How to Make Money Selling Cologne/Perfume 2019

what's going on guys my name is Chris

welcome back to another video and in

this video I'm going to show you guys

how you can make money selling colognes

and perfumes at the flea market

so first and foremost I bought these

perfumes and colognes from website

called wholesale Harry and in no way

shape or form of my sponsor or being

paid to mention his name in this video

without further ado let's go ahead and

get started so I purchased 100 of these

50 plus 50 perfumes of the smell Oh

lights so this one right here says lion

yellow for man and it's our version of

Lacoste so these clones or perfumes are

100% legal because they're not trying to

replicate them and say that they are

real they're admitting to the fact that

they are knock-offs and they are fake

smell lights and they're not trying to

not trying to pretend like they're real

that makes sense do you think about you

going to grocery store you know there's

a name brand and there's the off brand

so same sort of situation here this is

the off-brand but with clones you know

is you obviously really not gonna be

able to tell that big of a difference

unless you're like a big cologne guy or

perfume woman 100 units 50 kilos 50

perfumes for $225 I think that's a

really good deal two dollars and 25

cents per unit so I sell each even just

five dollars and that's 100% profits if

I sell them at $10 and I'm making 750

per pop I sell them all and hundred

units @ $10 that's a $750 profit that's

definitely manageable if you live in a

high-traffic area with the nice flea

market so I actually went out and we

tried this I mean my dad and the flea

market cost that was $45 for the day and

so we had a single-sized lot just the

side is the width of a parking spot and

so we set up two folding tables and had

all of them lined out we got it there at

about 7:30 in the morning got set up

flea market opened around to 8:30 or

9:00 o'clock and that's when we started

to begin seeing

in traffic it was a really cold day this

was back last year back in 2018 winter

time so I think it was around 30 40

degrees throughout the whole day so not

too much traffic we only sold about ten

products and I started something about

ten dollars and I was just trying to

move volume towards the end of the day

so I dropped it down to five dollars and

we ended up selling about yet I think it

was the exact number was twelve products

that we sold for I think $80 was our

total revenue so it covered our flea

market fees and we made a little more

but it definitely been worth it to go

out more this summer and see if we could

sell them all so I want to show you guys

more more examples of these coins oh I

have to reorganize these myself so I

think most of this is the colognes and

then the perfumes in here fantastic

inspired by fantasy by britney spears

this one is Vivian our version of

Victoria by Victoria's Secret shoot

don't know what that one is

so our version of dolls in Cabana the

one dance dance our version of can-can

Paris Hilton so he's run the perfumes

and colognes came in as a pack of two so

it's the victory so this is the Versace

right there man 7 1 7 New York City men

our version of to 12 men NYC

American sports our version of polo


there was a aqua dgo which is my

personal favorites and I actually ended

up selling them both sky man our version

of light blue man by dosing Cabana I

think that's how you say it

another DNG seductive night our version

of noir teased by Victoria's Secret so

you guys get the idea I was also

surprised whenever these came and I

realized how good of quality they were

is nice nice package boxes and then this

one right here has got even some felt on

it which is really cool and unique and

then the boxes are pretty pretty nice

and sturdy I spray well I would

definitely recommend this to anyone

who's trying to make some money and take

on a little risk in the process it's

really cool you're starting your own

business hitting the flea market you get

to keep 100% of the profits

besides the taxes and the flea market

fees you have to pay but you know you're

not working for anybody you're not

working for ten twelve dollars an hour

you're working for as much as you can

sell you get to put your salesman skills

on show and basically I mean it's just

really fun when you're out there and you

know that you're working for yourself

and it just feels really great if you

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