How To Sell High Priced Personal Training Packages

how to sell high-priced twelve-month

personal training in bootcamp programs

let's do this so first of all it's

probably wise to tell you why the old

way sucks right if you're doing business

the old way where you're selling a few

sessions at a time and then you're

training that client until they run out

of sessions then you go back and sell

them some more and you have that

uncomfortable conversation right and

then you go back and train them and then

you have to go back and have that

uncomfortable conversation a few

sessions later or a month or two later

that that whole cycle of sell train sell

train so awkward and every time you have

to approach a client to resell them you

put yourself in a position of them

saying no no thank you I'm not

interested now the other problem that

sucks about the old way of doing

business in our industry is there's no

reoccurring income what I mean by that

is once the month runs out it's almost

like you're starting the month over

fresh with zero dollars right I want to

be in a kind of business where I know

there's reoccurring income scheduled to

come month after a month right so if

you're doing business the old way there

is no reoccurring income and you want to

change that model and I'm going to show

you how in this live cast of course you

can't scale and grow your business think

about that if you don't have reoccurring

income and if you don't have income

constantly growing that means you can't

scale your marketing you can't buy more

equipment you can't knock down the walls

and grow into a bigger facility hell you

can't grow into a second third fourth

facility so it's really valuable to make

sure that you have reoccurring income

and that your income is constantly

growing so that you can scale and grow

your business right just make sense

otherwise the competition is going to

eat you up alive so then how the new way

of selling Fitness looks right we know

the old way sucks

trust me I suffered with the old way I

had five personal training gyms in San

Diego and when I first opened my my

first location in Escondido California

just on the outskirts of San Diego City

I was selling one-on-one personal

training sessions and I was selling five

ten and twenty session blocks and when

my client would run out of those

ten or 20 session blocks I'd have to go

and resell them and I constantly put

myself in that position of having to

potentially here and no thank you I'm

done I'll do it myself you know I want

to take a little time off and I'll come

back next month or a couple months later

and that really got my income to

fluctuate later on when I went and

scaled and opened up my second location

I put the stuff that I'm about to teach

you here into place and I was able to

scale to five locations before I built

my gems and sold them right so I'm going

to teach you that so here's how the new

way of selling Fitness looks ready

you sell once and you never have to sell

that client again think about that it's

no different than a gym membership it's

no different than Direct TV right it's

no different than what I pay for Amazon

or Netflix there's a monthly fee that I

pay at the end of the month they don't

come back to me and go hey do you want

to buy another month of Netflix or do

you want to buy another month of gym

membership they don't it's just as long

as I'm using it I'm paying for the

service right and so this is how I

structured my personal training business

and all of a sudden my income started to

multiply and scale and grow and that's

what you want to do with your business

and quite frankly listen I want to sell

a client one time and never have to have

that weird uncomfortable tense sales

conversation again I want to become

friends I want to build rapport and I

want to train you as a client right I'm

your trainer you're my client I want to

train you I don't want to have to put

that sales hat back on and kind of feel

slimy and like I need to sell you

another package or otherwise we can't be

friends that's just a crappy way of

doing it so great thing about this is

you're going to sell once you're never

going to sell a client again number two

is you're going to build reoccurring

ongoing monthly revenue right so imagine

if you sold me on a 12-month program

right that means every month I'm paying

you X dollars a month for you to train

me whether it's one-on-one training or

bootcamp you don't have to come to me

and ask for next month's payment it's

automatically drawn out of my bank

account or credit card right I've agreed

to it that's the great thing about it

and so when you have recurring income if

this month you got 10 people who came on

board and agreed to give you

month-to-month reoccurring income

automatically next

if you get five people on board they got

15 people paying your reoccurring see

how your income went up the following

month let's say you gain ten more people

paying reoccurring now you got 25 people

paying you on a reoccurring basis so you

know that when the month starts you've

got 25 people who are scheduled to pay

you that month with no questions asked

that is a safe secure reliable business

which kind of goes into the next thing

which is when you have a reliable

scalable business model you can then

grow scale and duplicate your business

that's what you want right one of my

mentors Jim Franco who actually taught

me the fundamentals of business he was

actually a personal training client of

mine and every time I made sure to train

him glassed at the end of the day and I

would just kind of get in his ear

afterwards after I trained him so hey

Jim let me ask you a few questions about

business and he was kind enough to

mentor me he said kid if you're not

growing you're dying

there is no oh I'm just steady I'm

stable there is no steady and stable

you're either growing in business or

you're dying in business right and so I

want to be in the position where I can

scale grow and duplicate and maybe you

don't want to open up multiple locations

that's okay but don't you want to get

new equipment don't you want to get

better certifications and education and

training for you and your staff don't

you want to update your facility don't

you want to fill up the facility with so

many clients that you have to knock down

walls and grow and expand of course you

do for that to happen you've got you to

have your reoccurring revenue coming in

on a reliable basis so then what to

offer okay we know that we're going to

offer you know this ongoing program

moving forward what to offer what is the

