Selling Your OWN ORIGINAL PRODUCT on Amazon (Finally revealed)

how do you start with your own unique

original product on Amazon do you have

to invent something three really really

powerful tips on how to actually do it

so I'll give you an example with the

product I recently found his goodies

he's had enough time to put a 1 star

review on he probably bought this one

and then bought a few others but it adds

that his as that style that's how you

can actually create an original product

on Amazon and you know it's gonna sell

according recording hey this is Josh

Morris and welcome back to loving growth

today we're going to be talking about

another Amazon concept which is starting

with your own unique original product on

Amazon how do you start with your own

unique original product on Amazon your

own product with your own brand on it

your own label on it it's so exciting to

be able to start Amazon business with

your own brand now do you have to invent

something do you have to change the

world and create a new invention to

start Amazon business no and I'm here to

tell you how in this video I'm gonna

tell you how to start an original

product from scratch and I'm going to

give you three really really powerful

tips on how to actually do it

so let's dive in number one you don't

want to reinvent the wheel okay you

don't need to change something the

people are already using you don't have

to be the first in a new niche now if

you want to be an Elon Musk and you want

to be Steve Jobs and you want to change

the world you want to invent something

go ahead I'm not stopping you but I just

want to make a bit of money on Amazon I

just wanna you know I don't wanna I

don't have to do all that I just want to

make some money on Amazon I want to have

a side house I want to have a bit of

money coming in so I can travel and be

free and enjoy my journey of

self-development and loving growth as

part of this channel money is of course

a big part of it so that's the first

thing don't you don't have to reinvent

the wheel

people are already paying for the wheel

people are gonna keep buying the wheel

so sell them the wheel now what can you

do different now that's step number two

and that is you want to reinvent and

improve so a way to do that and I

I'll show you a cool tip a way to

actually reinvent the product and re

improve it so you have a slightly better

mousetrap than that your competitor what

you can do is go and search the product

on Amazon so I'll give you an example

with the product I recently found that

might be a good idea I'm not sure yeah

it's whiskey stones so I looked up on

Amazon whiskey stones and you can see

here you can look at the reviews and I

just selected the one-star reviews okay

so let's have a look at these one-star

reviews what do they say well this guy

says waste of space in my freezer

he's now bought stainless steel bullets

instead so inside of the review you now

have an idea for a product that will be

even better than the classic whiskey

stones you can make whiskey bullets

whiskey stainless steel bullets right

because the customers are saying that

that's better this guy said true avid

whiskey lovers don't love this product

so you can use that phrasing in your

product listing when you sell the better

version and you can say this better

product is for true avid whiskey lovers

so now you're getting ideas from the

one-star reviews someone said that the

box didn't open evenly so you you have

to make sure 100% with your supplier

that the box looks lovely because

obviously it's a gift set so your your

clasp is gonna be on perfectly maybe you

can even have two clasps like a

briefcase you know you're upping the

quality of your product but a little

clasp doesn't cost that much more but

you're thinking of what the customer

actually wants they want a quality gift

set so this guy he got a 1 class which

was shaking so you give him a better one

again you're building a better mousetrap

you know people are buying these things

cuz he's cookies he's had enough time to

put a 1 star review on he probably

bought this one and then bought a few

others so you know it's selling you

don't have to invent a new product but

you could just make it a little bit


just like the customers want now this

guy said that it looks bigger in the

photo with glass beside it so you don't

want to make it you don't want to make

it the wrong size make sure you show the

sizing when you actually do it or maybe

test out the different sizing and ask

some whiskey people what size gift box

do you want I'll do a bit of research

the different sizes and make a best

judgment call now you have a product

that's the correct size per

for gifts stainless steel blah blah blah

I mean it's just and I've just done that

in a matter of minutes but I have

reinvented and re improved the product

so now people will buy my whiskey stones

and not all of these other competitors

so that's that's one way to do it now

the third step is a way to even stand

out beyond that okay and there's three

ways and I call it value style story so

here's what you do you add value to the

product purchase by adding some sort of

guide or training or help or infographic

or some sort of something right it could

even be something that goes inside the

product like a little slip basically

maybe you know the top ten whiskey facts

or how to throw the best whiskey party

or how to keep your whiskey good for

four years or whatever right there's so

many different things that whiskey

lovers who are buying this might be

interested in you can provide that value

and it's not hard to make that value and

attach it to an email that you send out

automatically very very easy to do the

next thing is style you want some

pizzazz right if everyone's selling a

white mousetrap then you sell a Billiken

red mousetrap right so have a bit of

pizzazz everybody here is selling wooden

boxes so maybe meet yours a slightly

different type of wood maybe a mahogany

or or you know a deeper word like a

Bertrand I'm just making this stuff up

but this is what I would do in the

creative process what style could you

have maybe your box could have a red

ribbon on it now a red ribbon is not

going to cost a lot of money for your

supplier to put on but it adds that his

as that style that class that your

competitors don't have and in your

pictures you're the only one with a red

ribbon on it right that's value and the

last one is story so you want to have a

story connected to your brand whatever

you happen to call your brand and I talk

a lot more about this sort of stuff in

in me and shimmy my brother I are course

called a zone University where we teach

people how to star now Amazon business

we talk a lot about building a brand but

this one idea is that you want to have a

sort of a brand story so if you're

selling whiskey stones for example then

you want to be the story that you want

there to be a story a history of of


skee and how many years you've been

tasting whiskey in it could it all be

made up it's just a brand really but

where is the where does the whiskey

stone come from where is the origin of

the cool whiskey come from create a

story around that put that into your

brand and then now you've got pizzazz

you've got a better product you've got

an improved product over the competition

you've got style you've got extra value

added on like that like the in like an

infographic or a guide on how to how to

do whisky Inge better I don't know if

that's a thing I just turned it down

into a verb is where Millennials say why

don't you anyone that's what we do we

Facebook right so that's it I mean

that's how you can actually create an

original product on Amazon and you know

it's gonna sell so that is it if you can

follow that advice and obviously you can

you can follow a training and if you

actually want to do this business and it

sounds cool to you then you can I

recommend you take the training because

there's so many little bits of

information that you need you know the

correct way to research products how did

I even find this idea the correct way to

do all of this changing of the product

how to connect the suppliers how to ship

it to Amazon how to build your Amazon

listing how to get sales we teach all of

that in a zone University so feel free

to sign up to that or ask us any

questions about it feel free to message

a comment below but that's it for this

video I just wanted to tell you a little

bit about how to create an original

product on Amazon I hope that helped I

hope you can go out there and start

building and awesome Amazon business in

2019 with some of your own unique

original product ideas but don't

reinvent the wheel

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