How To Sell Personal Training

what's up guys now today's video is very

special because I'm going to help you

solve one of the biggest problems in the

fitness industry I'm going to share with

you some of my biggest insights and

strategies for selling personal training

now I'm going to be very specific

because the people for this video are

going to be the trainers that are based

in health clubs private gyms bigger gyms

commercial gyms you see right at the

start of your career you have one thing

that we've all got in common that's a

passion you love exercise for you but

what we've got to do is we've got to

turn the passion that you have for you

into helping other people that's where

this problem breaks down not only have

you never been taught how to take your

passion and interest in the fitness

industry and talk to other people about

it so that it will inspire them to come

on board and work with you but you've

never ever been taught how to actually

take somebody through the sales process

in a concise clear professional manner

so that more people sign up for your

coaching services now one of my passions

in the fitness industry is helping

trainers deal with low self confidence

and the thing that really ramps down

self-confidence is when you keep getting

told no you keep getting told that

you're too expensive your frustration

builds over time to the point where you

think you're just not good at what you


the first thing I want to talk to you

about is a skills now think about the

first time that you tried to squat think

about the first time you did a split


think about the first time you try to

drive all of these things in life are

just skills so I want to give you the

first confident booster of this video

that anything you can't do right now is

simply a skill that you've got a master

the great Charles Poliquin God rest his


said that to become a master you have to

master the basics and I couldn't agree

any more what you've got to do is learn

the fundamental art or relationship

building I actually created a a post

recently about relationship building the

foundations of relationship building and

it was so popular received I thought you

know I've got to do a video about this

I want to engage with you guys tell you

guys how you do this fundamental stage

and the connection you have between

selling and how that frightens you and

relationship building and how that

should excite you I love people I love

having conversations with people and I

learned something very early on in my

coaching career that if I just enjoyed

talking to people and really wanted to

find out as much as I possibly could

about them I had a lot of friends in the

gym just simply by being everybody's

point of reference somebody that would

see a smiley face when they walked in

the gym and thought you know I want to

speak to that guy and I learned this

just out of trial-and-error because I am

a likeable person only when I make

myself approachable to other people and

I came into the fitness industry and

suddenly realized I found my passion I

loved being in a gym I called it a sober

nightclub and so what I used to do every

day when I was there just everybody

would see that I was enjoying being

there rather than frustrated rather than

trying to sell or trying to push a

product on somebody and all I did before

I got any formal coaching or training in

sales was or studied it myself was just

started to be everybody's friend I

thought I've got to make this process

enjoyable so I want to share this with


the moment somebody walks in the gym and

they look a little bit lost or they're

walking around the gym and they don't

know what they're doing they're artists

selling personal training is to just be

friend and befriend them all right

simply go up to somebody be bold be

confident and just put your hand down

and say hey my name is Mark I'm one of

the personal trainers here if there's

anything you'd like any help with while

you're here please just come

find me now I still do that to this to

this day in gyms I train out all over

the place I'll see somebody I look for I

contact and I'll just go how are you now

if I stay in the gym long enough and

engage with that person again a

conversation will strike up I'm not

trying to sell personal training I'm

just intrigued to get to know somebody

who's either training well something

about what they're doing in the gym I'm

thinking do you know if I got to speak

to them I'd like to find out where they

got their research from why they're why

they were training in a particular way

who they prepped with if it's spotty

borders so I engage with people still to

this day build connections or

relationships and funnily enough people

end up following me and engaging with me

and who knows you know the people I talk

to in the gym they end up customers of

mine so the point that I'm going to make

to you here is step one in selling

personal training isn't actually selling

personal training it isn't going up to

people and offering your free personal

training services think of the coaching

processes have come ave about along this

conveyor belt right at this point here

is where people don't know about you and

right here is where people will buy from

you and in between that you've got to

spend a good amount of time nurturing a

relationship to the point where people

go to you know up I've spoken to mark 1

2 3 4 even 5 times 6 times a lot of the

research points to seven points of

contact before somebody will actually

invest in your product or service so

it's not going to happen on the first

one very rarely unless somebody comes up

and ask you for coaching so stage one is

relationship just saying hi

Stage two is seeing that person next day

or the week after and going up to them

and say great to meet you the other day

or the other week how is how have things

been how's your training bin I didn't

