Rat OWNER reacts to rat ADS on selling sites

hello guys welcome back to my channel

and welcome to today's video so you guys

know I am big on advocating for getting

your rats from a reputable breeder or

from a rescue I have a whole entire

video about that if you want to watch

that it's called where should you get

your rats from I'll leave that linked in

the AI cards and also down in the

description I am big on advocating for

either getting a maximum rescue or from

a breeder however sometimes it can be

very hard to pick which breeders are

actually decent and which breeders will

provide you with happy healthy rats

really can be really hard when you've

made that decision to get rats to then

decide why to get them from if you

literally type into Google rats for sale

three main websites in the UK will come

up these are all selling sites and these

are mainly Gumtree pre-loved

and pet spa homes so in general I would

advise against using these websites to

buy rats or any animal really especially

puppies and especially if you don't know

what you're looking for these websites

can be a really good place to find marks

that need to be homing or accidental

letters that people have had and they've

listed them on there so for those

purposes I think these looks likes can

be a good place to find rats but in

terms of finding a breeder I definitely

would advise against using these

websites so most practical breeders

won't use these selling sites to

advertise their rats they will have

their own separate website and Facebook

pages we can have a better look at the

rats growing up and see updates on them

and see what conditions they're living

in and you can also see other people's

experiences with buying rats from them

some breeders may use these selling

websites to advertise their external

Facebook and their own websites I think

this is okay because they are driving

traffic to the websites where people can

learn more about their rats I think that

is okay my breeders do that but in terms

of people just listing them on that and

they only have like a phone number or

something I would be really wary of that

but that being said I did just want to

go through some of the ads on these

websites react to what I see really and

kind of just tell you some of the

warning signs to look out for if you are

browsing these websites looking perhaps

I want you guys to be fully aware of

what to spot on these websites there may

be a bit of a warning sign so as I said

before we do have three main web sites

in the UK

I'm not sure if you have these in your

country but these are go treat pre-loved

and pets for homes and I have just had a

quick look on go tree and I can't play

that many adverts or rights at the

moment but there are sometimes rats and

breeders on there trying to sell their

rats but right now I can't find any on

gumtree so we're just going to focus on

pets for homes and pre-loved so straight

away looking at this out there there are

a few things that can say we I would

rather see the rats living in their own

environment living in a cage with them

other I would rather see pictures of

that but these little rats are just in

like a plastic tub now I don't know if

this is what they're living in

permanently or if the person just put

them in there to take pictures but this

type just like a bit dirty which does

concern me and maybe on to some of the

further pictures the wheel in there does

look a bit dirty too so straight away

that is kind of a warning sign to me

that the conditions don't look the best

so I definitely wouldn't want to buy

rats in this person so scrolling down

and reading the description that isn't

that much text in the description but

for what that is I am still really

concerned some people on these websites

won't take the time to put paragraphs

and paragraphs upon track caring about

how they need to live in groups so I do

like when they do that but this one

doesn't have much information but from

what I can see the information in there

is setting off a few alarm bells in my

head so the description says black rat

babies five pound each dark gray rat

babies eight pound each light gray rat

babies ten pound each can do deals on

multiple buys why are we doing deals on

living animals I don't get that by the

advert but also these rights are really

cheap now most reps will breeders they

will sell the rats for about twenty

pounds each I found and this isn't to

say they're trying to make it profit but

they have put a lot of work into these

rats and these rats they're really cheap

five pounds for a wrap is cheaper than a

pet store so that to me is kind of

alarming another thing that is really

concerning to me is the fact these rats

are listed as black rats but also dark

grey wrap and light grey rap now if

someone isn't using the proper terms for

all of the varieties that is a warning


because most good breeders will be

really passionate about what they do and

they will know the varieties of rights

their breeding if they don't then they

probably don't know the genetics of

these rights and what health issues they

could be breeding into them so the fight

the nested as dark gray rats I'm not

Russian blue is definitely a warning

psyched me so look up for that and look

up with someone not using the proper

terms for the varieties that can be a

big indicator that this person probably

doesn't know what they're doing so that

was pretty much it for pets for homes a

lot of the websites do have like

duplicate ads and I found most of them

on pre-loved so I'm gonna go through and

talk you through some of adverts I've

just found on pre-loved so at first

glance this advert looks okay it says

baby rights to sale ten pound each and

there's nothing directly to concerning

when you look at this advert it just

looks like a lot of the other adverts on

there selling baby rats so going through

the picture there's nothing that really

stands out and concerns me they are in a

cage and you can see some accessories in

the background obviously you can't tell

from a picture whether these rights are

being properly cared for or not I'm just

gonna assume they probably are but does

that mean you should still not be wary

of adverts like this orange selling

sites no so let's look at the

description as I was saying with an

advert before this one taking a look at

this description they have taken the

term to write a lot of things in the

description which if anyone is seeing

this and wants to buy brats from them

they can get a good idea of how this

person cares for their rats and how to

care for the babies once they get for

him so that is good but there were a few

