you can save this much on

your purchase right now you can use

those points that you're going to get

towards other purchases you're really

building points right now and you're

you're you're getting money back and

you're really just actually doing

something good for yourself in the long

end and so you have money that's what

everybody wants to do right so yeah just

be really real about it just let them

know like hey you can do this and then

this and then this and then that and I'm

Matt and a big part is you don't want to

sound like you're begging them that was

never my style personally um it's all

I'm making it sound good and then also

just making it to where people actually

feel like they're doing something big

with saving money especially with women

they just want to feel like oh they won

just so far their purchases oh yeah I

think this much money said hey what else

we can't be mad at me right

yeah so yeah let's keep just keep you

know reinforcing the benefits a man you

can really do this you can do that you

know if I were to you know sign up and

you take some money for your purchase

and you know the holidays are coming up

you can definitely decide that you want

to use your new points towards your

volunteer purchases for gifts that's


knock it out the park boom and if you

don't want to keep the card forever you

don't have to you can use it for the

holiday season and then after that don't

use the card again don't close if that's

bad for your credit oh yeah you can just

cut the card up put it in a drawer and

never use it again wait till expires and

then you're golden can I tell you yeah

so that's another big point it's just to

make sure you hit them with those

benefits fraud protection all that kind

of stuff just I don't know case it's

like secure all that jazz only takes a

minute to sign up it's really to just

kind of make it sound like it's not a

big deal yeah you can just sign up a

little quick and then yeah I can just

see what we can get you for the card and

whatever and then yeah another way of

thinking of the whole keeping with the

benefits and the facts I'm kidding you

but with that information so for example

say that's your significant other you

know you really want to persuade them

into buying a new car a Tesla maybe yeah

Tess is very expensive but you know you

just really want to persuade your

significant other and say hey this is

current this car is smart to get these

are the reasons why would you really get

this car you want to really sell them on

that so say like oh it's got great

mileage it's got a lot of space inside

just good storage as well - it's a lot

of room for the kids inside so if we're

taking trips whatever we've got that

solidified also it's pretty easy you

know her repair is not expensive this is

act like you you really want the person

to get the car and just to keep hitting

I'm like yeah if this is

whatever and as long as they allow in

the actual you know the transaction if

they're binding like I said oh don't

don't don't overdo it with them they're

trying to go home they trying to drink

they sell it or at least don't overdo it

just keep it short and sweet but like I

said they have a bigger purchase you

have time go ahead use that time while

you can

hit them with all those benefits all

that kind of jazz like that's the smarts

that you can do just utilize your time

very wisely yeah at the end of that

transaction let them know hey you could

save this much money before we check out

let me know we can get you started it

only takes two or three minutes to sign

up then you might even just save some

money with our new credit card that I

saw you this time tip number four hit

the dough turn negatives into positives

so if they have some negative things to

say like oh my husband might kill me oh

the APR is too high tell your husband

needs benefits okay because it's gonna

be hot okay cuz you be saving some money

especially for the holiday cakes is

November right now and then also they

have mentioned like the AP ours too high

wish the APR for retail credit cards are

usually a lot higher than you know

regular credit cards but Yap you tell

them like hey you know if you just

decide that you know what we're gonna

pay these cards off right when we spend

the actual money we're gonna send out

the checks and off the money you pay

online right away cool you can also make

sure that you set up automatic payments

they can just go straight to your car so

you never have to worry about the APR

and also lastly you can just make a

little reminder in your phone or likes

an alarm or even just put a note on your

calendar that hasn't

on it be like hey my payments do this

day and then you know just pay it off

that way but if you're responsible with

it which shouldn't be too hard

definitely that's the best way to avoid

the APR things like that so yeah is it

these did not come overnight my old job

like they had training for this kind of

stuff so it did help for sure I kind of

find your loopholes around everything

but definitely if you can just think

about these responses that you get from

new customers like hope hey what do they

actually you know come back at me with

what can I not answer because I don't

know what the answer to just like you're

not gonna think about it and you know

ask from like hey what other people say

about in response to these questions and

these statements that the customers

actually have to repel actually getting

a credit card yes what I'd be able to

find your little loop your loopholes

around all there no statements just

bring them in - yes statements there you

go and then they're sitting there like

they got me what am I supposed to say

now yes I know can I say no I don't know

if I good night now okay tip number five

techno is when the day comes if they

finally decide they want to sign up for

a credit card under your name under your

numbers it's all like Malcolm home okay

so you want to definitely keep the

column tone that you have don't get like

a satellite

oh we happy let's get you yeah whoo I

mean of course you're filling that

inside but she still write paper calm

like oh no this is good basically I'm

not jumping into that agenda beam I'm

not excited right now but she really

have to just keep it professional you

still have to just try and walk people

through the whole process you walk them

through the benefits you want to make

sure to walk them through this finding

everything and putting your information

in things like that so seven over five

make sure your process for applying is

as smooth as possible if there's any

outside factors like so much fun to

bother you while you're trying to do

your transaction you think

I'm sorry get my stats up cuz that's

what you mean

yeah just trying to keep outside factors

stop what you're doing just make sure

that you focus solely on them whatever

questions that they have be right there

to answer answer it right away

it still also become too competent with

what you were answering them on so if

they're feeling antsy about on or my

information you know be put in your

system say something like oh like

information our system doesn't keep your

information so everything that you put

in and go straight to the bank we don't

give anything in our system so

everything is very very secure and then

we also have you to fill on your

information house we don't put any

information of your PIN by ourselves all

right guys this is the surprise and guys

I'm gonna hit you guys with a bonus tip

tip number six so hey if say if you know

you don't get every transaction where

you're gonna get a credit card so say if

you know somebody doesn't want one

they're like maybe not maybe I'll do it

you know some other time whatever but I

don't know how I feel I'll have to go

collect my husband Peter spawns like

that to say okay

understandable you know but I'll send

you home with this pamphlet if you guys

have pamphlets at your store definitely

take a read over it has all the

information so if we do have questions

they are in there or can get our store a

call it's ball two for additional

questions but make sure you keep that

dialogue open with that customer

basically just keep the offer open I

used to say oh hey definitely keep your

mind on it

we'll keep the offer still on the table

so if you come back to the next day come

back in a week say you know what I went

over the pamphlet I thought about it

some more I think I'm gonna do it boom

you know even if you don't get that same

customer it still opens the window for

somebody else to get that customer so

you basically introduce you plant that

c4 you know getting that credit card

soul to that customer and you know I'm

time they come back nothing about it

like you know what credit card nothing

about that credit card you know see

they're gonna ask by other people as

well too so it's just kind of like mmm

it opens that I would say opens that

sword but it opens that door basically

for a credit card to go in and then you

know either way if it's somebody else

from gets that credit for that credit

card your team is still winning your

whole stores I'm just gonna go up

because you're all getting you know more

cards so if that was helpful definitely

let me know I've been at a retail for

like three months

praise God so I'm like I'm a little

rusty but I don't know mostly uh-huh so

I hope that I could remember all my

information and give it to you guys in a

decent manner

I'll see ya definitely like I said

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