How to sell more pest control as a rookie in summer sales door to door

yeah Mei what's up all you bug bosses

out there oh you bug money bosses hey I

wanted to talk about three ways to have

a successful first summer in door to

door summer sales so right now a lot of

you guys are starting out your summer

knocking doors selling pest control for

a lot of you it's your first time around

and I've gotten a few questions and

calls from guys it's really cool to

connect with guys from around the

country that are out there getting that

bug money made and one thing came to

mind as I was talking to some of you

guys that I think would be really

helpful and it's three things you can do

your first summer to be more successful

in pest control door-to-door sales right

so I'm going to break it down to you

the first thing is read and apply the

sales training resources so your company

should have a sales training manual that

you can read as well as sales training

videos that you can watch my company at

strategic I have over 200 sales training

videos that I put together for the sales

program and I also have a sales training

manual so the point is that man if you

don't have one with your company man

reach out to me man I'll hook you up but

the the thing is you want to just ingest

that stuff man and apply it because

that's what's worked in the past so

don't try and reinvent the wheel just

study that sales training manual and

watch the sales training videos you'll

get better and better every day and then

when you're out there on the doors all

that stuff will come back to you and

you'll have it and you'll get the sale

the second thing is practice practice

practice so roleplay with your team

leader with your teammates whoever is

out there selling more pest control than

you every day or even someone who is

selling just as much but they may be

doing something better in on one end

than you're doing right and so my first

summer every time I got back in the car

after a long day of knocking doors I

just asked my carpenter dude how'd you

get your sales a day bro right

and I want to learn from him how he got

his sales and I want to learn what he's

doing good so I can do that as well and

then the third thing is just focus on

your commitments don't worry so much

about your sales results the reason I

say that is the sales results will come

if you're taking the right action and so

you would with taking the right action

that is within your control right so

when you're focused on sales emotionally

you're boom you're your high and low

high and low and you don't want to be

that man when you out here on these

doors man you don't want even the

emotional man you've got to be even keel

man even keel man you're cool man you a

cool bug boss man and so you stay even

keel and cool and unemotional because

you're focused on the process you're

focused on making commitments to

yourself and taking ownership of your

success by applying the sales training

resources working the hours right just

put in the hours put in the work man put

in that put in the effort 110% on every

door you're getting better on every door

now that doesn't mean spent an hour on

every door man some doors you get better

by recognizing oh this ain't my buyer

and boom you're out of there to the next

door right and then just focus on the

commitments you're making to yourself

and you can be happy your confidence is

gonna stay up there and the sales

results will come because you're

applying yourself and you're preparing

for success you're getting better and

better every day so I hope that helps

you guys that really helped me my first

summer those were three things that I

did I ended up selling 200 my first

summer and and man I was happy with that

there was my first summer ever man I had

no idea what I was doing but I followed

the sales training resources I role

played and practiced with my car

partners I was always looking for ways

to improve

and the third thing is I just I just

committed man I worked the hours I

applied myself to the training and

getting better and the results did come

so try that out man you do that I think

you go fine you're gonna make a lot of

bug money money and by the end of the

summer you gonna be a bug money boss man

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