best thing to offer well how about a

12-month agreement now I need to make

this qualification you're not just

selling the 12-month agreement and then

it stops at 12 months you don't want to

do that think about otherwise your

business continues to grow my month

number 1 2 3 4 etc then when you get to

no month number 12 you're having to have

have that uncomfortable conversation

again right with mr. and mrs. Jones

hey you're 12 months expired it's over

you used up your sessions or your time

do you want to buy another 12 months now

what are they likely to say well I don't


or yes or let me think about it let me

take a couple months off see if I can do

it on my own and then come back you

don't need that aggravation right you

don't need that so then what do you

do you sell a 12 month agreement then

they commit for 12 months but at month

number 13 they just go into automatic

month-to-month reoccurring that's it

they don't have to commit for another 12

months but at month number 13 they

rollover into an automatic

month-to-month program at whatever price

you sold them the 12-month program for

so it's like a loyalty program right so

that is the offer you're going to make

now I know what you're thinking hey

Bader it's not everyone is going to buy

a 12-month program that's okay

you can also sell a month-to-month

program a month-to-month agreement now I

know you're thinking and your probably

going to ask her on the iPad in just a

moment can I also offer a six-month

program a three-month program no the

answer is no I've tested it all out

trust me I have over 240 clients in my

mastermind group and all of them use the

process that I'm teaching you here and

every single one of them makes multiple

six figures and about twelve of them

makes seven figures in their personal

training gyms and boot camps and they

use this model it's either a 12-month

program or a month-to-month program if

you offer anything in-between

you're now going to confuse the prospect

who's across from you and you'll see

that the pricing structure just doesn't

work when I show you in just a moment

right so stick with me here stick with

me 12-month program and a month number

thirteen that goes into automatic

reoccurring month-to-month payments or a

month-to-month program now a

month-to-month program I want you to

remember that this doesn't mean that you

sell them a month and then next month

you got to sell them again all this

means is they're not committing for a

12-month period you see what I mean

they're not committing for a 12-month

period but they are committing to paying

you automatically with EFT electronic

fund transfer or auto debit from their

credit card or checking account on a

month-to-month basis they can cancel

anytime the 12-month program however

they can't cancel anytime if they do

cancel the 12-month program let's say

six months into it they want to cancel

then you're going to prorate the

difference see because the


program is slightly more expensive

anyone who doesn't finish the 12-month

program has to pay the difference

between the month to month program and

the 12-month program and I'll explain

that in just a moment as we move on so

then how do you structure your pricing

you ready for this

here we go now for one-on-one personal

training which is what I offered way

back in the day when I had my five gems

for one-on-one personal trainings if it

was a month-to-month program I would do

a $10 increase so let me show you what I

mean I would sit across mrs. Jones notes

in mrs. Jones we have three types of

personal training programs for you you

can train with this two times a week

three times a week or four times a week

right now if you come and train with

those two times a week it's only forty

dollars per session and that's on a

12-month agreement if you want to pay

month-to-month it's fifty dollars per

session now keep in mind I only did

30-minute sessions right this was about

15 years ago so $40.00 per session is

the equivalent of about $80 per hour

right not bad and so I would say if you

want to train with those three times a

week it's $35 per session so you see how

the more sessions they bought they save

per session it's thirty five a session

but if you go a month-to-month it's 45 a

session and of course the four time a

week program is $30 per session if you

go and commit to a 12-month program like

80% of our clients do but if you go

month-to-month it's uh what was that 30

so it's thirty five a session right or

at forty a session you see what I mean

we're going up by $10 increments between

the 12-month agreement and the

month-to-month agreement and it's

important to do that because it puts you

in a position where you're offering them

a tremendous deal if someone's even

going to train with me two times a week

at $45 per session right that means if

they commit to a 12-month program

they're saving a couple hundred dollars

almost $200 a month I mean that is that

is not bad right that is not bad so that

gives them the incentive to commit to a

12-month program and that's what you

want that's why you have to have that

price disparity very important now for

group training or bootcamp prices right

you're going to add $50 more per month

for a month and month program so I might

say all right well mrs. Jones we have

our 12-month program you can come

unlimited times to our group training or

boot camp program and it's whatever

let's say 197 a month right now if you

want to just go month-to-month and you

don't want to commit for 12 months then

it's 247 per month $50 more per month

of course 87 percent of our clients and

this is true with Fit Body Boot Camp my

franchise that we started right 87

percent of our clients commit to a

12-month program so they pay $50 less

per month which puts us in a great

position we have reoccurring income

committed to come in and they of course

are paying $50 less per month and

getting a smoking deal it's a win-win

for everybody right so I hope you

understand how the pricing structure is

going to work here now then how to

position an offer like this right

because if you come from the world of

you know I'm selling one or two sessions

at a time or blocks of 5 and 10 sessions

at a time or if you're even selling just

one month of boot camp or two months of

boot camp at a time then you have to go

and resell the more boot camp or group

training this may not be making sense to

so let me teach you here how you're

going to position this offer ready 1

you're going to let every single client

know that hey we are a believer in the

results based programs you know mrs.

