How to Determine the Value of Persian Rugs : Carpet & Rugs


hi my name is Lauren Jacobson from

Lauren Jacobsen design and today I want

to talk to you about the value of a

Persian rug

what denotes the cost and the value of

these rugs these two rugs are from Agha

John rugs they're both considered

Persian rugs but let's talk about the

history of that a little bit Persia was

invaded by the Mongol Empire and as that

moved down through subcontinent of Asia

a lot of the artisans then moved on into

different regions so now you've got rugs

being made in Turkey Afghanistan

Pakistan India Egypt and Nepal so rugs

are coming from a lot of different areas

and a lot of different regions some of

the big qualities that are going to

denote the value of a rug are things

like the condition of the rug the

craftsmanship the materials it was made

with so what kinds of wools

the age is extremely important and also

the older the rug is and the better

condition it's in then the more value

it's going to have so you have rugs

ranging anywhere from thousands of

dollars up to millions of dollars so

rugs the more antique level rugs and

when I say antique that means it's going

to be eighty to a hundred and eighty

years old rugs that were made back in

the mid and late 1800s those are

probably your most valuable so the

better condition they're in and the

older they are that's going to drive the

price for more tips and trends follow me

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