How to Sell Pest Control - Scripted Sales Presentation

hello this is Hal Coleman with yet

another marketing moment I'd like to

share with you let me ask you a question

when you're selling your services

do you sell off the cuff do you do a

dance you're on your toes

and you just sell instinctively based on

your experience and how you happen to

feel at the moment and you react off of

what the customer says to you is that

the way you sell

or do you have a scripted presentation

that you have learned now deep down in

your heart and soul that you can deliver

with passion which way do you sell from

a presentation scripted learned or

off-the-cuff most people in home

services industries especially like our

pest control industry sell off-the-cuff

they say I don't like canned scripted

presentations well the reason they don't

like them really is because they don't

understand them they've never had a good

one and you and they can tell when

somebody's using a canned presentation

and if you can tell somebody's using the

scripted presentation it's because

they're not doing it well but

top-of-the-line world-class championship

sales people have a scripted

well-defined scientifically proven

tested sales presentation that covers

every base covers every objection that

the client or the prospect could

possibly have and has been proven to be

the absolutely best thing that you can

possibly say to somebody to persuade

them to do business with you if you'll

do that if you will learn a great sales

presentation you will see yourselves go

up and you're closing percentages go up

and if you say well I closed 75% of what

I closed now if you can close 75 percent

of them off of the cuff you could close

85 or 90 percent of them with a better

sales presentation trust me that's the

way you rise to the top of the game

playing it off the cuff is going to have

you run off in the ditch on many

occasions if you've ever done a great

presentation for somebody in the end

they say well I I don't know this looks

good on paper I just need to think

it over I just need to think it over you

know that you gave them too much

conflicting information you got them

confused and you got them into a state

of cognitive dissonance and they

couldn't pull the trigger and they

couldn't say yes to you okay that's what

selling off of the cuff does a lot of

times it confuses the buyer because you

don't even know what you're going to say

before you say it okay think about that

a well-defined laser sharp crystal clear

powerful compelling dynamic hypnotic and

irresistible sales presentation will get

you more sales and close more deals

I guarantee it this is Hal Coleman hope

this was helpful to you

now go out there get some more sales and

have a great day while you're doing it