How to Stage Your Home For Living

hey fun fact about me i'm in my 40s

and i have lived in 16 different homes

my wife and i have been married for 20

years and we've lived in six different


needless to say i've got a lot of


in moving buying and selling houses

there's an interesting thing that takes

place when you get ready to sell a home

a realtor comes over takes a looks


and they'll say all right we need to


this home for selling and then they'll


a long list of things for you to do to

get your home

in shape for it to be sold and i've

always found this to be

an interesting phenomenon that takes

place in my life and in other people's


where we work a week 10 days and we get

our home

in like the best shape that it's ever


just to sell it and move out

and so i've coined this phrase and i

call it

stage your home for living

how do we take some of those principles

some of those ideas

some of the items on the to-do list to

get our home ready for selling

and apply it so that we can enjoy

the home that we're living in now

and i've narrowed it down to nine steps

here are nine steps that you can take

to stage your home for living

for enjoying it in its best shape while

you're still

inside of it number one remove

a third of your possessions

on the top of almost every realtor's

to-do list when they come into a home is

they say

you need to get rid of about a third of

your stuff

and this is because homes that have

fewer possessions

are calmer they're more peaceful

they seem more quiet more spacious

larger and so start there

get rid of the things that you don't


and create a better environment to live


number two everything has

a home find a place for everything

that you own now the reason this takes

place is because when you're

selling a home sometimes you don't get a

lot of warning when a potential buyer

wants to come through your house maybe

a 15-minute warning a 20-minute warning

and so you quick

run around and you're trying to put

everything back where it goes

so that the home looks tidy when the

potential buyer walks through

well i have found that you can do this

for your life as well you can have it

where you can tidy up

you can reset your entire home in 15 to

20 minutes

now you can't do it if you haven't done

the first step

if you have too much stuff then that's

impossible to do

but if you've taken the first step

you've gotten rid of a third of your


you've identified the homes where

everything lives

it becomes much quicker than you can

possibly imagine

to reset your home every evening for the

following day

number three declutter surfaces

i'm talking about countertops shelves

tabletops all these items where we just

allow things to accumulate

because all the things in our

vision our eyesight become a form of


clutter in our environment and in our


and so take a look around at all the

things that you just leave

out where can they be put can you find

new storage solutions for them

again this will make your home your

environment more calm

and more peaceful it'll feel like

there's less visual

noise around you

number four personalize

your decorations now when you're selling

your home

the realtor will come in and say we need

to remove these photos of your family

and just put up generic decorations


and the reasoning is this if a potential

buyer walks in and sees a lot of photos

of your family

it communicates to them we live here

not you and so they'll say

take out the photos of the family and

just put up stuff that matches

of course if you're living in your home

you want the exact opposite to happen

you do want it to feel

like you live there and so look for the

exact opposite to happen

remove generic decorations replace them

with photos of your family

things that mean something to you things

that communicate

important truths about the culture of

the home

and the family that you're trying to


number five give your bathroom

a thorough cleaning it is one of the


places in the home to clean i get it

no one likes scrubbing in those cracks

and in those

corners but when you're getting ready to

show a house

you've got to do it and so you spend the

time and you do the scrubbing

and suddenly your bathroom looks shinier

and brighter than it's ever been

and my thought has always been man i

wish it was like this

every morning when i was getting ready

rather than just when i'm getting ready

to move out

so bite the bullet on this one and put

in the effort and put in the time

to make it shiny and clean and more

enjoyable to be in

number six focus on curb

appeal a potential buyer typically makes

a decision if they're gonna buy your

house or not in the first couple minutes

and so what they see when they first

pull up

to your house to your home is one of the

most important things about it it's


curb appeal your realtor will point it


of course you drive into your driveway

every single day

you leave your home almost every day and

so why not make that pulling into your

driveway or pulling out of the garage

an enjoyable experience paint the


lay down the new mulch put grass seed on

the bare spots in your yard don't leave

your kids toys out all over

in the front yard make it an enjoyable

experience for you

just like you will when you go to sell


number seven clean thoroughly

not just the bathroom but clean the

other areas of your home as well

in most homes we're doing the usual

stuff we're cleaning up the kitchen

and we're vacuuming and we're cleaning

off the table and

we're making the bed like we're doing

the usual stuff

but when you get ready to sell it again

you're going to be dusting places that

you don't

usually dust and you're going to be

getting into all the different corners

and cracks and crevices well just take

the time to do it

if you're living in the home and enjoy a


environment number eight

tackle minor projects

take a little notepad around your home

and notice all the little things that

need to be fixed up but you just keep

putting off

the paint chips on the walls the leaky


the squeaky door the light bulb that

needs to be replaced

these are all things that when you get

ready to sell it

you're going to have to do them just do

them now

so you can enjoy the space while you're

living in it

and then the last one which can be

difficult but i recommend it

if you can tackle a major project

if you're getting ready to sell your

house and the inspector comes through

and says you need to put on a new roof

you really need to fix that saggy spot

in the deck

whatever the major project might be you

need to replace the appliances

who knows what it's going to be but

here's what's happened

to me here's what happens to most people

we live with the crummy roof we live

with the saggy deck

and then we get ready to sell it and so

we bite the bullet and we make the major


and again we never had any chance to

enjoy it ourselves

you don't necessarily have to go into

debt to do this i don't think i would

recommend that

but if there is a major project that you

know needs to get done

begin saving the money for it or just

make the decision to fix it

today i've sold a lot of houses in my


and there is a reality that we are going

to make our home as

perfect as we possibly can before we put

it on the market

but i just wanted to remind you that

it's a shame

if we just spruce up our home for


make it perfect make it as good as it

possibly can be

every single day that you live inside it

it's time probably aren't going to do it

in a day or a weekend but set aside a

week or 10 days

and stage your home for living