ask you when I first saw you but how is

your goal how how close are you to

reaching your goal what is your goal

that builds more communication if you

know they're going on hold there are

some about the holiday you know if you

saw them with their wife or you saw

with the husband or their children

coming into the gym or health club try

and build up some level rapport that

relationship process has built a

connection between you and the other

person they come in the next time they

want to speak to you you they don't feel

like you're going to sell and what

you've got to do on every point of

contact one two three four five even six

seven you want to find out something

about them you got to make a note in

your pad or on your phone they drive a

nice car

they've just been on holiday they look

like they don't know what they're doing

in the gym or they always train up a

body or they always train lower body

find out a little bit about what makes

them tick what are their interests

outside of the gym what are they

passionate about and then what you're

talking to them try and find out what it

is that they don't know that if they did

know more about they'd be closer to

their goal and at the right point this

is where you can start to drive the

connection and start to say to people

honestly I've been speaking to you for a

few weeks now you have shown you some

tips and tricks I've given you something

of high value in terms of some free

dietary advice or a free poke program to

try but the real solution for you is to

come on board with me why don't we get

involved with some coaching why don't we

sit down and go through the process if

you remove the whole idea of selling if

you got just clear that building

relationship was the only thing you got

to do in the gym and everyday in the

first three six twelve months of being a

coach even two years if you've not been

doing this to date you just went in

everyday train your clients and all the

other times built relationships but I'll

tell you this big tip if you're at the

point of where you're saying hey how are

you every day and you've not moved them

along the conveyor belt hey how are you

great to see you yesterday you told me

you're going out with the kids did you

have a good day how you getting on with

your training goal have you mastered

your nutrition yet I saw you doing split

squats yesterday they did look

particularly comfortable can I give you

a tip you got to move the relationship

on think of this in dating terms if

you're single when you go and meet

somebody hey

get you anywhere a wave doesn't get you

anywhere but a conversation builds

connection and once you've got

connection and feel like you've got

things in common then it's a point where

you ask for the date or vice versa so at

this point most people when they go on a

date are frightened of them saying no

rather than seeing whether that person

fits because there's no point asking

somebody on a date just because you like

the look of them if who they are and

their personality is anything like you

or you're not aligned in any given way

so removed very similarly there's a lot

of dating experts that link selling and

dating so closely and your ability

through this process to just build a

relationship see whether that person's

the right fit for you that's such an

unbelievably valuable skill just see

whether you want to train that person

whether or not they look like they're

gonna be hard work and when you've got

10 20 30 40 50 people in and around the

gym who are all in there to get in

better shape it's perfect for you it's a

perfect opportunity for you to just keep

bouncing between different people

building relationships up and notepad at

people that you're working on and then

at the right time you are able to select

the people that you want to build it

bring in for a consultation I don't want

to overwhelm you by taking you through

the whole sales process because if I

could give you this video today as a

gift from me to you and say go into the

gym over the next week two weeks and

practice that don't sell make a list of

all these people find out a little bit

about them and love being in the gym

love talking to people love building

connections with people love getting to

know about people their interests show

your interest with people and work at

that relationship and you know what's

funny if you do over time this

relationship will actually naturally

progress to the point where you feel

even more comfortable to then propose

the consultation now after you've been

through this process there is a way to

go we've got the actual consultation

we've got actually how to get on the gym

floor and show people how to do stuff

better the actual programs and diet

plans you can give away for free we've

got the consultation Percy

to ensure that the consultation ends up

at a point where you're able to propose

a sale and then when you hit the sale

button ie telling somebody what the

price is what your service is it's a

huge skill if you get to master the

contents of this video you're really

really far along the process but if you

want the actual step by step route from

meeting somebody for the first time

right the way through to closing the

deal I created an online course five

stage sales and it takes you through

every single step from meeting somebody

to adding value to delivering or

proposing a consultation to the

deliverability of a consultation to

closing the deal it's a five part

process and I will take you through the

whole journey in video format if you

want to take what is and possibly a

weakness of yours at the moment and turn

it into a strength so you have more

clients you have more people achieving

better results you train the right type

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but if you choose right now to just go

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