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video and today in this video I'll be

teaching you guys how to sell your

vehicles in GTA 5 online before I get

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guys so tougher to do let's get right

into this video so there's a lot of you

already know this but you could

obviously sell your vehicles and

everything in grand theft auto online

and you could sell your personal

vehicles and everything but if you're

trying to sell vehicles off the road

you'll have to wait I guess I think it's

like 30 or 40 minutes to sell another

vehicle so all you have to do to

basically sell your vehicles and

everything and I'm also gonna be

explaining how to sell your Pegasus

vehicles in a couple of seconds right

here so all you have to do is once you

get your car your personal vehicle or if

you get like a car that you found off

the road that isn't too hot to modify

all you have to do is come down over

here where it's a sell click sell and

there you go your vehicle is sold that

you found but you know sometimes cars

won't be able to sell or it says that

it's too hot to modify or like we don't

need any vehicle parts right now at the

moment probably because you were selling

a lot of cars or you could just go to a

different los santos custom or march up

to go ahead and sell your cards as well

over there so i mean it's not really

that hard to do it's pretty easy

actually you could go around doing this

but you have to wait like i think 30 or

40 minutes if you want to sell cars off

the road but you could unlimited you

know amount of time to go ahead and sell

your personal vehicles that you have in

your garage so that's pretty easy also

you could sell motorcycles vehicle

scooters whatever you could basically

find off the road you just can't sell

like bikes but you could sell anything

besides that so

also guys i needed to tell you that how

to sell your Pegasus vehicles well it's

not that hard actually I have a link

description for that video just go ahead

and watch it it's it's just a video

explaining how it's possible to sell all

your Pegasus vehicles in GTA online so I

mean that's been it for the video if you

guys have any questions

comments or concerns leave in the

comment section down below and thank you

so much for watching this video and see

you guys in my next video peace out