things when I was reading through this

that do kind of sound a bit weird to me

so I thought it would point them out

just so you know to look for these kind

of things when you're reading through

adverts like this so it says baby rats

for sale they're six to eight weeks

these come from amazing temperament

health and genetic lines I can provide

you with pedigree information to show

more diverse lines with no interbreeding

so when I think of the word pedigree I

think of dogs where they're registered

with a Kennel Club for rights that isn't

really anything like that you can be

registered with a rock club real

individual rights don't really have a

pedigree and kind of like birth

certificates and things that show their


she's probably made one and she is

keeping that record herself which is

good but pedigree

isn't really a thing that exists in the

rap world as far as I know parents also

welcome to be viewed as I can't send

pictures and photos of them so it's

really good that she is allowing you to

see the parents if someone for any

animal doesn't show you the parents that

is a warning sign I'm not too sure why

she can't send pictures and photos of

them so scrolling down it says these

rats are bred to have good genetics

which prevents them getting common

illnesses for patient right Scout like

tumors respiratory issues which is most

likely to increase their life expectancy

now I know a few rat readers and I don't

think any of them would honestly say

that their branch lines are completely a

health problem free I think most lanes

will have a few health problems cropping

up here and there and unfortunately rats

are very likely to get respiratory

infections and sometimes even having

rats with the best genetics they can't

still get infections so I wouldn't

necessarily say if I was a breeder I

wouldn't necessarily sell my rights as

being health problem free and saying

their life expectancy is going to be a

lot longer just because they have good

genetics so I'd be careful with that one

so the last thing I have to point out

with this advert is the prices of her

rights she says standards are 10 pounds

blue and slightly standard are 15 pounds

and Jumbo's are 20 pounds now the

general consensus in the rat green

community is that all rats cost exactly

the same to breed house feed and keep so

pricing them differently depending on

their variety doesn't make too much

sense unless you are in it to make a

profit but pricing Dumbo's 10 pounds

more than standard just because they

have a different air shape does it make

too much sense and I would be careful if

you're seeing this in adverts because

they don't cost any more to keep and

raise than a standard air and Dumbo's

aren't really that rare anyway so when

you see that some are marked a lot more

higher based on their variety that is

something to watch out for it's not the

worst thing to see in an advert that

it's definitely not something you find

from a reputable breeder so the next app

that I found is hunting rights for 15

pound so straight away looking at the

first picture this does concern me I

would give people the benefit of the

doubt that they're just putting the mats

into the tubs to take a quick picture

but from this one has food in there

a lot of poop so part of me thinks these

rights do live in this tub which isn't

acceptable if you see someone a breeder

advertising that box living in tubs that

is mice breeding and they're breeding

for the money or they could potentially

be breeding for snake food as well so

definitely that there is a massive

warning sign to me rights in my mind

even if you're breeding them should be

kept in maternity cages or in

normal-sized cages definitely not in

terms like this I do have some concerns

of these rats are probably living in

this turb long term so looking at this

the only thing I could think to point

out is that she serves like only sell

single rats if you already have a single

rat that's lost its friend or you're

adding on to the rights you have already

so this is a really common thing I see

not just on these adverts but with

people going out with getting a new

right to add to their current rats even

if you already have rights at home you

do want to try and get at least a pair

of baby racks they really need the same

age company to play with and to meet the

transition of moving into a new home and

meeting all of these new rats a lot

easier on them so even if you do have

racks corny or phony money going out and

getting one baby rat you really don't

want to do this because if the

introductions with your current marks

don't work you're gonna be stuck with a

problem of having a lone baby right and

if this ain't it's really important for

their development and their social

development to be living with other arts

especially rats of the same age so you

don't want to be stuck with a problem of

having a lone baby right because this

can really affect their development so I

do recommend getting two baby rats or

more every single time you go and bring

New York's home even if you already have

right so the fact that a breeder is

saying they will give you a single baby

is a warning sign to me because most

effectual breeders will push for the

fact that you have to get two or more

babies every single time so moving on to

the next upper it says baby to my rats

for 9 pound each I'm just looking at the

first picture I am immediately concerned

I can see there is a lot of poop in

these pictures which means they probably

aren't living in this tub long-term

there's also a lot of rats in here and

they all seem to be slightly different

ages which again is concerning to me

right should be with their mother

in a litter with the same aged litter

mates and all these rats that really run

doing like they've just been mixed

together in this tub and it looks like

they've been disturbed a long while

because it is quite a lot of poop and

the they're probably living this

tub literally breaks my heart and I

definitely wouldn't recommend even if

you're trying to get these rats out of

this situation you are going to be

funding this breeder to continue

breeding them so even if you want to

help these rats I know it's really hard

you have to like hold back and not do it

I'm not given your money so this

straightaway just looks really bad to me

also I've been staring at this picture

for like in a minute and I can't figure

out what food they've got in that bowl

it kind of looks like weed to me so I

don't know how what that's about

so taking a look at the description

there's nothing that really stands out

to me is being concerning but it is very