Jones if you have 30 to 50 pounds to

lose it's not going to happen in five 10

15 sessions it's not going to happen in

a month or two we believe in results

based training and that means you have

to commit for a long period of time one

question that I always ask the prospect

across for me is I said how long has it

been that you've been unhappy with your

body in your weight and typically that's

a man for the last five six seven years

you know I gained this unwanted weight

30 40 50 pounds and kind of stuck on to

me for the last seven years I said well

isn't it great then the next 12 months

you're going to get rid of all that

weight and then we're going to teach you

how to make it a lifestyle to keep it

off see when you give them something to

compare against if you let them tell you

how long it's been since they've put

this weight on five years eight years

ten years what's 12 months to get it off

and keep it off right so we're all about

results based training here mrs. Jones

and if you're one I want to just kind of

and touch the water out then we're

probably not the personal training

facility for you but if you want to

commit to a program get the results and

let us teach you how to maintain it

right then you're going to commit to a

program and you're going to save money

by doing it right you save money per

session you save money per month for

boot camps it's a win-win for everybody

and of course what else do we tell them

we say look I'll help you get to your

goals I will get you to your goals and

then I'll help you maintain those goals

and make it a lifestyle because you're

probably thinking well what happens if I

have a client who's got 1520 pounds to

lose I get it you can write them a meal

plan you can train them for 60 or 90

days I get that

and then what then you're going to let

them go just because they lost the

weight and they followed a meal plan

doesn't know doesn't mean that they know

how to maintain a program like that

doesn't mean that they know how to stay

on top of their own own meal plans

doesn't mean that they know how to cut

out the emotional eating habits right

that takes months and months and months

to break those old habits and rituals

that they have right I had a client tell

me one time that it's she goes I'm like

Pavlov's dog I just go to my my island

in my kitchen every night before bed and

only three or four spoonfuls of peanut

butter and jam like why do you do that

she was even though I've lost all this

weight I still do that and then I gain a

few pounds back then if I can fight it

off for three or four days I gain those

couple I lose those couple pounds and I

realized real quickly that they can

follow a meal plan and get to their goal

but it takes a few more months extra to

help them maintain their goals and teach

them the lifestyle does that make sense

and that's what you want to do and

that's how you want to position and sell

this offer so then here is what you will

need to start selling larger full-on

training programs and and you know the

cost several thousand dollars like in my

gym once I had figured it all out man oh

man I was selling six seven eight nine

thousand dollar personal training

programs and Samantha Taylor by the way

who's in my seven-figure formula

mastermind program

this woman sells like eleven to fifteen

thousand dollar training packages right

that's what you want and that's for a

year by the way so it's a really cool

process because you get money up front

if you want by doing a paid in full

because think about this if someone

commits to a 12-month program right

let's just walk through this if someone

says yes I'll do a 12-month program

because it is ten dollars cheaper per


well you're not just going to stop there

you're going to go great fantastic

you're on a 12-month program and you

going to train with us three times a

week one-on-one right now before you

swipe that credit card or ask for a

check you might say hey can I show you

how to get 10% off or can I show you how

to get 10% off and get three free

sessions on top of the twelve months

that you're buying they're going to say

yes show me well if you pay the entire

year off in full I'll take ten percent

off and give you three free sessions wow

that's amazing

and that's what I used to do so if a

client actually bought let's say a two

time a week program with us two time a

week one-on-one I'd give them I'd say

look if you pay in full I'll give you

10% off and give you four free sessions

right the reason I would do that is then

I would say this way your first month

