How To Sell Personal Training

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what's up guys now today's video is very

special because I'm going to help you

solve one of the biggest problems in the

fitness industry I'm going to share with

you some of my biggest insights and

strategies for selling personal training

now I'm going to be very specific

because the people for this video are

going to be the trainers that are based

in health clubs private gyms bigger gyms

commercial gyms you see right at the

start of your career you have one thing

that we've all got in common that's a

passion you love exercise for you but

what we've got to do is we've got to

turn the passion that you have for you

into helping other people that's where

this problem breaks down not only have

you never been taught how to take your

passion and interest in the fitness

industry and talk to other people about

it so that it will inspire them to come

on board and work with you but you've

never ever been taught how to actually

take somebody through the sales process

in a concise clear professional manner

so that more people sign up for your

coaching services now one of my passions

in the fitness industry is helping

trainers deal with low self confidence