How To Sell Battle Pets | Beginners Guide

so you're back that means you want to

know how to sell battle pets in this

video I will show you exactly how to

sell battle pets on the auction house

now just stick around and enjoy the

video first of all before we get into

this I have a tip and trick about

different types of battle pets now if

you remember in warlords of draenor you

have a and you have a level-two garrison

you can go over to your menagerie and

you have a once per character quest in

which you can pick up a token there for

which then you will receive a token

which will boost any battle pet to level

25 is the shortest quest ever and if

you've got a load of owls I suggest that

you just bash out this question it takes

about two minutes just to do well not

even that it doesn't even tell how long

my next trick is why don't you just buy

the ones from the vendors buy the battle

pets from the vendors if you're starting

out by the ones from the vendors and

sell them you buy them from a rough

average of about 40 silver per one per

battle pet now they usually sell on the

auction house from around about anywhere

from like 20 gold to like 200 gold for

the vendor pets that is a massive jump

and it just gets you into the flow of

the market on how to sell battle pets

because once you understand how to sell

battle pets you'll be able to work out

what works what doesn't work what takes

a while to sell what sell fast

posting of pets now I can't stress this

enough you've got to you want to look up

what battle pets are selling but you

don't want to flood the market you want

a happy you want to always be the one at

the top so always the cheapest so always

undercut by one silver or one copper

depending on how your market flow is now

there is a lot of competition with

selling battle pets so you got to

understand that's why I said in the last

part that you should start with the

vendor pets and see how that goes to see

how competitive your market actually is

on selling battle pets so you get a

rough idea on how much to undercut and

how little to undercut because these

like these undercutting wars so to speak

they carry on forever and it's always a

struggle to sell your battle pets

because they don't sell that often but

they do sell I just like to say that now

you want to post your battle pets either

12 hours every 12 hours is the optimum

thing because obviously you're always

checking your auction house and you're

always relisting but if you don't have a

lot of time do 24 hours never 48 that is

days of sin never never 48 hours for

selling battle pets either 12 or 24

hours now with in regards to posting if

there is nothing on the actual auction

house of the pet that you're trying to

sell and you want to set the value of it

take for instance we're selling a green

macaw parrot okay and then you see like

another parrot that's selling for 200

gold and there's another one that's

selling for 5,000 gold now I always go

with the range yes we're talking maths

so we'll get the the biggest one and

we'll - the little one so 5000 - 200

gives you about 4,800 then I always have

it and then that that would add up to

around about 2,400 gold for that pair

the cause obviously the valley wasn't

set but you don't want to take the piss

because if you start taking the mick

of the market people aren't going to buy

it they're not going to want it and

they'll just wait til someone comes up

and goes oh I'll just undercut this guy

by like a thousand gold because that

does happen because they're because I am

talking more or less on the vendor pets

but this is why I say start with the

vendor pets so you get an understanding

on how your market actually were

addons right can you use Eva TSM

auctioneer auction ater but my preferred

method and what I highly recommend you

guys use for selling battle pets is

auction ater why because auction ater

it's just an easy it's just an easy to

use format for selling battle pets you

can use TSM and auctioneer but my

preferred preference for selling battle

pets is auction ater why because it goes

into the next add-on which is the

undermine journal add-on now this gains

all of the means the average is and it

basically prices it for you when you're

putting up on the auction house because

it scans your auction house all the time

therefore it's always undercutting for

you and even if something isn't on the

auction house and you have something

that that isn't listed it will give it a

value based on the previous data that's

it's already gathered throughout the

time on your server this is a really

good add-on setup and I highly recommend

that you use alternator and the

undermine journal add-ons and get


choosing your pets now choosing your

pets it's more or less what are you

going to sell are you gonna sell the

big-ticket pets are you know the average

pets which like the song strokes are you

gonna sell the vendor pets which are

like the bog-standard

things now as a beginner I would highly

highly recommend that you what sell the

vendor pets just so you can get used to

your market if you want to get into the

high-end ones and be like oh yes I want

to pull in a hundred K a week or 100k a

day it doesn't work like that it's it

takes time it's like transmog if you can

sell transmog you can sell barrel pairs

that's what i think so as for a beginner

sell the vendor pets get used to your

market then you start selling the zhong

shops and the disgusting use links and

all of that then once you are fully into

wanting to choose like a high-end pet

like a spectral cub then I recommend

that you do the investing when you

actually have the capital to even think

about that like you buy you flip it so I

would buy like two two or three spectral

card then I would instantly get them up

to level 25 realist them

I had bought them for like a hundred and

fifty K each then you turn to level 25

you flip them for like two hundred and

fifty so that's 100 K profit each but

they take a long time to sell you don't

expect to make a lot of money in the

short term but in the long term you will

make a lot of money now I hope you like

this video on how to sell battle pets

and Wow and if you've got any questions

leave them down in the comment section

down below and as always have an awesome

day guys