you can come in three times a week

instead of two times a week and start

seeing faster results and then after

your first month then we can go down to

a two time a week program like you're

purchasing and so that made sense to

them they get four bonus sessions they

get ten sorry they get 10% off about

twenty thirty percent of my clients

would pay in full so I get a anywhere

between a $5,000 and a seven or eight

thousand dollar check or credit card

swipe that felt good and I wouldn't go

out blowing that money I put that money

in the bank and use it over the twelve

month period that that client is onboard

right so you got to have good money

discipline otherwise I can teach you how

to make a crap ton of money but then

you're going to go and blow it and then

know all these taxes what you don't want

to do but remember you're either selling

12 month recurring programs or and

you're going to offer a opportunity for

them to pay it off in full for a

discount and a few extra sessions and

you could do that whether you're doing

one-on-one sessions groups or boot camps

so what are you going to need well first

thing you're going to need is you're

going to need a new sales agreement a

new sales contract right and you can

have this in digital format or paper

format doesn't matter but you need one

that specifically has a 12 month option

on there that's on a reoccurring basis

that goes to a month to month

program starting month number 13 this

way you never have to resell someone

even at the end of their 12-month

program because the program never ends

it only ends when they come to you and

say I want it to end I want to stop

right so thing thing one is that second

thing you need is you need some kind of

EFT or auto-debit processing system now

that could be mind-body online that

could be Zen planner or any any bona

fide legitimate you know personal

training boot camp front desk software

why is that important well you want to

be able to track these clients you can

have a whole bunch of clients now paying

you on a reoccurring basis right you

want a software that processes their

credit card or their checking account

every month and it sends you a report

that says all right you've got 150

clients on the recurring programs these

18 this month their account was

delinquent you are going to have some

delinquencies and that's why you need a

client follow-up system so that you can

have an admin or an assistant or maybe

yourself or your business partner

whoever can follow up with the clients

who are delinquent because sometimes

their delinquent because their credit

card was maxed out

other times their delinquent because

their credit card has expired other

times they might be delinquent because

their credit card was stolen and they

just completely forgot to update it with

you so you do need a client follow-up

system so that you can update credit

card information payment information

does that make sense but you definitely

need those three things otherwise you're

going to be in a position where now

you're trying to run it through PayPal

and that's just a janky wait of doing it

if you don't have a signed agreement now

you've got someone who's committed

verbally orally but has never really

committed on paper and so technically

they can go to their credit card company

and ask for a full refund and you'll

have to give it to them right and of

course the third or fourth and final

thing you'll need is a 12-month sales

closing process right so the way you're

selling today will not work the way you

want to sell is being an assistant buyer

and constantly positioning the benefits

and value of a 12-month program and so

many of you who are watching this

already have my program close clients if

you don't have close clients then go to

close clients comm and pick it up but

that's what close clients is it teaches

you how to sell high priced personal

training or bootcamp programs right on

the 12 month pro

that's what you want so then how you'll

benefit from running a program like this

where you're selling 12-month programs

and selling high-priced personal

training of bootcamp sessions right one

you're going to start off each month

with money in the bank how great is that

remember what we talked about earlier if

we had first month 10 clients second

month 15 clients right third month now

we're up to 25 clients paying us on a

recurring basis then I know the first of

next month that I have 25 people that

I'm going to ding their credit card or

bank account and get money into my bank

account and then I'm going to service

