Tips to Sell Gold Jewelry

Art Deco the god of our of our industry

this is what I kill for we want this as

antique dealers this is what we wants if

you have jewelry that looks like this

that was not but a month ago where might

be a reproduction but if it was

grandma's and it really is grandma's you

probably have a great piece if it looks

something of this nature everyone buys

jewelry today because the price of the

gold has hit such record levels and

diamonds are higher than ever also so

take your jewelry to a local jeweler and

have him give you a price that that

would be the best thing and of course

not sell it because you want more than

one offer on your jewelry if you're

getting old

like I said similar offers and all of a

sudden you get that one bang offer

that's a lot better than the other ones

take it if you like the person and you

feel it a trustworthy that's maybe who

you should work with if you have a bad

feeling or you get a little creepy

feeling I would leave I wouldn't hang

around what about just the scrap jewelry

we have what should we do with that

well the scrap jewelry is easy because

the scrap jewelry is just by weight and

that's easy one guy offers you 1,000 one

guy offers you a thousand thirty one guy

gives you a thousand sixty you take two

thousand sixty so that to me is pretty

cut-and-dried let's say for example the

gold of the day is $1600 per ounce $1600

per ounce represents pure gold goals

that we have make jewelry with is

14-karat mostly 18 karat even 10 karat

24 karat is too soft for jewelry you

have to realize your 14 karat is 58 and

a half percent pure so unless you have a

bullion of 24 karat bullion is the only

way that per ounce price will work for

you it's just a matter of shopping to a

few places getting your best offers and

taking the best offer if you feel that

jewelry is older you might want to go to

an antique shop or an antique oriented

jewelry business because they will pay

you more for an antique piece than a

modern shop will well this is a 1940

brace that they call it a track bracelet

because it resembled the tracks made by

the tank

during the Second World War these are

very collectible this is pink and green

gold and people love these bracelets and

so when you sell that I'm not going to

buy it from you as a piece of scrap

jewelry I can sell them people want them

so I'm going to buy it as a piece of

collectible jewelry as opposed to a rope

chain or herringbone chain filigree art

deco caliber a little sapphire stones

going around the center's and the sides

handmade platinum usually and very white

diamonds and jewelry and a lot of little

color stones getting mixed in this

yellow gold Victorian stuff it appeals

to a certain crowd this is a 1950s

jewelry it's a little not as soft as the

deco the Deco jewelry is a little softer

you look for signatures you look for a

Tiffany and company Cartier VCA which is

van cleef and arpel I would always leave

my jewelry in my visible sight I would

never leave the jewelry out of my sight