How to Sell & Ship Fragrances from Your Collection - The EASY Way

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if you were ever thinking about selling

your fragrances online whether this is a

used fragrance or a new one that you got

for a gift and you want to get rid of it

or maybe even a decant of a popular

brand this is the perfect video for you

to watch and I broke this down into four

sections number one the product number

two which platforms to sell on number

three how to package it and number four

shipping let's get right into it what

are you trying to sell I found that a

lot of people in the fragrance Community

are selling or swapping some of the

fragrances it's just part of the hobby

but there's also a lot of people that

are trying to maybe decant a popular

brand that they got a good deal and they

want to ship it to their friends and

maybe even sell it in in Facebook groups

those are the products that I'm talking

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