them and train them for the remaining

month right that is a really good

feeling to know that you've got money in

the bank and that you're not starting

from 0 each and every month oh that's

such a anxiety provoking feeling to feel

like you're starting at 0 every month

right you don't want that or the feeling

of walking up to a client because they

just used up their last session and

having to sell them on a program again

like you did a month and a half ago and

then maybe maybe maybe get an objection

oh man you don't need that all right so

another way you're going to benefit is

you can have cash flow to market and

grow your business remember being in

business gets more expensive every month

that's just the way it is that's how the

world is right so you need cash flow

coming in on a recurring basis so that

you can market and continue to grow

because remember with Jim Franco my

mentor said if you're not growing you're

dying right none of us here want to die

all right

of course it puts you in a really good

place because you can put yourself on a

salary once you have predictable

reoccurring revenue coming in on a

month-to-month basis you can actually

put yourself on a salary listen if you

want to turn pro if you want to be good

at what you do as an entrepreneur you

deserve to be on a salary right how

shitty is it that we have amazing

fitness professionals worldwide who are

great at what they do help people

transform their lives but your income is

so unstable how shitty is that you know

what I mean you do know what I mean

right I don't want that for you I want

you to have a consistent rig

income a salary a good salary and then

whatever money is left on top of your

salary in the bank account you're going

to leave some in the bank right to build

and grow your business and the others

are going to take out as a bonus for you

good for you you deserve it that's the

difference that's the difference between

the trainer who's kind of going to

survive today and thrive tomorrow versus

one who actually has a business that

constantly feeds them a reoccurring

decent solid salary you need that you

deserve that and of course the last and

final benefit to you on this actually

there's a lot of benefits but these are

the four big ones is you are going to

actually 10x you're going to increase

the value of your business

see if here's why I was able to sell my

five gems out there in San Diego for

many many many dollars right actually

for multiple six figures are you ready

for this now my profit margins I got to

be very honest with you here I'm an open

book my profit margins for my one-on-one

personal training gyms or very low I was

hovering between eleven and fourteen

percent profit margins

now our Fit Body Boot Camp locations

because it's boot camp and the payroll

is really low see I had high payroll in

my one-on-one personal training gyms so

my profit margins were small and so I

still got multiple six figures for my

five gyms right well now we have Fit

Body Boot Camp locations top operating

in like 40 45 50 percent profit margins

because it's one on many one trainer

many clients profit margins were through

the roof but that's what you want the

higher your profit margins and the more

reoccurring your income and predictable

your income the more likely someone is

going to buy it from you

you're thinking well women I'm not

looking to sell my business yeah you are

we are all building businesses to sell

or to leave to our family as a legacy

and either way you do it you're going to

want to build a reoccurring model into

your business if you're going to sell it

then the buyer wants to know that

there's predictable reoccurring money

guaranteed to come in they will give you

more money for your business if your

business has recurring revenue coming in

right and that's what they bought from

me they bought 12 months of receivables

they looked into all my sales agreements

and they go wow okay we are buying 12

months of receivables from you trainers

are staying and all that stuff right now

if I wanted to of course I could

just wait and pass that along to family

but either way don't I want to put my

kids in an awesome position where I'm

passing along a business to them that's

stable and reoccurring instead of

unpredictable so whether you're going to

sell it or keep it you do want to make a

business predictable make sense

I hope so so then you're probably

wondering how can I get coaching from

you to learn how to install this stuff

into my business it is really simple

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