How to Sell on Amazon STEP BY STEP. Listing & sales for beginners 2023

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hey good afternoon everybody Welcome to

the channel I got asked by a few of you

and I've been asked this over the years

to show how fast it really is to list an

item on Amazon if you decide to start

selling on Amazon versus how long it

takes to list an item on eBay with item

specifics and things like that so

without further Ado I'm just going to go

over to my computer screen and show you

exactly how quick you can list an item

because I think your mind's going to be

blown and it's going to give you kind of

that motivation and push to give Amazon

a try don't forget you can sell on

Amazon as an individual seller for free

it just costs you an extra dollar in

fees for every item that actually sells

than it would cost you if you become a

professional seller for forty dollars a

month so I recommend get an individual