vague there's really not too much

information but hopefully if someone

does contact them and friends and they

give you a lot more information than it

is in the art and hopefully they explain

why they're living in a tub but looking

at I thought I definitely wouldn't be

getting rats in them so the next Tiger

is baby rats for sale ten pound each and

when I saw this one again it was a

picture that concerns me I'm not too

sure what's going on with this cage it's

probably a sperm maternity cage for the

babies it just looks really bad like at

a certain point in their development you

want to be adding in things to climb on

things them to interact with and these

are pretty old and this is nothing in

the cage for them really so that does

concern me when looking at this advert

so the description is all in capitals I

don't know why they're shouting in the

advert but they have one fun baby right

one black baby right one male one female

seven weeks old well handled temper each

so again it's really vague not too much

information and there's nothing in there

really that sells their rights to me the

pitch is not even that good you can't

see the rats you can't see their faces

so this does concern me there's nothing

in this effort that makes me want to go

and buy their rats so yeah just a bit of

a vague kind of dodgy looking out there

so there's one more app that I found and

compared to the other ones this one

doesn't concern me too much someday and

it's just really big there's not many

pictures or much information so the

title of this one is unusual baby rats

which that

we click on it so it's probably making a

lot of other people click on it too so

the description says I have some

gorgeous families up for sale all

unusual naked agouti Dumbo blues light

blues all stunners many different fairy

dragons available so ten thousand seven

hundred and thirty-four people have

viewed this advert so they were probably

drawn in by the unusual rats - don't

mind me just keep hydrating so I would

be careful with something that you've

had all day to drink they say you don't

need oh yeah what so I would be careful

with adverts like this advertising their

apps as unusual or rare when they're

literally just Russian blues nothing

wrong with Russian blues I have a

Russian beer app but it's not

necessarily rare and hard to come by

there are many Russian readers or sales

so they're not rare don't get pulled

into fact they're rare and be careful

with other books like this one - there's

nothing else that's really that

concerning this outfit but again most

readers would know that Russian blues

aren't rare so they wouldn't be

advertising them as that so just be

careful so I think that's enough for

today I'm sure in a few months time I

could make another one these videos if

you want me to because there's always

adverts popping up that are concerning

to me all of the time I can't help

myself I know I probably shouldn't look

but I've do sometimes that can advertise

these I'm just like sitting there

shaking my head so if you want me

sneaking in or Alize reacting I'm

talking you guys through some of the

problems with some of these adverts let

me know and I will do that in a few

months time when there's more baby wipes

for sale on these selling sites so I'm

not going to sit here and tell you what

to do because everyone is different and

there may be some good breeders on there

you may get perhaps of some of these

people when they live happy in healthy

lives and you may have a really good

experience with them I just personally

know that when I was first getting raps

I didn't know where to look

it was very overwhelming I didn't know

- go - I did know not to use a pet store

and to go to a breeder I did end up by

my racks from one of these websites so I

would say just be careful I was lucky

that my racks didn't really have too

many issues until later on in the life

one of my rats did die just after his

first birthday and I don't think he had

the best genetics my experience wasn't

as bad as it could have been I

definitely won't be buying rats from

selling sites like this again I will be

going through reputable breeders and I

recommend you do the same again I just

want to say that if you're using these

websites to find routes that need

adopting and need new homes these can be

a really good place to find them I will

just make sure you're asking plenty of

questions to the current owner but

definitely don't move these websites out

if you're thinking of rehoming out of

doctoring rats they can be a really good

place for that I just would still be

really careful and ask thank you

questions about the health and their

behavior - no we're getting yourself

into and to make sure you know that you

can handle these rats and that you are

going to be the best home for them but

if you do decide to contact one of these

breeders and you go to their house and

things just seemed not quite right if

the cages are too small or they're

really dirty or you don't get to see the

rest of the rats and the parent rights

or the conditions are being kept in you

just get a bad vibe and you feel like

it's not quite right it is okay to say

no and walk away I know it can be really

hard especially when animals are

involved and you want to give these

babies the best life possible but the

end of the day you don't wanna be giving

money to people that aren't taking the

best care of their rights you don't be

funding them to continue breeding rats

in my condition so this goes for any

breeder really no matter how you find

them whether it's on these web sites if

something doesn't seem right say no and

walk away because you don't want to end

up with a sick rat that may cost you

hundreds of thousands of pounds in the

long run and you don't wanna support

people that aren't taking the best care

of the rats possible so yeah that is it

for today's video guys I hope it wasn't

too heavy hearted but I just wanted to

make this video to show you some of the

warning signs that are in these adverts

who are thinking of getting rights for

this has helped to give you some things

to look out for when browsing selling

sites or thinking of a way to get max

form perfectly this has been somewhat

helpful there is a really good website

in what to look for in a breeder

some more warning signs to look for in

bad breeders so I will leave that link

down in the description please check

that out after watching this video it's

really important you learn what to look

for when it comes to buying rats from a

breeder also make sure you are subscribe

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